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people2Our unique treatment helps to stop the craving, urge or desire so you find it easier to stop, break the habit and regain control. We are the U.K.’s leading experts in advanced addiction treatments to help clients to Stop Drinking, Stop Cocaine use and Stop Drug use, from class A to party drugs and everything in between, we can help.

Over the last 17 years we have helped over 10,000 private clients stop using: alcohol, cocaine, crack, nicotine, heroin, opiates, cannabis, GHB, spice, legal highs and other medications. Due to our success we have various centres based in London Ealing, Kent, Dorset, Colchester, Lincoln, Wolverhampton, Greater Manchester, Wakefield & Inverness. 

Clients attend for our treatment and we ask them to send some feedback, over the last 17 years we have received more verified client testimonials than any other treatment centre in the U.K.

The most important aspect of any treatment process is how it has helped the client and in that respect we are certainly the U.K.’s leading treatment provider. If successful every treatment centre would have the same level of client feedback as us, but they do not.

Why Other Treatments Don’t Work
All other treatment methods to help people stop drinking or stop using drugs have a high margin for error and so achieve very low success rates as they use ‘slow and out-dated methods’ such as talking therapies (hypnosis, counselling, rehab, 12 steps, CBT etc) or daily medications (pharma meds, sprays, opiates, subbies etc) which don’t work for most people or most of the time.

This is because none of these methods can remove the ’cause’ of the problem which is the ‘energy signature’ of the substance itself. The phase wavelength of the substance maintains the craving or desire for that substance, once neutralised the craving/desire has either gone or is greatly diminished therefore making it much easier to stop drinking or using drugs as per the client feedback.

Our technicians took basic principles in physics and applied them to new areas to help with addiction and dependency issues. Our treatment method uses physics to help: 

  • neutralise any substance and reduce physical dependency
  • improve and restore physical & mental health

When the substance is neutralised, the physical urge or craving has ‘gone or is greatly diminished’ therefore making it much easier to stop drinking or using drugs. The body can also absorb ‘beneficial input patterns’ so physically and mentally our clients feel much better and so find it much easier to ‘stop and regain control’.

Physics and Health
Imagine the human body is essentially split into 2 parts: ‘chemistry and physics’ and each influence human health accordingly. The body (muscle, tissue, bones, cells etc) radiate imbalances including disease, physical, emotional and psychological conditions which have their own unique e-signals wavelengths that respond to various ‘beneficial input patterns’ (Hz/kHz) or ‘wavelengths’ which can help to improve physical and mental health hence why our clients feel so much better during/after treatment.  

‘If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration’ Nikola Tesla

Treatment Therapy
Addiction does not mean that it is impossible to stop doing something, it just means that there are powerful urges and needs that have to be overcome in order to do so. Anything that can help stop these urges, strengthen the resolve to resist these urges or reduce their frequency or intensity can help in overcoming the problem.

Drug & Alcohol Solution
Our treatments can help clients to stop drinking, stop cocaine use and stop drug use at our various centres in London Ealing, Kent, Dorset, Colchester, Lincoln, Wolverhampton, Greater Manchester, Wakefield & Inverness with excellent results. 

Our treatment technology is also available for acquisition, please contact us for more details.

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