worksWe specialise in advanced drug and alcohol treatments which use specific wavelengths to detox and neutralise any substance and help people stop drinking or using drugs.


Our treatment works by using out of phase wavelengths (kHz) to cancel and neutralise the effects of any substance (alcohol, cocaine, opiates, pharma drugs etc) to help:

  • neutralise any substance and reduce physical dependency
  • improve physical & mental health

When the physical urge or craving has ‘gone or is greatly diminished’ it is much easier to stop drinking, stop using cocaine or stop using drugs as our extensive client feedback confirms.

Improve Health
The body also responds to various ‘beneficial input wavelengths’ which can help to improve physical & mental health hence why our clients feel so much better during/after treatment.

Feel Better
The body responds to physics (kHz) in the same way as it responds to chemistry (drugs) in that they are both capable of creating change. Our internal processes are 50% chemistry and 50% physics so treatments using physics are entirely natural.

It is scientific fact that every substance, nicotine, alcohol or drugs has a specific wavelength (kHz) and opposing wavelengths neutralise/cancel each other out.


We have taken this scientific principle, (also used by sound engineers to cancel unwanted background ‘noise’) and applied it to something more tangible, an unwanted substance.

We use the same simple process to ‘cancel or neutralise’ unwanted substances (nicotine, alcohol, drugs) which are then expelled through the body’s natural detox process.

The result of this process means it’s much easier to either: stop smoking, stop drinking or stop using drugs as the craving or desire has gone or greatly diminished as you can see from our proven results.

Our treatment uses ‘specific wavelengths’ (kHz) to help stop the craving, urge or desire so you find it easier to stop, break the habit and regain control.

Our treatment method works by using three scientific principles:

1. Every substance has a specific ‘energy signature’ (Hz & kHz)
2. Opposing ‘wavelengths’ neutralise and cancel each other out
3. Health can be improved with beneficial input patterns

Physics and Health
Imagine the human body is essentially split into 2 parts: ‘chemistry and physics’ and each influence human health accordingly. The body (muscle, tissue, bones, cells etc) radiate imbalances including disease, physical, emotional and psychological conditions which have their own unique e-signals wavelengths that respond to various ‘beneficial input patterns’ (Hz/kHz) which can help to improve physical and mental health hence why our clients feel so much better during/after treatment.  

Combat Craving with Destructive Interference
We use precise wavelength programs which ‘counteract craving’ by neutralising the effects of a substance using a process known as destructive interference. The e-signal wavelength range of alcohol, nicotine or drugs can be measured, processed and delivered back to the individual to remove/neutralise that substance.

Cancellation occurs when two waves of the same wavelength cancel each other out (A+B) this effect is also widely used by sound engineers to cancel unwanted background noise.

For example: Any addictive substance has a specific wavelength, which is represented by the wave below:


By correctly analysing a substance and applying our formula, we can create a wave, which is 180° out of phase. When these wavelengths are run together, what happens?


The answer is CANCELLATION of the original substance, as each wave cancels the other out, as a result the body requires less or no substance(s) each day.

Sound engineers also use this process to cancel unwanted background noise, the effect of combining two waves that are out of phase with each other. Since the waves are not in phase, the crests and troughs will not match up, if the wavelengths are completely 180° out of phase, there will be no sound. We use this basic principle combined with our unique formula to remove the unwanted patterns of nicotine, alcohol or drugs. More recently the technology was applied to a dentists drill to make them silent.

What happens during the treatment?
Clients simply sit back and relax during the treatment process which takes one or two hours. Please click on the pictures below to see the treatment process, which is safe & painless.


Alcohol:How can this help me?
We can help stop your physical dependency on a particular substance(s). Depending on how much of that substance is used daily will determine how many treatment sessions are required to remove that substance completely and help stop your dependency. Click here to read how this treatment has helped our clients.

1 to 3 treatments for most normal drinkers.

Alcohol Support
4 to 10 treatments for those with heavy alcohol use.

Cocaine Use:
1 to 5 treatments for most cocaine users.

1 or 2 weeks of treatment.

After each treatment session ‘physical dependency’ is reduced to new lower levels until clean.

With our help drug users can stop their daily dependence and have little or no withdrawal symptoms for two very good reasons:

  1. helps neutralises the effects of drugs or alcohol and stimulates the production of endorphins so withdrawals are greatly reduced.
  2. helps reduces dependency until clean however the amount of substance that is used during the detox process is enough to stop any serious withdrawals from developing, until clean.

Improve Health
The human body has an electrical e-signal wavelength range and that much about a person’s health can be determined by it, the body also responds to various input e-signal wavelengths which can help to improve physical health hence why our clients feel so much better after treatment.

Using specialist treatment patterns, drug and alcohol clients generally have improvements in their mental and physical health and feel much better after their course of treatment.