Why is this treatment method so successful?

Our treatment is the only method that can remove the ’cause’ of the problem which is the ‘frequency of the substance’.

The frequency of the substance maintains the craving or desire for that substance, once neutralised the craving/desire has either gone or is greatly diminished therefore making it much easier to stop drinking or using drugs as you ‘feel different’ as per the client feedback. People want to be in control and our treatment is the gateway to achieving this goal.

Are your testimonials genuine?

Yes our client feedback is 100% genuine, people achieve great results with our treatment help.

Our genuine and comprehensive customer comments are provided months and even years after treatment and confirm how good our treatment actually is and how it can help clients to reduce/stop their alcohol or drug use and regain control. You can be assured this treatment works.

Is this treatment a cure?

No. No addiction treatments centres provide a cure. Most people do not need a cure they only need help to stop their dependency and regain control.

Our treatment is an aid to achieve this so the individual can break their usage habits and regain control of their life.

Can this treatment really help?

Yes, we have helped thousands of people from 2005 to achieve life changing results and live better lives. Anything that can help stop these urges, strengthen the resolve to resist these urges or reduce their frequency or intensity can help in overcoming your problems.

Will I have any unpleasant withdrawal symptoms while reducing?

Clients do not suffer the usual unpleasant withdrawal symptoms while reducing such as shaking, drug craving, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, confusion, agitation, depression, anxiety and other behavioural changes as our detox process also follows the recommended detox procedure set out by Professor Ashton, ‘the rate of reduction is never rigid but is flexible and controlled by the client according to their individual needs which are different in every case’ which means our clients can simply have more substance if they feel it is needed, the treatment also ‘helps’ to reduces physical tolerance levels so less substance is ‘automatically’ required after each treatment session.

Is this treatment safe?

Yes this treatment is very safe and there are usually no side-effects or discomfort, although individual experiences may vary. Frequency based treatments have been used in healthcare since the 1970’s with no reported incidents.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

We do not offer a money back guarantee for a very good reason, if the individual has nothing invested in the treatment process there is no reason not to restart their drug use or drinking and claim a refund however at this point the individual is still using.

You are buying treatment time in our diary to have the same treatment programs that have helped so many others. No addiction treatment facility is able to offer a guarantee as any treatment carries an element of risk and individual responsibilities and experiences may vary.

Is this a Medical Treatment?

No, not in the general understanding of the term ‘medical’ which most people associate with doctors in a medical setting. The treatment is a complementary therapy by definition and is non-medical and involves no pharmaceutical medication. The treatment is a safe, non-invasive treatment to detox and neutralise any substance so one finds it much easier to stop, break the habit and regain control.