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We have more verified client feedback than any other drug treatment method in the U.K.

If you, a relative or friend are looking for a drug detox from ANY addictive drug or to stop using opiate based drugs you will be shocked to learn you can now stop without any physical pain or discomfort in just 5 to 10 days*.

Our treatment detox process is the only painless method that can help you reduce gouching and stop a daily drug problem caused by Heroin, Heroin Substitute drugs or Prescription drugs from just £1,495.00.

Rehabs cost thousands of pounds from £5,000 to £30,000 a month while funding a drug habit can cost several thousand pounds a month so our detox process is cheap and almost self funding. Our treatment is non residential and takes just 2 hours per day for 5 to 10 days* depending on the substance and amount consumed.

Our therapy is quick, painless and produces instant results. Our treatment is the only method to achieve outstanding results quickly. Due to our success we have 10 UK treatment centres based in London Ealing, Kent, Dorset, Colchester, Lincoln, Wolverhampton, Greater Manchester, Wakefield, Durham, Inverness  and Ibiza.

Our treatment is the only method capable of reducing the body’s physical need for opiates, so over 5 to 10 days* it can be reduced to nothing, without any pain, discomfort or withdrawals. At the end of the detox process our clients are also sleeping and eating better and feel fit and well again.

Excellent Results
It is easy to see that we have the best results to help stop drug use there is no margin for error. Our client feedback has been independently verified.

Recommended Detox Process
Our detox process also follows the recommended detox procedure set out by Professor Ashton, ‘the rate of reduction is never rigid but is flexible and controlled by the client according to their individual needs which are different in every case’.

This means our clients experience little to no withdrawals during the detox process as their ‘physical need for the substance is always satisfied’ hence why there is no physical pain or discomfort.

Traditional Painful Detox
Our advanced e-treatment process has many advantages over the ‘traditional painful detox method’ which involves terrible withdrawal symptoms.

‘The Usual’
After 12 years of detoxing clients we summaries how clients are progressing daily with the phase ‘the usual’ which means ‘they are no longer gouching and feel better both physically and mentally, eating better, sleeping better and reducing their drug use by approximately 30% to 50% after each 2 hour treatment session until drug-free’.

Please read our client comments opposite who explain the treatment is painless, successful and with no withdrawals. The Health Assessment forms show big improvements in sleeping, eating, physical and mental health.

All other opiate detoxes are both very aggressive and painful or take months to reduce down/stop hence why they don’t work for most people.

Works Quickly
Our e-treatment process works quickly by using subtle wavelengths to ‘neutralise and detox the effects of opiates’ so it’s much easier to stop using them and break the daily drug use habit. It is completely painless and relaxing and takes 2 hours per session with most people needing between 5+ to 10+ sessions to achieve their goals and become drug-free.

Feel Much Better
Our clients also ‘feel much better’ from the very first treatment session as the treatment process helps to improve and restore physical health. ‘I would recommend anyone who is serious about kicking the habit and changing their life to consider this painless treatment. Thank you so much’. S Shaw*

Excellent Results
It is easy to see that we have the best client feedback to help stop using drugs as every client receives ‘exactly the same opiate treatment program’ so our clients find it much easier to stop using drugs and get their life back.

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    NHS Block Treatment
    Some people ‘assume’ our treatment would be used by the NHS if so successful however they have no idea how the NHS is controlled by vested interests that profit from maintaining drug & alcohol problems. Click here to read more.

    Feel Much Better After Detox
    Below is an typical before and after heroin detox score and as you can see, Lorraine felt much better in every area of her life immediately after our painless detox process.

    Health Assessment

    Score 1 to 6
    Positive Outlook
    Future Aspects
    Treatment Score

    ‘I have my life back and so could you – JUST PICK UP THAT PHONE!! IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!!! Lorraine K

    Clinical Study
    We carried out a clinical study for North Wales Community Safety & Substance Misuse in September 2006.

    Drug-Free in 5+ to 10+ Days
    Our detox treatment works quickly by ‘gradually reducing the body’s tolerance for opiates’. At the start of treatment clients are usually using 4 to 6 times a day, within a couple of days of treatment this has dropped to just 2 usage points:

    1. in the morning to last throughout the day and
    2. at night to get a good nights sleep

    Then as the body needs less drugs after each treatment session, you are able to use less at each usage point in a controlled manner until you are ready to ‘step off’ the smallest of amounts, i.e. 1 or 2 lines of heroin or 1ml or 2mls opiate substitute.

    Typical Reduction as follows:

    2 Hours per Day Opiate Liquid
    Day 1 150 mils
    Day 2 83 mls
    Day 3 40 mls
    Day 4 35 mls
    Day 5 35 mls
    Day 6 27.5 mls
    Day 7 15 mls
    Day 8 5 mls
    Day 9 2.5 mls
    Day 10 0.5 mls
    Day 11 0 mls

    Click here for client assessment.

    You reduce at your rate guided by our experience of how previous clients have become drug-free, so there is no pain, no sickness and no withdrawals.

    Please read their comments opposite which are 100% real and genuine.

    Relapse Prevention
    We have also stopped the two main reasons why people relapse after a sedation or rehab detox:

    1. Drug Cravings
    2. Physical Pain

    After other detox treatments people relapse because they are either, in pain or still have drug cravings. Our clients are NOT in pain and have NO drug cravings hence are less likely to relapse.

    Quick Telephone Enquiry
    We can assess how many treatment sessions you may require to detox and regain control by asking a few simple questions over the telephone.


    Tel: 0800 0 599 881

    Treatment Process
    The e-treatment process is painless and very relaxing, please click here to read more or click on the picture below.


    Each treatment process takes 2 hours, is very relaxing and more importantly, it is changing lives for the better.

    Health Assessment
    Pre-treatment most clients score quite low at approximately 20%-30% but at the end of the detox their health and score has improved dramatically to 85% to 95% which is vast improvement, as the body responds to various beneficial input frequencies which can health to improve physical health during the detox hence why our clients feel so much better, have no cravings and little to no withdrawal symptoms.

    Difficult to Stop?
    All other drug detox programs have no real treatment and leave you feeling terrible, run down and still craving hence why they have high relapse rates as people use again to feel normal.

    Typical Reduction per Day
    Our detox method is completely different as it helps to improve physical health AND reduce your daily physical need by approx 30% to 40% per day so you find it much easier to reduce down and get clean.

    Feel Better – Not Worse
    Normally when you try to reduce you feel much worse as you are doing it on your own which stops most people from becoming drug-free hence why you feel trapped and alone but with our treatment help you are able to reduce down and feel much better.

    Please read the client comments, each one will confirm our method is quick and painless as you’re in control and they actually felt better by the end of the detox which is unique to our treatment method – ‘you will not find a better detox process’.

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      Stop Drug Use – The ‘End Point’
      The goal of any treatment process is to help the individual get to ‘end point’ where they ‘feel as though’ they don’t want any drugs can stop using, which as you can see, we can help achieve much quicker than any other detox method such as sedation, 12 step rehab or willpower where you struggle to achieve the ‘end point’.

      If you are looking for help with prescribed over the counter drugs then please click here.

      Our advanced e-treatment helps clients to reduce their drug use gradually and safely over 5 to 10 days, click for typical before and after treatment assessment to see how much better clients feel using this advanced detox method to become ‘drug free’.

      Tel: 0800 0 599 881

      Advanced Detox E-Treatment
      Our advanced detox e-treatment is not available elsewhere and can help all types of drug users by ‘neutralising & erasing the effects of ‘drugs’. Once the physical need or desire for heroin or opiate substitute has gone, it is much easier to break the cycle and stop using it, as you can see from our proven results opposite.

      Clinical Evaluation
      We were asked to conducted a opiate substitute detox for a regional Drug and Alcohol team in North Wales in September 2006 with their staff monitoring the daily reduction and patient well-being. We detoxed a opiate substitute patient on 80mls per day with no withdrawals or side-effects. The patient was John Williams, who did exceptionally well and stopped in just 5 days.

      No of Days
      From 80mls to:

      You can also see John was ‘fit and well’ after the detox and had vast improvements in how he felt mentally, emotionally and physically and big improvements in his eating and sleeping patterns by viewing his before and after treatment comments or the chart below:

      Score 1 to 6
      Positive Outlook
      Future Aspects
      Treatment Score
      Health Assessment

      Astonishingly, at the end of the successful detox we were told by the drugs workers ‘we don’t see how we can dovetail your treatment into our practices’ and the treatment was just ignored. A few months later we received a letter from the Clinical Director “I was very impressed and intrigued by the treatment you gave to one of the patients I see. He reduced his dose from 80mls to 0mls in a matter of five days.. He told me that he felt better and was sleeping better during his rapid reduction”. We have developed a unique ‘pain-free’ 3 stage detox process:

      Stage One – Lowering Tolerance
      Our treatment is the only method capable of lowering the body’s daily tolerance levels so less drugs are ‘automatically’ required after each treatment session with most clients achieving a 40% to 60% reduction per day. Clients do not stop using their drugs on day one but they are able to reduce their usage in a controlled manner which stops any serious withdrawal symptoms from developing.

      Stage Two – Little Withdrawal
      As the treatment reduces the daily physical need (tolerance) less drugs are required without suffering the usual withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, drug craving, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, diarrhoea, confusion, agitation, depression, anxiety and other behavioral changes which happen when trying to reduce without our treatment help.

      Stage Three – Stepping Off
      When the individual has ‘painlessly’ reduced to minimum amounts (1 or 2 lines/mls), they are ready to ‘step off’ and ‘might’ experience some temporary ‘mild symptoms’ such as restless legs, runny nose, aching arm etc for approximately 24 hours as their body finally adjusts from drug dependency to non-dependency. Normally it takes 3 to 6 months to fully recover from a detox however our clients feel ‘fit and well’ almost immediately, please read their post treatment feedback opposite.

      Our Confirmed Results
      Not only do we have more successful results and client feedback than any other detox center, we remain the only treatment center to have their client testimonials independently checked by 2 law firms to prove they are ‘real and genuine’. When looking for help to detox it’s important to know what works and what doesn’t so you don’t waste your time or financial resources.

      No1 for Patient Feedback
      Also ‘the NHS will now be judged on patients’ feedback on care’ as results are the most important aspect of any treatment therefore making us the leading drug treatment center and No 1 choice for treatment help to stop drug use as no one has ‘more or more comprehensive client feedback’. ‘I am very glad I came down, I did have my doubts but that was because I had a lot of people [GP & drug worker] giving me negative advice, but that is me off this c**p [opiate substitute] so definitely glad I never allowed them to put me off’. Ms M Stephens. Quick

      Telephone Enquiry
      We can assess how many treatment sessions you may require to detox and regain control by asking a few simple questions over the telephone.


      Tel: 0800 0 599 881

      Stop Drug Dependency
      Our success rates are very high with approximately 97% of clients achieving their goals. We have helped thousands of clients in the last 12 years to stop drug use and regain control and we would like to help many more. This established & highly successful e-treatment has been used in the UK for over 17 years and in that time, thousands of people have benefited from our range of treatments.

      Our established reputation has developed by helping to stop drug dependency, with clients traveling to us from all over the UK and also flying from Spain, Denmark, Brazil, Greece, Guernsey, Jersey & N Ireland to have this treatment, please read some of their comments opposite. The basis of our e-treatments is not new and was developed in Europe in 1970’s using physics and bio-signals.

      How it Works
      Our e-treatments utilises the same science as noise cancelling headphones to cancel unwanted background noise but applied to unwanted substances (opiates) to:

      • neutralise the opiates and reduce tolerance

      By using our proven process it is possible to ‘neutralise & erase’ the effects of opiates so it is no longer ‘active’ which then helps to stop the physical and/or mental urge, craving or desire to use it. Every substance including opiates has a specific energy signature (wavelength) and opposing signals neutralise or cancel each other out.

      For example: the [+] e-signal wavelength of the opiate is already in the body, our equipment emits the equal and opposite [-] wavelength, as opposing signals ‘neutralise or cancel each other out’ it becomes much easier to reduce down and stop using as the need and craving/desire has gone or is greatly diminished.

      After treatment(s) the opiate is no longer ‘active’ and as you can see from our client feedback, each client agrees, they then found it much easier to reduce down daily and break their drug using habit. This ‘neutralising process’ is also combined with advanced Informational Medicine which also uses subtle wavelengths to help:

      • improve & restore physical health

      Improved Health Assessment
      Our clients also ‘feel much better’ after treatment as the body responds to various ‘beneficial input patterns’ (wavelengths) which can help to improve and restore physical health.

      Treatment Process
      The treatment process is painless and very relaxing, please click here to read more or click on the picture below.


      Our successful method uses physics and input wavelengths instead of pharmaceutical or psychological intervention that seldom work to help stop the physical craving or desire to use and produces instant and life-changing resultsEach treatment process takes 2 hours, is very relaxing and more importantly, it is changing lives for the better.

      Portable Aftercare
      The harmless treatment patterns which help stop the desire for drugs are also be stored in the portable Bio-Capsule which is included with the treatment and continues to emit the treatment program 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing our clients with constant treatment & continued aftercare.

      Clients attend the centre for 2 hours each day for 1 to 10 days depending on the amount of substance used daily.

      Our drug detox process is safe, painless, very successful and helps you to regain eating and sleeping patterns so you feel much better.

      Affordable Detox Prices From:
      5 Days £1,495.00
      10 Day £2,995.00

      Any additional sessions charged at £295.00 per treatment.

      Click here for booking terms.

      We would like to help every person with drug problems end the misery of drug dependency. If you would like to stop using, are disappointed with replacement medication, cannot afford an expensive residential stay or tired of weekly NA meetings, then we can help you. All enquiries handled in complete confidentiality.

      Tel: 0800 0 599 881

      No other opiate detox process comes close to matching the overall physical health improvements our client’s experience.

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        At first weren’t too sure but as time went on it got better but you want to do it. Staff are great, there to help you all the way. I was on heroin for 24 years with a big habit (1.7grams a day) I was well happy when I came here, thank you for getting my life back, they don’t judge, they help you. I was on 1.7 grams smoked daily sometimes more, now I off and glad to be going home clean to South Wales’. * C Williams Health Assessment: Before and After.

        ‘My interest in your treatment came about when I was looking online for detox help for my daughter. She was on heroin for 15 yrs & meth for 11 yrs. After a couple of weeks, I booked her into the Durham clinic for a 10-day treatment and she hasn’t looked back since. I find this treatment and how it works, amazing and would love to be able to help other people who are addicted to drugs or whatever really’. Cass

        ‘I am pleasantly surprised and amazed at how this treatment has worked for me. I started treatment using 3 to 4 ten bags or 2 to 3 fifteen bags daily, I am now on my first day where I have not used and last used yesterday lunchtime and I feel ok which for me is a miracle. The staff are friendly and accommodating’.* Fraser

        ‘First like many others we were sceptical but this detox programme compared to many NHS and private more common detox rehab programme have to say this was and is the best. Don’t get us wrong you still need the commitment and will power but it works! We were both very surprised and extremely happy with the treatment and the service. The staff were absolutely amazing, you get 1:1 treatment, individualised and specific to the individuals needs. We have gone through detox programs and rehabilitation programs and residential ones too and would definitely recommend this treatment very highly. Everyday you feel better and better’.* Rofiq Ali & Shuley Begum

        ‘At the beginning of my treatment (1st day) when I came in my usage was roughly 12 bags a day (1.5g) of heroin with a crack habit of £20 to £80 per day. Today I’m down to 2 lines and ready to step off, I have started eating 3 to 4 meals a day and sleep like a baby. Overall my usage has gone to zero and my normal self is back with no withdrawals. This treatment has made me feel better immediately and each time I have felt an improvement on a day to day basis. To be honest I feel like a different person and have realised that I’ not stuck and caged by my addiction anymore. In short I’ve tried nearly every formal treatment for heroin detox nothing had worked. The reason is clear all the failed attempts were because I felt worse after the detox than before starting it. In this respect this treatment is different, I feel great’.* YB Health Assessment Before 27% and After 89%

        ‘Hope you are well, I just want to say a big Thank you on helping Ryan, he is doing so well and back working and just being normal’.* Ali

        ‘I’ve enjoyed the whole experience as day by day I’ve slowly started feeling more and more normal and like my old self. The staff have made me feel positive about the detox and made me feel more confident. I had doubts that it would work and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I really have a lot to thank you for. I’ve had my life changed for the better and now just need to keep going forward not back. I’m so glad I chose here and not detox 5’.* Samantha Davy Health Assessment: Before 22% /After 90%

        ‘I was a £20.00 a day user. Over 6 days I’m down to nothing now. Has been painless as I reduced slowly. If you are someone who truly wants to stop, then I definitely recommend this treatment. Worked for me. Thanks guys’.* Mr Singh

        ‘Straight away from the first session have reduced my drug in take from injecting £100.00 a day to £60.00 a day and with every session completed my intake decreased. I have tried rehab and that never worked for me. If you have tried everything and all has failed, give this a go, I am living proof, one of many who have complete this type of therapy with success. Thank you’.* Mohammed B

        ‘When I arrived at the centre I was using 3 to 5 bags a day with 20 or 30mls of opiate substitute. After the initial treatment I was able to reduce the amount by half and no opiate substitute. Over the next few sessions I reduced steadily. I had a relapse one night but soon decided this was my best chance to give up so continued. On day 3 I had my last bit of drugs. Day 4 apart from a runny nose and feeling tired I was fine. Day 5 free – good sleep, eating really well and no shivers, no cramps, no screaming! So really, a huge thank you for being there, here’s to the future (drug-free)!!’.* Jill P

        ‘If you choose to come off heroin this is the only way I can see that actually supports you. I have done 6 sessions and was amazed by how much my amounts dropped each day and by how long in between it was that I needed to top up to feel OK. Because it is such a different approach you will be sceptical, if I have any words for you to take with you it is ‘It Works’. So as soon as you make the decision to go forward wait till you really need a smoke, cos this way chaps the need to take it reduces every day. Trust this and you will do it. Good luck boys’ and girls’.* Nev Wilding Musician

        ‘It works, it really does!!! I was sceptical at the beginning I didn’t understand how the treatment works it baffled me. But I had nothing left to loose, I had tried so many other ways to get clean and I never could manage it. The withdrawals process was simply too painful and I would always end up having to use again. I would use simply because it was too horrific and too painful not to use. The withdrawals from heroin left me suicidal and the thing that most appealed to me with this detox was that it promised very little withdrawal symptoms and in many cases none at all. Too good to be true I thought to myself but here I am over a week clean and I feel fantastic. This detox was simply amazing. I was able to detox off one of the most addictive drugs known to man with dignity and most of all very little discomfort. I wouldn’t write this if it wasn’t true, I know if your reading this you are probably in a dark, frightening place right now desperately trying to find a solution to your problems, just like I was days ago. I was frightened, my addiction was out of control and mentally, physically, emotionally I was at rock bottom. I dreaded each new day. But that’s where I was, not where I am today! The solution is here, it’s simple, it’s painless and it has saved my life. Thank you so much to the guys, you were brilliant, honest, helpful and sympathetic. So if you are sceptical like I was, take that leap of faith, I promise you this treatment works, this detox works and not only am I clean from heroin, I am feeling so well physically, emotionally, and mentally, I have my life back and so could you – JUST PICK UP THAT PHONE!! IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!!! * Lorraine K (Please see before and after heroin detox score)

        ‘At first I was suspicious that I could be detoxed from 8 bags of heroin a day painlessly in only 10 days. The staff were very understanding and as the treatment progressed I was able to use less and less each day until I got down to only 8 lines per day. At this stage I stopped using heroin however I did use some codeine to help and I am pleased to say that I am now ready to stop using codeine as well. Thank you’.* S.B.

        ‘I wasn’t sure if the treatment would work at the beginning but after the first session I felt the difference. I cut down to 1 gram a day from 2 grms that’s when I knew the treatment is working. Today is my last day and I’m down to nothing in 9 days. I Hope the best for the future’.* Tuhin Zaman

        ‘I heard about the treatment from a friend who saw it on the internet, thought I might as well give it a go as I’ve done most of the other treatment out there. Had a big 2grm habit, came in the first day with 2grm habit, after first session I cut it in half to 1grm and kept on halving it by 50%, after 4 sessions my habit was 0.4 to 0.5grms… after today’s session I should be off. Staff are very helpful, my confidence going up day by day and I’m proud to say I’m not a vampire no more like before, when I was sleeping through day and smoking all night. Now I wake up early every day and hopefully have beaten this evil addiction’.*  With Mr Zaman above

        ‘I have just finished having my ten day heroin detox. I started off by using 10 to 15 x £10 bags per day. I was run down, not sleeping, hardly eating and was living life for the day. I went for the treatment and instantly felt the difference. I reduced my habit in a slow and painless way and couldn’t believe the benefits of this treatment. I was unsure before I started the treatment but after the first time of coming I reduced dramatically. I would recommend it to anyone as I had a big habit and it worked for me. I would also like to say a big thank you to the staff who helped me every step of the way and saved my life, thanks guys!!’.* Mr T.S . Click for before and after treatment assessment. Reduction: 15 Bags to: 12 bags – 8 bags – 5 bags – 3 bags – 2 bags – 2 bags – 1½ bags – 1 bag – ½ bag – 4 lines – 2 lines – 0

        ‘After my first session my usage dropped to half and I had the minimum of withdrawals. The treatment was painless and I was able to detox living my life as normal. The staff were very understanding and did not judge me. I have a chance to live my life without drugs and owe it all to the centre’.* Ms P. Click here for treatment assessment.

        “I am a hairdresser and had been on and off heroin for some 12 years and was smoking 2 grams a day. I have had other detox treatments which were unsuccessful. After finding the information on the internet about the centre heroin treatment, I was not totally convinced it would work for me. However I booked for the treatment in Oct 09 which was very successful. I have now got my life back and business back”.* Mr E Moore [Mr Moore also completed an alcohol detox].

        “I’ve been using drugs for twenty years and in the last three years I have been in two rehabs, the Priory and Promis and also N.A. but never getting clean longer than couple of months. We have both reduced our heroin intake massively in 5 days from 5 bags to nothing and have been cleared out of the urge for opiates. I was very sceptical at first but now I know that with my mind made up we are never going back, this treatment has just given us the head start we need to rebuild our lives”.* Mr C & Ms J W

        “I have been using crack & heroin for about 3 years and have been to Promis rehab but went back to the drugs within a week. In 5 days of coming here I’ve been sleeping really well and eating properly and no urge to go back. Each day I have felt better and now on the 5th day I feel great and off drugs”.* Ms J. W

        “When I started on this heroin detox treatment I didn’t think it would take away the poorly ness on the come down as I was using 4 bags a day and after 7 hours I would be coming down but after the first treatment it was 12 to 14 hours before starting to withdraw. The second and third treatment I had got me down to 2 bags and I felt OK. The second week I got down to 1 bag then panicked a bit and used more than I should have, so I was back to 2 bags but they told me not to panic, try not to rush it to get off which was good to hear. The treatment works and they let you go at your own pace, so I got back on track and down to just £2.00 a day about 1 line. I was feeling a bit crampy in the stomach and I couldn’t work it out but they realised it could have been because I stopped smoking and so they put me on the smoking program and it took care of it within 5 minutes, after that I felt a lot better and I haven’t smoked a cigarette since. Coming off £2.00 was easy with no withdrawal at all. All I can say is, you don’t think it’s going to work but if you follow what they say, it works!.* T Hartley.

        “I started off on 3 to 4 bags of heroin a day and more if I could afford it. I reduced massively after my first session and have carried on reducing throughout my treatment. I am sleeping and eating a lot better and have had no withdrawals. I am now ready to look and go about life with no gear”.* Paul K.

        “I have been using heroin for 4 years, at the peak of my addiction I was using 3 x £20 bags of gear a day. Having detoxed 4 times before in treatment centers such as Stepps and Promis and experiencing almost unbearable withdrawals, I was scared to give up once and for all. I always wanted to find a detox where the withdrawals were dealt with other than experiencing nasty sickness and having to deal with fierce cravings. As I have found out relapsing is a part of recovery no matter how badly you want to give up each person has to go on their own journey. Often the only thing keeping me on the gear was the physical struggle to get off. I was browsing the internet when I came across the website. Having read the claims they were making it sounded far, far too good to be true! After reading comments by other people who had the treatment and coming to the conclusion that there was no way a company could get away with making such claims, if not true I decided to give it a go. Never have I or would I have ever dreamt of an easier detox. I started the treatment smoking a £20 bag of heroin a day. Each day I cut down my usage by at least 40% to 50%, going from 15 lines to ½ a line in 5 days and experiencing No physical pain and No cravings at all. If someone had of suggested this was possible I would not have believed it. But I know now there is an easy way to detox, thanks to the centre”.* T.S.

        “I detoxed at the centre last year, I came off 2 grams of heroin in 5 days it was the most painless detox ever. I have attended NA meetings since then and have found them very helpful. I have made some good friends there who support me in my long term recovery from addiction, people who have been there and come through it. Once I put down the drugs I had to get my life together and people in NA helped me do that as well as me helping them”.* Peter

        “I’ve been a heroin addict for 15 years and have tried many different detox treatments, all of which have failed. Finding the treatment on the internet was the turning point in my life I have been waiting for. At first when I read the statements of the people they have treated, it sounded very promising but so do all the others. But from day 1 I could feel the difference, in the first 4 sessions I had cut down from injecting £40 to £60 a day to smoking £20 a day and I was still working throughout the detox, as said by the other clients the withdrawals symptoms are very mild and completely manageable. They have given me my life back, now I’m going to live it.Thank you”.* Michael Wilding Click for After Health Assessment

        “I felt like crap when I arrived on Day 1. By Day 5 I feel like a new man. I can enjoy the little things in life which you won’t understand until you do a detox from heroin & crack. I would recommend the treatment, they do an A1 job. I feel as if he has helped save my life. Thank you so much”.* TC

        “I started the detox on 8mgs of subbies after taking heroin for the last 10 months. All I can say is excellent!, my sleep patterns have returned to normal straight away whereas the last time I came of heroin just using a subbies reduction, my sleep patterns never returned to normal. Virtually no pain whatsoever, slight bearable cramps in my legs but no shivering, aching etc. I was off the subbies after 3 sessions and feel great after finishing my course of six treatments, a miracle…”.* LS

        “I was absolutely sick and tired of waiting for my GP to put me on yet more drugs, so I made the decision to come to the centre out of sheer desperation. Having spent most of my adult life on drugs and attending rehabs I was unsure of whether this treatment would work for me. At the beginning of my treatment I was using around £100 of heroin per day, within 7 days I had reduce to just £5.00 a day, with very minimal withdrawal symptoms. During my treatment I was still able to sleep and eat with the cravings to use either gone or reduced to a tolerable level. The treatment itself is absolutely painless and comfortable which is a far cry from what I have gone through before in residential rehab. I now hope to return to university next year and start to enjoy life again. This is by far the quickest and easiest way to detox from heroin that I have experienced. Many Thanks”.* David Hughes.

        “Before I came I was using £80 worth of heroin & £100 worth of crack a day. Within 5 days I had reduced to just 5 lines of heroin and no crack. I would never have done this without their help. I’m also eating & sleeping a whole lot better, in fact better in every way. (I’ve stablised at just 5 lines of heroin a day and should be off it altogether after my next session). Thank you”.* John Woodham

        “After being on heroin for over 10 years, the last 2 of which I was on 80mls with 2 bags on top, I can honestly say after being one of the biggest whingers when it comes to ‘turkeying’, there won’t ever be an easier way of getting clean, by day two I had dropped down 55mls with no pain whatsoever. So my only advice would be, if you are in doubt about this treatment, which I was, is to have faith and go for it, after all what do you have to lose! Clean again”.* Neil O’Brien

        “When I first heard about this detox I thought ‘no way…its too good to be true’ but after the first session I cut down from £45.00 a day to just £10.00 a day with no sickness, aches or pains. I got my appetite back straight away and after a couple of sessions I was getting a good nights sleep, 8 to 10 hours a night. During the 2 hour treatments I just slept straight through and woke up feeling great. If you really do want to come off heroin, this is the easiest way to do it”.* Daniel Fulham

        “I have been using heroin for 4 years now and didn’t expect the treatment to work but after 2 sessions I noticed a significant improvement in myself. The people around me also recognised this improvement which helped the process. I have tried other courses to get myself ‘clean’ but found them very difficult with the withdrawals but this treatment has not left me with those feelings. I am confident that I will not use again and are looking forward to my new life”.* KW

        “My first appointment was at 1pm and I had just flown over from N Ireland that morning and came straight to the centre, I started the treatment and fell asleep for about 30 minutes which I don’t usually do, it was painless for the 2 hours of the treatment session. I then felt hungry and went to get something to eat. I woke up at 9.30am only waking once in the night, feeling hungry, I had breakfast for the first time in months and felt good. I have cut my addiction by half the first day. I got about 8 to 9 hours sleep last night and woke at 9.30am… the past few days I have been eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and my heroin intake has been lowering day after day… I’m going home after this treatment which is my fourth session and I just need to take it day by day but overall this centre & the treatment has been worth it as I came over from N Ireland”.* Alan Kelly

        “On the 4th day I didn’t need anything and didn’t want it, so I flushed what I had left. It’s been 48 hours since then and I’ve had no pains or aches and I’m feeling good”.* Mr MB

        “I normally wake up 3 to 4 times a night for 30 to 45 minutes at a time, I only woke once for 10 minutes and woke up this morning feeling fresh and good”.* Caroline Ogilvy

        “I must admit I was sceptical at first but I have to say that this treatment works, after one treatment I have had a fifty per cent reduction and I have been on heroin for eleven years and tried all sorts including Detox5…. I have again had a 50% reduction in drug use and I am definitely sleeping better. I started off on 6 to 8 bags a day and I have been brought down to one bag in 3 days. I haven’t suffered any withdrawal symptoms except a bit of a runny nose”.* Chris Harvey

        “After my first treatment I feel cleaner from heroin with no withdrawal symptoms. I feel more myself and although I thought about using my body didn’t need it. I had no withdrawal symptoms, feeling hungry and all my fears about the treatment were gone. No doubt it works…. I feel good in myself, no depression or fear, just feel positive. Went home after the first treatment, had some food and fell asleep for 6 hours….The second treatment was much the same as the first, sleeping through most of it. I woke feeling good & well, not needing any drugs…. If you really want to stop using this is the way, I am now at the end of my detox, I feel happy, positive and am looking forward to staying clean. This really is something different, unlike any other detox, virtually pain free with little side-effects”.* David Green

        “With this detox you are aware what’s happening to you and it’s like you come back to reality away from the drug world, which to me is a big advantage….I know myself that I will not relapse but personally with other detox programs you are most likely to relapse because your getting sent back to your home after five days of being knocked out so your not in control of your drug taking so I think you will fall back into the same trap of using drugs. I can not recommend the detox highly enough”.* Miss LT

        Opiate Substitute Detox:

        “Before I started the treatment I was on 80mls opiate substitute a day, I wasn’t sleeping very well and was waking up in the morning feeling very poor. I wasn’t eating much either. Since I’ve started the treatment I have reduced by 60mls after one treatment, my eating is coming back and I’ve had the best nights sleep in a long time and woke up this morning feeling fine, I’m very pleased with the results…. Woke up this morning feeling fine, I’ve had no meths for over 24 hours and only 15mls yesterday morning about 8am and I’m still sleeping and eating and even got my bowel movement back, I’m no longer constipated and feel a lot better in myself”.* John Williams

        We detoxed a opiate substitute patient (John Williams) for the clinical director of a regional Drug & Alcohol Team in 2006. His doctor stated: “I was very impressed and intrigued by the treatment you gave to one of the patients I see. He reduced his dose from 80mls to 0mls in a matter of five days.. He told me that he felt better and was sleeping better during his rapid reduction”.*

        ‘When I arrived at the centre I was using 3 to 5 bags a day with 20 or 30mls of opiate substitute. After the initial treatment I was able to reduce the amount by half and no opiate substitute. Over the next few sessions I reduced steadily. I had a relapse one night but soon decided this was my best chance to give up so continued. On day 3 I had my last bit of drugs. Day 4 apart from a runny nose and feeling tired I was fine. Day 5 free – good sleep, eating really well and no shivers, no cramps, no screaming! So really, a huge thank you for being there, here’s to the future (drug-free)!!’.* Jill P

        ‘My comments about this treatment is I did worry a bit about thinking it might not detox me as I was on 100mls opiate substitute per day and I felt stuck as I could not reduce by myself and being on 100mls per day was making me feel very poor most days but with this detox it has put my life back on track. After 10 to 12 days in this detox I am off, eating better and feeling like a new person. So I say go for it as it is a brilliant treatment and is run by two of the best and most caring people I have ever met’.* C Copper Reduction: 100mls – 80mls – 60mls – 50mls – 40mls – 30mls – 20mls – 12mls – 7mls – 8mls – 4mls – 0mls. Click for before treatment and after treatment reports.

        ‘Excellent, I have had no pain, none what so ever, which was amazing, I have been sleeping, eating, just doing everything that people who are not on any drugs do. Very friendly place, the staff that do it are very friendly, I did have doubts but there was no need because I haven’t suffered in any way at all, I would recommend this place to anyone. Thanks’.* Ms M Stephen. Reduction: 42mls – 20mls – 20mls – 10mls – 2½mls – 0mls – 0mls. Click here for treatment report form.

        ‘I have been on heroin and opiate substitute (150mls) on and off for 21 years, done lots of other programs which have always been very difficult mentally and with a lot of withdrawal symptoms and which always take along time to complete, if I could actually make it to the end of them. With this program I was clean in 12 days without any major withdrawals at all. I’m just so please to be off so quickly and easy, feeling good and can now get on with my life again. I really would recommend this program to anyone on drugs’.* Mr G.H. Click here for treatment report. Reduction as follows: 150mls – 83mls – 40mls – 35mls – 35mls – 27.5mls – 15mls – 5mls – 2.5mls – 0.5mls – 0mls

        “After being on heroin for over 10 years, the last 2 of which I was on opiate substitute 80mls with 2 bags on top, I can honestly say after being one of the biggest whingers when it comes to ‘turkeying’, there won’t ever be an easier way of getting clean, by day two I had dropped down 55mls with no pain whatsoever. So my only advice would be, if you are in doubt about this treatment, which I was, is to have faith and go for it, after all what do you have to lose! Clean again”.* Neil O’Brien

        “I was on opiate substitute 22mls per day and its now 4 weeks since I had my treatment and I am delighted to say that during that 4 weeks I have had none and feel no craving or desire to have any. My appetite is much better and my sleeping patterns are nearly back to normal. I only wish I had known about this treatment 4 years ago. I am sending my capsule by post to you today for recharging as per our agreement, more for a psychological precaution rather than a physical need. Again many thanks”.* Duncan Bain

        I had the treatment on Wednesday afternoon and felt great afterwards… Woke up Thursday and felt fantastic… On the whole I feel a lot better and feel a lot more in control…. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone with genuine intensions of getting off the gear, it’s working for me on weekly treatment sessions and I’m getting much better after each treatment”.* D Murphy

        “I have been a heroin addict for 7 years and on 85mls opiate substitute for about 2 years. I heard of the centre through a family friend. I wasn’t sure the treatment would work, thought it was too good to be true! After my first treatment I was amazed how well I felt. I would recommend anyone who is serious about kicking the habit and changing their life to consider this painless treatment. Thank you so much.* S Shaw

        “After my first treatment my consumption has dropped from 40mls opiate substitute per day to 20mls per day, a 50% reduction. I’ve been on heroin for 11 years and only stabilised one and half months ago”.* Michael Lee

        “After one treatment I’ve had nothing except for 10mls of meth since Wednesday, it’s now Friday and I’m over the moon. I didn’t really believe what I was told about this treatment, especially after 10 years of drug abuse! *A Aktar

        “I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone that is trying to kick the habit of drugs. It is an effective and painless way of detoxing from these drugs”.* E Short

        “My feelings in myself since the first treatment I would say I feel about 9 out of 10 where I was about 4 out of 10 before my first session. I’ve been having great sleep patterns I am completely off the drugs after 23 years and have no desire to use any gear whatsoever. I would recommend the treatment as it has worked for me where nothing else had, in just 3 treatment sessions, I am clean. I’m really grateful and can not than you both enough”.* John McCabe

        “I was a heroin addict for 6 years and I was on 30mls for 12 months and I heard about the centre through a family friend so I made an appointment and had my first treatment, which was painless and successful. I would advise any heroin user or addict to try it and change their way of life as that is what has happened to me. Since my first treatment I have felt 100% better in myself. This is the way to go to kick the habit as it has worked for me after 7 years of being an addict”.* D Shaw

        “We cannot thank you both enough for the treatment and kindness you have shown us and all the follow up phone calls you have made to ask how Daniel is, if there is anything we can do to help you please ask. Once again thank you”.* Mr Shaw

        Cocaine Detox
        ‘For the past 4 years I have been using coke very heavily spending up to £1500.00 a week, when my wife and 2 young children left me over my problem, I knew I had to do something to change my life. After trying several things and relapsing every time, I knew I would be dead soon if I didn’t sort myself out. When I found out about centre on the internet, I phoned up and within 48 hours I was in the centre and starting my 1 st session. 5 Sessions later I feel like a new person with a very positive outlook on life, I don’t feel the need for coke and for the 1 st time in 4 years I have been clean for 2 straight weeks and feel more confident and better every day. I strongly recommend this treatment to anyone and I owe the staff and centre a very big thank-you for helping me change my life and giving me my self-respect back and confidence once again. Thank you very much’.*  R.M.Cocaine Detox

        “I used to think about coke whenever I was awake and used a lot two times a week. After treatment I’ve not touched it and don’t even think about it anymore which is fantastic news and I’ve saved £2,000 per month by not using it. This treatment was money well spent”.* Mr S Scott [also stop smoking with the centre].

        “Thank you for everything the combined alcohol and cocaine treatment seems to have worked, went out for my birthday night out with all my drinking buddies and did not touch a drop of alcohol or indulge in a line! Thank you”.* Hayley H

        “I was using cocaine for about 8 years and would binge at least 3 times a week and use up to 50 grams when binging. After having treatment I physically don’t want it any more and would recommend this treatment to anyone”.* Silvio De Souza

        “I have had many a fun night from about 17 years old dabbling with the odd drug on a night out, clubbing, raving and socialising – no regrets – however at the age of 34 soon to be 35, I was down a very dark road from the years prior. Coke cost me 2 jobs and distanced me from my close friends and family. As a light user of cocaine for 10 years, the last two have been hell. My consumption increased tenfold and I was eventually taking it daily. 2 to 4 bags at weekends and almost 1 every week night. I reached breaking point 3 weeks ago and just had got to the point of ‘sort this out’. Been kidding myself for years I had the coke under control and I could stop but I couldn’t! I contacted them and I have had 4 sessions! I am writing this whilst sat in my last treatment! Today is the first Saturday morning I have been up before 3pm ! Last night was the first Friday I have been clean in years – feeling great and I still think about coke but have NO craving or desire to entertain it! Thanks to them I have got my life back eventually! I found the website by luck as there are hundreds out there and thankfully hit pot luck 1st time. Will have recouped cost of treatment within 2 months – worth every penny! Thanks guys!”.* Miss A.C.

        “I was using cocaine for over 3 years and was using more and more on nights out and even when staying in. I did some research on the net and decided it offered me the best option. I wasn’t addicted just using it a lot and was worried where I could end up, since treatment I have not had any cocaine now for over 11 months and feel I never will again”.* James R

        “It’s absolutely great, it’s hard to believe that this treatment works but when you have the treatment you definitely feel the difference. Thanks to the staff for their help”.* Nasar Akram – “Being a long term family friend, I understand the suffering both the family and the drug user go through. Since the treatment 4 weeks have passed without him feeling any desire to take the drug (crack/coke) again. This is a great method of treatment fast & effective”.* Family Friend

        “I would like to thank you for the 3 days of treatment you carried out for me to help with my cocaine addiction. Since my treatment, which has been over 6 weeks now I have had no desire to take cocaine. As you know I have been using cocaine on a regular basis for the past 18 years, with your treatment it has allowed me to still socialise with my friends and family in situations where I thought that I would never be able to attend. The complete desire to use cocaine has now disappeared and leaving me free to carry on with the rest of my life. I am enjoying the freedom that I now have, which I never experienced in all my using days. I have recommended your treatment to friends and colleagues of mine, which are still suffering from drug addiction and require a new way of life just like I now have. It was great to meet you and thank you for your support. Regards”.* P Griffiths (p.s. my wife has also stopped smoking with this method).

        “On the morning of my treatment I woke up feeling very nervous, anxious and scared of not being able to resist the temptation of coke. The following day after my first treatment I was much better and woke up feeling more cheerful and with a lot more energy and positive. As I left the centre on the 3rd day things had improved even more. I didn’t feel like using any coke, not even when out drinking which had also been dramatically cut down to just 2 glasses of wine. I’m feeling fine now, feel ‘new’ and about to start a new life. It’s good to be back to normal again”.* Ms C. R.

        “I was using about £300 of crack a day and drinking heavily before I came for treatment, I used coke and crack for about 10 years. I had treatment and after the first one I felt better and did not use after the next three, I did not have the urge to use crack or have a drink at all. It was quite amazing not to be using at all as I could not foresee that ever happening. I have since been back for one more session and have still not used anything. The treatment seems to work and I would tell people to try it. I have told some of my friends to try it also”.* P Hannah

        “I was spending £200 to £300 a week on cocaine and crack and had been for the past 4 years, so much so that at the age of 38 I was living back with my parents as my business and personal life had been taken over by these wasteful drugs. I attended 5 days of treatment 4 months ago and since day 3 of the treatment have not had any desire for any drugs whatsoever. I am beginning to get back on my feet again and feel that this was a turning point in my life”.* Eddie J

        “My main problem with cocaine was at the weekends when I was out with the girls and the drinks were flowing freely. I would use 2 to 3 grams a night and feel dreadful the following day. I had the treatment and have stopped using cocaine at the weekends. I would recommend this treatment to any ‘it’ girl, you can still party without drugs!”.* Rose D

        “Having been using crack for the past 8 years, it was difficult for me to see how I would ever stop using it and had tried many times before, all of which had little to no impact. My family paid for me to attend the centre and after 3 days of treatment I have not had any crack in over 7 months and have completely left that life behind me. Stop smoking and get busy”.* Alan C

        “I used cocaine on nights out with the girls however when I started using it during the day I realised it was getting too much. I had 3 treatments which totally stopped any cravings and I just didn’t want it any more. I still have girlie nights out but have no interest in cocaine”.* Tanya H

        “Had the treatment 6 months ago and not had any gear since, feel great, getting on with my life and left the drug life behind. Great treatment, it really works, just do it”.* Alan G

        “Having previously tried counselling to help with my cocaine addiction but to no avail, I am amazed at the difference this treatment has made to my life. I was very surprised at how quick and painless the treatment was and after only 2 days I had no cravings at all. I have now gone 4 weeks without taking cocaine and have no desire to take it again. When you take cocaine you believe that you are OK and that your head is fine, but it is not until you stop taking it that you actually realise that you are a different person.  I would recommend this treatment to anyone. There is absolutely nothing to fear and I felt very relaxed throughout my time at the centre. My therapist was so easy to talk to, helpful and extremely friendly. My family are amazed at the difference and tell me that they are glad to have the real me back again. I am much happier in myself now too, as well as having a lot more money to spend on my wife and children. It has been worth every penny and more. I cannot commend it enough. Many thanks”.* GC

        “I use to think cocaine was making my life better, now I know it made it worse and was costing me £300 to £400 a week. It has worked for me and I use to think I was a hopeless case who couldn’t say no. Not touched the stuff for months and have no desire to again”.* Lisa A

        “Thank you for the treatment I recently received, all is good 5 weeks now without cocaine. Back where I belong with my family and have stared a new business looking forward to a happy and drug free future”.* R. Moore

        “I think the treatment is a great success and is a great help and I would recommend anyone with this sort of drug problem to come for treatment”.* Mr Edwards

        “Cocaine ruined my life but it’s easy to beat with this treatment”.* D Thompson

        “A have spent fortune on coke and decided enough was enough and looked for ways to end the cycle of daily use. I didn’t fancy counselling as I don’t have time to sit there and talk about things, so I chose this as they assured me, after 3 days of treatment I wouldn’t want any more cocaine and guess what, they were right. It’s been 5 months since my treatment and haven’t had any thoughts about using, so thanks”.* Patrick Green

        “Before I started the treatment I was using between 1 to 4 grams of cocaine per day. This was dependent on how much money I could get a hold of. The treatment I received was over a five day period, I was amazed at the change I noticed on day 3, when the session had finished and I went home, I had no craving or desire to use cocaine at all. There have been no withdrawals symptoms and the treatment is completely painless. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a cocaine habit they don’t want to have any more. It certainly worked for me and I had tried everything to rid myself of my 10 year addition. It really does work and I am the proof! Many thanks for the new life you have given me, it is worth every penny”.* Emma T

        “This is 5 days now NOT WANTING DRUGS there is a difference in can’t have and not wanting, its a massive difference honest, it really works. I can’t stop sleeping, eating and drinking. I saved myself £140 yesterday in NOT buying drugs, total saved about £450 this week alone”.*  Phil Preston

        “My name is John Ghoukassian I was using cocaine for about 5 years, up to a year ago I was £300 to £400 a day sometimes maybe more. In the last year I was using about £400 a week due to not having enough money to feed my habit. Since I found out about the centre from the first session I felt a difference, now I’ve had my fourth session I feel like a completely new person, I don’t have any cravings or urges to touch it again, I can talk about it freely and not have the urge to buy it or even think of it. I finally feel I’ve got my life back thanks to the help of my family, girlfriend and the centre and great thanks to the staff, they were great support. Thank God I’m back to my old self and I’m never going back through that dark tunnel”.* John Ghoukassian

        “Cannabis then ecstasy then cocaine 3 to 9 grams a day and £17,000 debts after 8 years of drugs. What helped me? The 12 steps didn’t nor did private counseling at £70 an hour! The only thing that helped me was this, I’m clean now for 2 months and so happy you wouldn’t believe it, I have my life back. Thanks”.* CJB

        Crack Detox

        ‘My name is Abdus Sabur, age 40, I married 15 years ago and now have 4 kids, I was hooked on crack for ten years. I was using crack worth £700 to £800 a week. My life was hell and I almost lost my family. I say whoever is in this addiction please contact a guy called Tony, he saved my life from this serious addiction of crack, I do not know how to thank him. Thank you very much Tony it has been 40 days since I had this treatment, I do not think about crack any more, I am drug-free, I am a new person and I am happy with my family. Thank you again’.* Adbus Sabur

        “Before I came I was using £80 worth of heroin & £100 worth of crack a day. Within 5 days I had reduced to just 5 lines of heroin and no crack. I would never have done this without their help. I’m also eating & sleeping a whole lot better, in fact better in every way. (I’ve stablised at just 5 lines of heroin a day and should be off it altogether after my next session). Thank you”.* John Woodham

        “Since beginning the treatment I was taking 2 bags of brown and 2 bags white. After the treatment I had reduced by 50%, hopefully after the second treatment will reduce even further”.* Gary Smith

        “I feel a lot better about myself and I can sleep a lot easier now. I’ve only had 1 treatment so far and I feel I have come back. I will tell as many drug users about this method, I don’t know how it works but it’s doing something right for me”.* David Ogilvie

        “I was using up to 2g of Heroin & Crack per day and my habit had developed to such an extent that I was living in a hostel in Liverpool and was extremely low. I was offered the chance to try the treatment and thought I had nothing to lose. I am now clean and feel great, I have got my family back a number one priority for me. I know I can get everything back but most of all I have myself back. Have the treatment it really is a God send”.* Mr C Cato.

        “I have spent a lot of money on Crack but months have passed since I had my treatment and I haven’t had any, remarkable”.* P Daniels

        “I would recommend this to anyone who uses crack, after one treatment I haven’t had any now for weeks now and not even thinking about it”.* T Williams

        OTC Painkillers
        ‘I was taking Nuro+ for about 20years daily, the amount varied but usually I was about 20 to 30 tablets a day. I hated this addiction, I just couldn’t stop it. I have tried so many times to stop it, doing all the usual tapering, eating healthy etc, nothing worked. The withdrawals were just too hard I couldn’t stand the sickness, diarrhoea, restless legs, headaches which were excruciating. It was much easier to pop another 2 tabs (well more like 4 to 6) to stop those withdrawal symptoms. I even went to my G.P. when I was really poorly and found I had a bleeding ulcer and was admitted to hospital. The G.P. had not come across this type of addiction, looked totally shocked at me taking so many tablets every day. I went on just codiene to taper as the Ibro was damaging my stomach. I was on Omeprazole for the ulcer now and Fluoxetine for anxiety, all with N+ gave me IBS. I tapered down from codiene the best I could, went to see a heroin drugs counsellor as there is no help for OTC meds addiction. He could not advise me either as it was totally out of his remit. I knew more than he did and I knew what I had to do just couldn’t stand the withdrawals. I did not want to take it anymore but the withdrawals were so bad I just back out and bought some more N+. I got terrible mood swings, aggressive, crying and depression like you wouldn’t believe. When I was happy I was ultra happy but that didn’t last long. In the end I fell out with all my family as they thought I was taking other drugs as I obviously lied to them constantly. You get great at lying and convincing people your fine when you’re so not. All this finally took its toll I was losing everyone I believed in and loved, so what was the point of being here? Surely it would be easier. Family intervened and I went to a rehab who tried but couldn’t help me except for an inpatient stay costing thousands and also I might be bi-polar. Jeez anything else! I’d had enough and searched the internet everyday for ages looking up help for N+ addiction nothing except in-patient stays until I found Rectory Healthcare! I found the website and called them immediately and was advised I would need 8 to 10 days for the length of time and usage I had been on. I read and re-read all the feedback of all clients with any addiction and was extremely excited but bit dubious. Well I’m on day 10 sat here writing this completely free from N+ I have not had any for 2 days now and I cannot begin to tell you how AMAZING I feel. I came in as a 1 and feel today like 10! I am an ordinary person who was just desperate for help. PLEASE, PLEASE believe me that this works, don’t quite know how but the staff I feel have saved my life LITERALLY! I cannot stress enough if you really want to get off those N+ tablets with NO withdrawals NOT ONE. I was extremely scared of having withdrawals even though I was advised I would have none but they were perfectly right. I cannot sing the praises of this therapy and the staff who let me taper my way whilst advising the best way. They have literally given me a new life, a much better, healthier, clearer life and for that I’ll be eternally grateful. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Keep up your excellent work and care without you guys I would have been dead, that’s how I feel. If you need treatment please give this a try you too like me will not believe it. THANKS GUYS SO MUCH 🙂 X’.* Jill G N+ Reduction: From 20-30: – 15 – 12 – 9 – 7 – 4 – 4 – 2 – 1 – 0 – 0 in 10 treatment sessions.

        ‘I was taking 8 x 60mg of Dihydrocodeine (DHC) a day, the doctor tried to get me off DHC to no avail as I became to sick with the withdrawals. Then my husband found the centre by searching the internet for detox programs and found the website. The treatment is completely painless and I haven’t suffered any withdrawals and my health (IBS) has improved so much after 3 sessions. I suffered with IBS since I was 16 and I’m now 61, diarrhoea for days, can’t go anywhere, stomach bad, I think the treatment is absolutely brilliant and has changed my life! I’m free of DHC after 10 treatment sessions and I will never touch the stuff again! I am very pleased with the outcome’. * Sheila Caple

        Opium & Poppy
        ‘Before treatment I used Opium 7 grams or Poppy 400 grams daily. Last 18 years regular. When I start this treatment I can’t believe that I can quit drug but after first treatment I take 75% only Poppy. Within seven treatments I take only 20%. Tenth treatment only I take 2 grams after 11 treatments I am free. Now I feel happy and my family members happy. When I take treatment I eat good, sleep good and I feel no pain, not any other problems. Before treatment I am 24 hours thinking about for drugs. Sometime I feel good sometimes I feel bad. Now I feel 100% healthy and happy. I thanks to the staff’.* B S Singh

        Crystal Meth
        ‘I was using a gram a day of crystal meth. The treatment was so easy. I sat connected to the equipment and relaxed, first day had an 80% reduction, second day 90%. By the third day 100%, rest of treatment was to make sure. On the first day felt fantastic, no pain in bones all very easy. Slept well, was eating well, was a little hazy in the head but by the second day was feeling very clear in the mind. Was waiting for the pain, never had any. I am writing this after two weeks, don’t even think of having any crystal meth. To sum it up, incredible life changing. The staff are fantastic, make you feel so relaxed’.* Mr R. J.

        ‘I’ve not had any Crystal Meth and am very pleased with progress’.*Simon

        Cannabis Use

        “Thanks to the centre myself and my wife don’t smoke cannabis anymore, I have been smoking it for over 15 years and tried everything to stop and was tired of been stoned all the time. I tried zyban but it didn’t work, patches and gum, nothing was going to make me stop until now. We drove over 5 hours to get this treatment and its well worth it, now we can live a normal life and save money, thanks”.* Paul Smith

        “I use to smoke about £40.00 worth of cannabis a day, but after this treatment I don’t want any”* P Preston

        “I’ve been smoking weed for more years than care to remember plus about 25 cigarettes a day and thought it was time to do something about cleaning up my act. The treatment worked for me and I haven’t smoked for over 3 months now”.* KD

        “This treatment is well worth the money, stopped smoking straight away, no fuss or cravings, go for it”.* Clive Thompson

        “Having smoked the dreaded weed for over 8 years I wanted to stop for health reasons and this treatment worked a treat. If you have have enough of smoking this treatment really works”.* K Scott

        Codeine Detox
        ‘I had been taking prescribed codeine for a back injury for approximately 18 months with no inkling of what would be in store for me when I tried to stop taking them. When I stopped taking my daily dose of approx 360mg codeine I felt like dying, I was completely debilitated. I couldn’t sleep or get out of bed. I had hot and cold flushes, extreme diarrhea and sunk into a deep depression. Here began my four year battle with the drug. I started buying over the counter preparations to combat the withdrawals. The only reason I was taking them was simply because I couldn’t cope with the severe withdrawal symptoms. I managed on two occasions to get off one drug, once by going cold turkey and once using tapering but started using them again within three months because I was so depressed and they lifted my mood (or so I thought). By this time my two children were four and five years old and were becoming quite a handful. My daughter at 3yrs old had been diagnosed with Type I diabetes which is very difficult to manage due to her growing so quickly. On top of this I was working full time in a stressful job with a lot of responsibility and my husband works away for four weeks at a time. Juggling work, shopping, cleaning, cooking, looking after the children and trying to manage my daughters diabetes was an impossible task, I started having anxiety attacks and sunk even further into depression. The worse I felt the more codeine I took to try to numb myself. I eventually reached breaking point and realised I had become completely out of control of my drug taking. The codeine was controlling me. One night in bed, I was on the internet and found a link to the centre. I read the information on the website, half with hope and half with disbelief. Could the 2 hours a day really get me off the codeine after everything else had failed? I filled in the short enquiry form and the next day the staff phoned me. He was so friendly, non-judgmental and helpful, I booked myself in for treatment straight-away 1 week later. I went in feeling absolutely desperate and hopeless and after just 1 session I had reduced my intake from 300+mg a day to approximately 80mg! It just got better from that point onwards. Five days later I was off the drug completely and had suffered no withdrawals effects at all. I wish I had known about this treatment when I first realised I had a problem. It is nothing short of miraculous and I now have my life back. I didn’t think I’d live to see the day. The staff are fantastic people. They have done so much for so many people and I will be extremely grateful to them. The sooner this treatment is widely available the better. No-one needs to suffer anymore, it truly is amazing. Here’s looking forward to a happy life’.* Mrs J Winn