Stop Prescription Drugs

We have more verified client feedback than any other drug treatment method in the U.K.

We can help end the misery of prescription drugs use and over the counter medicines use in 5 to 10+ days which can be done daily or spread over 3 to 4 weeks, pain free.

A lot of clients prefer to spread their treatment over a number of weeks and painlessly reduce their drug usage after each back to back treatment session due to the lingering side-effects of most medications.

Our treatment is the only painless detox method available that works quickly to help you reduce back to prescribed levels or to stop taking the medication with your GP consent, if prescribed.


Our treatment detox method produces excellent results as you can see opposite to help you become drug-free, at the end of the detox clients also feel much better and are fit and well again.

Due to our success we have 10 UK treatment centres based in Central London, Dorset, Colchester, Wolverhampton, Greater Manchester, Wakefield, Durham, Inverness and Ibiza. We Can Help

Daily Struggle
Firstly, it is impossible for you to reduce yourself off prescription drugs in days or weeks because of the terrible withdrawals but it is possible with our ‘help and successful detox process’ to achieve this goal.

Recommended Detox Process
Secondly, our advanced detox process follows the recommended detox procedure set out by Professor Ashton, ‘the rate of reduction is never rigid but is flexible and controlled by the client according to their individual needs which are different in every case’.

This means our clients experience no withdrawals during the detox process as their physical need for the substance is always satisfied as ‘you are in control’.

Please read our client comments opposite which confirm the detox is safe, comfortable and has no withdrawals.

Our e-treatment process is unique and uses subtle wavelengths to detox any substance which helps to stop the physical need for pharmaceutical drugs so it becomes much easier to ‘stop and break the cycle’ and as you can see from our client comments the results are excellent.

Works Quickly
The e-treatment process works quickly by using a specific e-signals wavelengths to ‘neutralise and detox the effects of any medication’ so it’s much easier to stop using it but without any withdrawals.

It is completely painless and relaxing and takes two hours  to four hours per session with most people needing between five to ten sessions to achieve their goals.

‘Amazing absolutely amazing, don’t go elsewhere come here. In the last 14 years I have on and off been taking over a box a day of sleeping pills. Last Wed I was on 42 a day and in poor health, after my 4th session (weekly) today I am now comfortably on 78 the proof is there. Don’t waste time with people who fool you into rehab. The staff are top amazing fellas and I thank them for giving me my life back xxxxxx’ Ms C.F.

Patients are over-medicated and often given profitable drugs with ‘little proven benefits,’ leading doctors warn.

Medication Facts
More than a million people in the UK are estimated to be addicted to prescription drugs known as benzodiazepines. Doctors must avoid prescribing drugs to patients needlessly as it may be causing them harm, according to top health experts.

Turned into drug-addicts by their doctors, then abandoned by the NHS: The people driven to the brink of suicide – by pills designed to treat depression.

If you, a relative or friend are one of the 1.5 to 7 million people thought to be suffering with an involuntary drug addiction caused by over the counter or by the overprescribing of prescription drugs such as Painkillers, Anti-Depressants, Benzos, Sleeping pills or other medications then we can help you stop or reduce your usage back to prescribed levels and regain control.

The Prescription Problem
According to a survey almost 80% of GPs routinely prescribe drugs to patients which may be addicted. Addiction to prescription drugs is so rife that more Britons die from taking painkillers and tranquillisers than heroin and cocaine.

Prescription sleeping pills taken by more than one million Britons ‘can raise chance of developing Alzheimer’s by 50%’.

The UK is becoming a nation of pill  poppers, with GPs too quick to prescribe anti-depressants, mental health experts warn.

Prescriptions for drugs have trebled in the last 15 years or jumped almost 70 per cent over the last decade but this has lead to many ordinary people now becoming addicted to their medications through no fault of their own.

‘Within ten minutes of telling her GP that she was feeling anxious and was sleeping badly, Nicky Manning was walking out of the consulting room with a prescription for antidepressants’.

Doctors have admitted they are doling out antidepressants too freely overall the numbers of prescribed pills have more than trebled since 1998 – from 15million to 50million.

More than seven million people are taking painkillers on a regular basis just to feel well enough to go to work, according to a survey.

Described as ‘good business for pharma‘ the number of prescriptions dispensed in the U.K. per annum has overshot the one billion mark. More than 2.7 million prescriptions are being written out each day – equivalent to more than 1,900 every minute, according to NHS data.

But there are concerns that the rise has in part been fuelled by GPs handing out drugs such as painkillers and sleeping pills too readily, with many patients quickly becoming addicted.

Even simple painkillers thought to be ‘safe’ are turning unsuspecting women into drug addicts.

Since 1990 to present day APPGITA has campaigned at the highest level for something to do be done about prescription drug addiction but has achieved nothing. This clearly shows there is no desire to acknowledge the problem caused by prescription drugs and why you have to act for yourself to become drug-free.

Because of this some people have escalated their drug usage beyond the safe prescribed levels and are buying additional drugs over the internet to stop their withdrawals symptoms.

No Specialist NHS Treatment
Addicted patients expect the NHS would be able to help them stop using prescribed drugs but they are shocked to discover the NHS has no specialist care or treatment to help them and are simply forcing patients to go ‘cold-turkey’, which is painful, very unpleasant and for most people impossible hence they become trapped with an ‘involuntary drug addiction’.

Rude & Arrogant
Clients tell us of their experience when dealing with medical professionals with regard to their addiction is one of ‘unconcern, unsympathetic and in a lot of cases rude and arrogant’ and offer no help whatsoever which makes many people feel ‘very angry and upset’.

It is clear there is no help from the medical community for those who have become addicted to prescription drugs however we can help them become drug-free.

Advanced High-Tech Treatment
Our advanced e-treatment detox is not available elsewhere and can help all types of prescription drug users by neutralising & erasing the effects of their ‘drugs’.

Once the physical need has reduced and/or gone, it is much easier to break the cycle, reduce down and stop using them. We can help reduce your drug usage back to safe levels for those people who do not wish to stop taking their medication completely.

We can provide help to:

  • stop drug dependency
  • or reduce the level of harmful use by significant levels
  • provide effective ongoing support

Improve Health
The body also responds to various beneficial input wavelengths which can help to improve physical health hence why our clients feel so much better after treatment and have little to no withdrawal symptoms.

Health Assessment
Pre-treatment most clients score quite low at approximately 20%-30% at the end of the detox clients typically score 85% to 95%, which is vast improvement.

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No other prescription drug detox process comes close to matching the overall physical health improvements our client’s experience.

Over Prescribing Final-Stage Detox Process
We provide a safe, high-tech and successful out-patient final-stage detox process which takes 2 hours a day to help those who are tired of been held on drug maintenance programs or want to end the misery of drug dependency.

‘There is still work to be done in getting the message across to GPs that benzo’s are not the most appropriate treatment for anxiety and sleep problems in many cases,’ admits Dr David Baldwin, chairman of the Royal College of Psychiatrist’s psychopharmacology group.

As the NHS have failed to addresses this problem they have no specialist care or treatment available to help those who are suffering or to help them stop using these drugs and recover.

Quick Enquiry

    Not Residential
    One client attended a well known residential treatment center for help to stop taking sleeping tablets Stilnoct, but they simply reduced her tablets by one a day [which she could have done at home] however she was unable to cope with the withdrawals so they prescribed her additional psychotropic drugs as they said she was being ‘aggressive’.

    She was there for 4 weeks and discharged still using but was severely traumatized by the experience which provided no specialist care or treatment.

    We Can Help
    However we were able to help her and she was able to reduce her usage from 17 x 10mgs tablets a day to just 4 a day after 6 treatment sessions and now feels in control of her medication.

    With our help the individual can start to reduce their dosage and/or step off in a controlled manner usually with little or no side effects.

    Final-Stage Detox Process
    We provide a successful final-stage detox process to help those who are tired of been held on these drugs and want to end the misery of drug dependency or want to regain some control over their medication rather than feeling helpless and vulnerable.

    Our Results
    We have set a new standard as a drug treatment center, not only do we have more client feedback than ANY other detox facility in the UK, we are the only detox center to have their client testimonials independently checked by 2 law firms to prove they are real and genuine. Click here to read more.

    Our e-treatments work quickly for all types of drugs by neutralising & erasing the effects of drugs, so the individual finds it much easier to break the cycle and stop taking them.

    When looking for help to stop taking or reducing these drugs it’s important to know what works and what doesn’t so you don’t waste your time or resources.

    We offer a unique 3 stage treatment process:

    Stage One – Lower Tolerance
    Our e-treatment is the only method capable of lowering the body’s tolerance levels so less drugs are ‘automatically’ required after each treatment session. Clients do not stop using their drugs on day one but they are able to reduce their usage in a controlled manner which stops any serious withdrawal symptoms from developing.

    Stage Two – No Serious Withdrawal
    As tolerance levels have been reduced it allows the individual to use less substance each day without suffering the usual withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, drug craving, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, diarrhoea, confusion, agitation, depression, anxiety and other behavioural changes when they try to ‘reduce’ without any treatment.

    Stage Three – Normal or Step Off
    When the individual has reduced to a normal dosage or to a minimum amount
    [1 or ½ a tablet] they are ready to ‘step off’ and ‘might’ experience some ‘temporary symptoms’ such as restless legs, runny nose, aching arm etc as their body finally adjusts from drug dependency to non-dependency.

    Free Consultation
    You are welcome to come and discuss our treatment and how we can help in more detail in either our Central London or Manchester centres. Please click the link below to arrange or call us on 0800 0 599 881

    Established Treatment
    If you have just started looking for the best ways to stop taking drugs you may not have heard of this treatment before however we have helped more than 10,000 clients over the last 13 years from our centres in Central London & Greater Manchester, which are open 6 days a week.

    Clients can attend for ‘daily’ treatment sessions for 8 to 10 days for 2 hours per day or attend ‘weekly’ for 2 days each week for 4 weeks.

    After each daily treatment session clients are able to reduce their drug usage to new lower levels as their physical tolerance has been reduced by the treatment process until they are able to stop taking it completely.

    Stop Drug Dependency
    Our success rates are very high with approximately 97% of clients achieving their goals. We have helped hundreds of clients in the last 9 years to stop drug use and regain control and we would like to help many more.

    Living with a drug problem, whether your own or a family member’s can be traumatic, emotional and financially draining and waiting for help from the NHS is pointless as they don’t have any facilities for prescription drug detox.

    How it Works
    Our e-treatments utilises the same science as noise cancelling headphones to cancel unwanted background noise but applied to unwanted substances (medications) to:

    • neutralise the e-signal of any medication and reduce tolerance

    By using our proven process it is possible to ‘neutralise & erase’ the effects of the medication so it is no longer ‘active’ which then helps to stop the physical and/or mental need for that substance.

    Every medication has a specific e-signal wavelength (Hz) and opposing wavelengths neutralise or cancel each other out.

    For example: the [+] e-signal wavelength of the drug is already in the body, our equipment emits the equal and opposite[-] wavelength, as opposing wavelengths ‘neutralise or cancel each other out’ it becomes much easier to reduce down and stop using as the need and craving/desire has gone or is greatly diminished.

    After treatment(s) the medication is no longer ‘active’ and you can see from our client feedback, each client agrees, they then found it much easier to stop or reduce their usage in a controlled manner.

    This ‘neutralising process’ is also combined with advanced Informational Medicine which also uses physics to help:

    • improve & restore physical health

    Improve Health
    The body also responds to various ‘beneficial input e-signals’ (wavelengths) which can help to improve physical health hence why our clients feel so much better during/after treatment.

    Treatment Process
    The treatment process is painless and very relaxing, please click here to read more or click on the picture below.


    Tel: 0800 0 599 881

    Each treatment process takes 2 hours, is very relaxing and more importantly, it is changing lives for the better.

    Continued Aftercare
    The harmless treatment patterns which help stop the need for these drugs are also be stored in the portable Bio-Capsule which is included with the treatment and continues to emit the treatment program 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing our clients with constant treatment & continued aftercare.

    Weekly/Daily Detox Treatments
    Clients attend for 2 hours each day for 1 to 10 days depending on the amount of substance used daily (if 10 days, then split into 2 weeks 5 + 5 days).

    Clients can attend for 2 hours a day for 2 consecutive days over 4 weeks and detox gradually over a monthly period if preferred.

    GP Consent
    If your medication is prescribed by your doctor, then we will require their written consent for you to stop taking the medication but you can reduce back to normal prescribed levels without consent.

    Prices From:
    5 Day Detox £1,495.00
    10 Day Detox £2,995.00

    Any additional treatments charged at £295.00 per session

    Detox Centre
    Our e-treatment process is safe & very successful to help you stop or regain control.

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    We would like to help every person with prescription drug problems to either regain control or end the misery of their drug dependency. If you would like to stop taking, regain control or have no faith in ineffective and expensive residential treatment then we can help you.

    Quick Enquiry

      Tel: 0800 0 599 881


      Sleeping Tablets
      ‘Thank you so, so much for giving me my life back. This treatment works and I highly recommend it for withdrawing from prescription sleeping drugs! I found the Rectory Healthcare web site when I was at the lowest point of my life having just lived through three months of hell. I had become dependent to the prescription sleeping tablet diazepam as my GP didn’t warn me that you shouldn’t take any sleeping medicine for more than two weeks because they are highly addictive! For eight weeks I had tried to wean off 5% every two weeks but the withdrawal symptoms proved to be so terrible that my health and sanity suffered and I had to give up work and was housebound. Following each 5% reduction I went through four/five days when I experienced waves of panic, shaking, feeling sick and had difficulty catching my breathe….on two occasions the paramedics were called and confirmed that it was a panic attack and helped me get my breathing under control. I also had daily patches of deep depression when I would cry hysterically and have hallucinations of ways to commit suicide. Several times I wrapped a belt round my neck and searched around the house for somewhere to hang myself, or if out walking I would see myself stepping out in front of a car, then other times I would have a crazy half hour when I felt like I was drunk out of my mind and would run around the house singing loudly and dancing madly……all of these thoughts, feelings and behavior felt completely out of my control and very frightening, then quickly they would vanish and for a short while I would feel like my normal self and be able to talk, think and act rationally for a couple of hours before brain fog and short term memory loss kicked in.By bed time I was exhausted with aching eyes but I would only get a few hours sleep when the Valium was stimulating the sleep/calm receptors in the brain (Gaba). When I first experienced these symptoms I thought I had lost my mind and needed to be admitted into a mental hospital but as the days went by I realised there was a cycle of symptoms happening which settled down after four/five days but returned after I reduced another 5% of valium! I Googled ‘withdrawal from valium’ and every article described it as harder than weaning off heroin! I knew I was out of my depth and needed help so continued daily to gather any information and then had a lucky break when I found their site and rang the clinic. They explained how the treatment works and gave me hope that it would help me wean off valium faster than I had been able to and that it would make my system feel stronger at the same time. To be honest it sounded too good to be true and I was sceptical but I was so desperate I was willing to try anything! Luckily for me they had opened a clinic in Poole near my home and I was able to start treatment the next day. I booked a block of six treatments, after the first two treatments I didn’t feel any benefit but they explained that it would take a few treatments, I continued having weekly treatments and reducing 5% of valium. After the third treatment the withdrawal symptoms gradually became milder and I began to have longer patches of being able to function normally. By the fifth treatment the withdrawal symptoms were so mild that I was able to be brave enough to withdraw 10% of valium every four days then 15%, 20%, 25% and 30% and all the psychological withdrawal symptoms stopped and the only symptom was occasional burning pains in my scalp. Amazingly I was soon able to finish weaning off the valium and was left feeling well both physically and mentally, it felt like a miracle. The only problem I was left with was having daily flash backs about the terrible three months when I was trying to wean off valium before I started to have the treatments. I told them this and they mentioned that there was a treatment for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) I had the three sessions and gradually these intrusive thoughts faded. Finally I was back to my normal positive, enthusiastic, happy self, sleeping well and with more energy than I ever had before. I was able to go back to work and rebuild my life. I cannot speak highly enough about this fantastic treatment and the wonderful support given me, it was very reassuring to know that they were both at the end of the phone and happy to talk to me at every step of my journey. Thank you both so, so much for all your help and support, you both threw me a life line when I was drowning and I will be forever grateful’.* GJOTC

      ‘I was taking Nurof+ for about 20years daily, the amount varied but usually I was about 20 to 30 tablets a day. I hated this addiction, I just couldn’t stop it. I have tried so many times to stop it, doing all the usual tapering, eating healthy etc, nothing worked. The withdrawals were just too hard I couldn’t stand the sickness, diarrhoea, restless legs, headaches which were excruciating. It was much easier to pop another 2 tabs (well more like 4 to 6) to stop those withdrawal symptoms. I even went to my G.P. when I was really poorly and found I had a bleeding ulcer and was admitted to hospital. The G.P. had not come across this type of addiction, looked totally shocked at me taking so many tablets every day. I went on just codiene to taper as the Ibrofen was damaging my stomach. I was on Omeprazole for the ulcer now and Fluoxetine for anxiety, all with N+ gave me IBS. I tapered down from codiene the best I could, went to see a heroin drugs counsellor as there is no help for OTC meds addiction. He could not advise me either as it was totally out of his remit. I knew more than he did and I knew what I had to do just couldn’t stand the withdrawals. I did not want to take it anymore but the withdrawals were so bad I just back out and bought some more N+. I got terrible mood swings, aggressive, crying and depression like you wouldn’t believe. When I was happy I was ultra happy but that didn’t last long. In the end I fell out with all my family as they thought I was taking other drugs as I obviously lied to them constantly. You get great at lying and convincing people your fine when you’re so not. All this finally took its toll I was losing everyone I believed in and loved, so what was the point of being here? Surely it would be easier. Family intervened and I went to a rehab who tried but couldn’t help me except for an inpatient stay costing thousands and also I might be bi-polar. Jeez anything else! I’d had enough and searched the internet everyday for ages looking up help for N+ addiction nothing except in-patient stays until I found Rectory Healthcare! I found the website and called them immediately and was advised I would need 8 to 10 days for the length of time and usage I had been on. I read and re-read all the feedback of all clients with any addiction and was extremely excited but bit dubious. Well I’m on day 10 sat here writing this completely free from N+ I have not had any for 2 days now and I cannot begin to tell you how AMAZING I feel. I came in as a 1 and feel today like 10! I am an ordinary person who was just desperate for help. PLEASE, PLEASE believe me that this works, don’t quite know how but the staff I feel have saved my life LITERALLY! I cannot stress enough if you really want to get off those N+ tablets with NO withdrawals NOT ONE. I was extremely scared of having withdrawals even though I was advised I would have none but they were perfectly right. I cannot sing the praises of this therapy and the staff who let me taper my way whilst advising the best way. They have literally given me a new life, a much better, healthier, clearer life and for that I’ll be eternally grateful. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Keep up your excellent work and care without you guys I would have been dead, that’s how I feel. If you need treatment please give this a try you too like me will not believe it. THANKS GUYS SO MUCH 🙂 X’.* Jill G N+ Reduction: From 20-30: – 15 – 12 – 9 – 7 – 4 – 4 – 2 – 1 – 0 – 0 in 10 treatment sessions.

      ‘I was taking 8 x 60mg of Dihydrocodeine (DHC) a day, the doctor tried to get me off DHC to no avail as I became to sick with the withdrawals. Then my husband found the centre by searching the internet for detox programs and found the website. The treatment is completely painless and I haven’t suffered any withdrawals and my health (IBS) has improved so much after 3 sessions. I suffered with IBS since I was 16 and I’m now 61, diarrhoea for days, can’t go anywhere, stomach bad, I think the treatment is absolutely brilliant and has changed my life! I’m free of DHC after 10 treatment sessions and I will never touch the stuff again! I am very pleased with the outcome’.* Sheila Caple

      Sleeping Tablets
      ‘Amazing absolutely amazing, don’t go elsewhere come here. In the last 14 years I have on and off been taking over a box a day of sleeping pills. Last Wed I was on 42 a day and in poor health, after my 4th session (weekly) today I am now comfortably on 7 to 8 the proof is there. Don’t waste time with people who fool you into rehab. The staff are top amazing fellas and I thank them for giving me my life back xxxxxx’ * Ms C.F.

      Tramadol Detox
      ‘I was thinking about how best to describe my treatment, all I can say is that it was wonderful. I was very sceptical at first but it worked perfectly. I was taking 500mg Tramadol a day and over six sessions have reduced down to zero without the pain or withdrawals, excellent results. The staff have been wonderful, they helped me by explaining the process to me (which was technical) but i got the gist. I highly recommend this treatment and will advise others to join this organisation as this is the best detox program life has to offer. Keep it up’.* Hannah

      Codeine Detox
      ‘I had been taking prescribed codeine for a back injury for approximately 18 months with no inkling of what would be in store for me when I tried to stop taking them. When I stopped taking my daily dose of approx 360mg codeine I felt like dying, I was completely debilitated. I couldn’t sleep or get out of bed. I had hot and cold flushes, extreme diarrhea and sunk into a deep depression. Here began my four year battle with the drug. I started buying over the counter preparations to combat the withdrawals. The only reason I was taking them was simply because I couldn’t cope with the severe withdrawal symptoms. I managed on two occasions to get off one drug, once by going cold turkey and once using tapering but started using them again within three months because I was so depressed and they lifted my mood (or so I thought). By this time my two children were four and five years old and were becoming quite a handful. My daughter at 3yrs old had been diagnosed with Type I diabetes which is very difficult to manage due to her growing so quickly. On top of this I was working full time in a stressful job with a lot of responsibility and my husband works away for four weeks at a time. Juggling work, shopping, cleaning, cooking, looking after the children and trying to manage my daughters diabetes was an impossible task, I started having anxiety attacks and sunk even further into depression. The worse I felt the more codeine I took to try to numb myself. I eventually reached breaking point and realised I had become completely out of control of my drug taking. The codeine was controlling me. One night in bed, I was on the internet and found a link to the centre. I read the information on the website, half with hope and half with disbelief. Could the 2 hours a day really get me off the codeine after everything else had failed? I filled in the short enquiry form and the next day the staff phoned me. He was so friendly, non-judgmental and helpful, I booked myself in for treatment straight-away 1 week later. I went in feeling absolutely desperate and hopeless and after just 1 session I had reduced my intake from 300+mg a day to approximately 80mg! It just got better from that point onwards. Five days later I was off the drug completely and had suffered no withdrawals effects at all. I wish I had known about this treatment when I first realised I had a problem. It is nothing short of miraculous and I now have my life back. I didn’t think I’d live to see the day. The staff are fantastic people. They have done so much for so many people and I will be extremely grateful to them. The sooner this treatment is widely available the better. No-one needs to suffer anymore, it truly is amazing. Here’s looking forward to a happy life’.* Mrs J Winn

      MST – Morphine Sulphate Detox

      I have been hooked on codeine based tablets since my teens following several ear operations. I noticed after a prolonged period of taking co-proxomol tablets given to me by my G.P. that I would feel unwell and emotional when I stopped taking them, I then started taking more as they made me feel good and relaxed. The years went on at which point I had progressed to taking morphine sulphate tablets – MST and Dihydracodiene tablets after suffering chronic ulcers and having a gastric by-pass, caused by taking 50 to 60 Nurofen Plus tablets per day. I am now 37 years old and have been looking for help for over 5 years to quit. I and my wife trawled the internet for help, went to my G.P who did not know what to do. It appeared that there was nobody out there to help until we came across the centre. At first the idea sounded very odd, we read the patients testimonials, it sounded positive. My wife phoned and spoke to Tony who encouraged me to call. It was a call that has changed my life and probably saved my life. I reduced my intake from twenty 60mg MST tablets to just 4 after my first day of treatment! And from then a steady reduction to zero. The first time in my adult life I had taken no opiate based pill. It felt great, no more worries about where my next batch of pills, were coming from, what a weight that has been lifted. I can now look forward to a tablet free life with my wife and 3 boys. Life can only get better and my eternal thanks for giving me a normal life for the first time in over 20 years. Still can’t believe it worked, but it has. I hope they get to bring this amazing treatment to other towns around the U.K.’.* Mr M. J. Pearce

      Opiate Liquid Detox

      Opiate Detox: 80mls to 0mls in just 5 days

      We detoxed a opiate substitute patient (John Williams) for the clinical director of a regional Drug & Alcohol Team in 2006. His doctor stated: “I was very impressed and intrigued by the treatment you gave to one of the patients I see. He reduced his dose from 80mls to 0mls in a matter of five days.. He told me that he felt better and was sleeping better during his rapid reduction”.*

      ‘I have been on heroin and opiate substitute (150mls) on and off for 21 years, done lots of other programs which have always been very difficult mentally and with a lot of withdrawal symptoms and which always take along time to complete, if I could actually make it to the end of them. With the centre program I was clean in 12 days without any major withdrawals at all. I’m just so please to be off so quickly and easy, feeling good and can now get on with my life again. I really would recommend this program to anyone on drugs’.* Mr G.H. Click here for treatment report. Reduction as follows: 150mls – 83mls – 40mls – 35mls – 35mls – 27.5mls – 15mls – 5mls – 2.5mls – 0.5mls – 0mls.

      “After my first treatment my opiate substitute consumption has dropped from 40mls per day to 20mls per day, a 50% reduction. I’ve been on heroin for 11 years and only stabilised on opiate substitute one and half months ago”.* Michael Lee

      “After being on heroin for over 10 years, the last 2 of which I was on 80mls opiate substitute with 2 bags on top, I can honestly say after being one of the biggest whingers when it comes to ‘turkeying’, there won’t ever be an easier way of getting clean, by day two I had dropped down 55mls with no pain whatsoever. So my only advice would be, if you are in doubt about this treatment, which I was, is to have faith and go for it, after all what do you have to lose! Clean again”.* Neil O’Brien

      “I was on 22mls per day and its now 4 weeks since I had my treatment and I am delighted to say that during that 4 weeks I have had no opiate substitute and feel no craving or desire to have any. My appetite is much better and my sleeping patterns are nearly back to normal. I only wish i had known about this treatment 4 years ago. I am sending my capsule by post to you today for recharging as per our agreement, more for a psychological precaution rather than a physical need. Again many thanks”.* Duncan Bain

      “Before I started the treatment I was on 80mls opiate substitute a day, I wasn’t sleeping very well and was waking up in the morning feeling very poor. I wasn’t eating much either. Since I’ve started the treatment I have reduced my opiate substitute by 60mls after one treatment, my eating is coming back and I’ve had the best nights sleep in a long time and woke up this morning feeling fine, I’m very pleased with the results…. Woke up this morning feeling fine, I’ve had no meths for over 24 hours and only 15mls yesterday morning about 8am and I’m still sleeping and eating and even got my bowel movement back, I’m no longer constipated and feel a lot better in myself”.* John Williams

      I had the treatment on Wednesday afternoon and felt great afterwards… Woke up Thursday and felt fantastic… On the whole I feel a lot better and feel a lot more in control…. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone with genuine intensions of getting off the gear, it’s working for me on weekly treatment sessions and I’m getting much better after each treatment”.* D Murphy

      “I have been a heroin addict for 7 years and on 85mls opiate substitute for about 2 years. I heard of the centre through a family friend. I wasn’t sure the treatment would work, thought it was too good to be true! After my first treatment I was amazed how well I felt. I would recommend anyone who is serious about kicking the habit and changing their life to consider this painless treatment. Thank you so much’.* S Shaw

      “After one treatment I’ve had nothing except for 10mls of meth since Wednesday, it’s now Friday and I’m over the moon. I didn’t really believe what I was told about this treatment, especially after 10 years of drug abuse! * A Aktar

      “I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone that is trying to kick the habit of drugs. It is an effective and painless way of detoxing from these drugs”.* E Short

      “My feelings in myself since the first treatment I would say I feel about 9 out of 10 where I was about 4 out of 10 before my first session. I’ve been having great sleep patterns I am completely off the drugs after 24 years and have no desire to use any gear whatsoever. I would recommend the centre and treatment as it has worked for me where nothing else had, in just 3 treatment sessions, I am clean. I’m really grateful and can not than you both enough”.* John McCabe

      “I was a heroin addict for 6 years and I was on 30mls opiate substitute for 12 months and I heard about the centre through a family friend so I made an appointment and had my first treatment, which was painless and successful. I would advise any heroin or opiate substitute addict to try it and change their way of life as that is what has happened to me. Since my first treatment I have felt 100% better in myself. This treatment is the way to go to kick the habit as it has worked for me after 7 years of being an addict”.* D Shaw

      “We cannot thank you both enough for the treatment and kindness you have shown us and all the follow up phone calls you have made to ask how Daniel is, if there is anything we can do to help you please ask. Once again thank you”.* Mr Shaw

      The Scale of the Prescription Drug Addiction Problem
      We can help the 1.5 to 7 million people who are suffering with an involuntary prescription drug addiction caused by Anti-Depressants, Benzos, Painkillers, Tranquillisers, Sleeping pills and other prescription medications. The problem of prescription addiction has, for years, been ignored or denied by drug companies and successive governments.

      However, in 2007-08 a House of Commons inquiry into addiction to prescription drugs concluded that action was needed but little to nothing has been done since to help, in fact none of the recommendations concerning ‘treatment’ have been implemented.

      Addiction: Estimated No of Addicts: Annual Treatment Budget
      Prescription Drugs 1.5 to 7 million £0.00
      Illicit Class A Drugs 320,000 £1.2billion
      Alcohol Dependents 1,100,000 small proportion of the above
      Smoking 12 million £160million

      Some Common Questions & Answers:

      How many treatment sessions will I need?
      Most people only need eight to ten sessions to help stop their dependency. We can determine how many treatment sessions an individual will require based upon their average daily consumption, please ring for further details on 0845 466 1400.

      What is your success rate?
      Our success rates are very high with approximately 97% of clients achieving their goals. We can help make the individual break the cycle and stop taking drugs. This gives the individual the opportunity to regain control, which is the goal for most clients. The main reason the treatment would not work completely would be due to not having enough treatment sessions to counter the amount of drugs consumed daily.

      Does it really work?
      Yes. We have helped more than 8,000 clients over the last 9 years to either, stop smoking, stop drinking or stop using/taking drugs so the treatment is well established and proven.

      Are your testimonials genuine?
      Yes. We have more client testimonials than any other alcohol/drug treatment centre in the UK, including Detox 5, The Priory, Promis or any other treatment facility, some centres do not have any client testimonials. Our genuine and comprehensive customer comments are provided months and even years after treatment and confirm how good our treatment actually is and how clients are able to reduce/stop their drug usage with little or no side-effects. We have the original copies available which validate this treatment and its results. All our client testimonials have been verified by independent solicitors. Click here to read solicitor’s confirmation.

      How do I reduce during the treatment process?
      The treatment is a reduction program which lowers the body’s tolerance levels and so reduces daily drug usage until clean. The amount of substance that is used during the detox program is enough to hold the individual and stops any serious withdrawals from developing during the treatment process.

      Will I have any unpleasant withdrawal symptoms while reducing?
      Most clients using frequency treatments to detox from drugs do not suffer the usual unpleasant withdrawal symptoms while trying to reduce such as shaking, drug craving, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, diarrhea, confusion, agitation, depression, anxiety and other behavioral changes as the treatment process reduces drug tolerance levels, so less substance is ‘automatically’ required after each treatment session.

      Why little to no withdrawals when stepping off?
      As clients are able to reduce their drug usage after each treatment session they ‘step off’ a minimum amount and so any possible symptoms are normally much milder. Some clients, not all, may experience ‘temporary symptoms’ such as restless legs, runny nose, aching arm etc as their body finally adjusts from drug dependency to non-dependency.

      Why have I only just heard about this?
      If you have only just started looking for the best ways to stop taking drugs, that would explain why you have just become aware of it. Had you been looking for the last 9 years, you would be aware of us and our very successful treatments.

      Isn’t it hard to taking drugs?
      Yes, everything you have been told about how difficult it can be to stop taking drugs is true when using other treatment methods such as willpower, medication, the 12 steps or counselling, as their process is either very long (months & years) or is very unpleasant and painful. However, we continually prove ‘in real life’ that most of what you have been told does not apply to our clients.

      How is this method better than other drug treatment methods?
      Because it is an actual detox treatment process which neutralises the substance while aiding the body’s natural detox process, so the individual finds it much easier to stop taking and regain control.

      Is it safe?
      Yes, we have carried out over 12,000 individual treatment sessions to either stop smoking, drinking or using drugs, so the treatment process is well established and proven. It is safe, painless and very successful. We use harmless but precise frequencies, which are completely painless and very effective for neutralising drugs or alcohol.

      What preparation is required?
      Very little. You do not require days of preparation, simply continue to use as normal until your appointment. Please try to avoid caffeine & alcohol for 12 hours before your treatment and 24 hours after each treatment. After treatment it helps to drink plenty of water (up to 2 liters) to aid the detox process. You will be guided through the detox process and how to reduce after each treatment session.

      What is the current NHS policy for treating prescription drug addiction?
      There isn’t one. The NHS do not have a prescription drug detox facility.

      How is it different?
      Nearly all treatments available for addiction focus on ‘living with the problem’, rather than stopping it. The focus of our treatment is based on ‘recovery’ and not addiction maintenance. We can will help stop drug use so the individual can stop taking them and regain control.

      How was it developed?
      The basis of frequency is not new and was developed in Germany in 1977. By using the correct frequencies in the right order it is possible to remove a substance (drugs) completely and so stop the body’s dependency for it. Over the last 9 years we have helped more than 8,000 clients to stop drinking or stop using drugs, so the treatment is well established, proven and tested.

      How does it work so quickly?
      Our treatment is ‘proven in practice’ and uses physics instead of chemistry (pharmaceutical drugs) to bring about change and works quickly to neutralise or erase the drugs in the body, so the body does not know it has had that substance and hence does not crave/want it any more. We can help stop the need for a substance(s) so the individual feels indifferent towards it and so can stop using it. The key to stopping addiction is to stop the physical need for that substance.

      How does it work?
      Any clinical scientist will tell you, laboratory results will only stand up when the treatment is used in the real world. Medication (chemistry) targets cells to evoke change in the patients’ condition however it is no secret that over 90% of all drugs only work for 30% to 50% of the patients who take them due to their genes which interfere in some way with the medicine. Frequencies do not rely on genetics as they target a specific substance(s) rather than an individual’s cells and so produces much higher response rates. It is well established in physics that everything has its own frequency range including: living creatures, organs, plants and disease even substances like nicotine, alcohol or drugs have their own frequency range. Our treatment works similar to how a radio picks up a frequency broadcast from hundreds of miles away, the body picks up the treatment frequencies via the main acupuncture points on the wrists (no needles are used during this treatment) to successfully cancel/erase the effects of a substance throughout the entire body and stimulate the production of endorphins so withdrawal symptoms are greatly reduced. It is safe, painless and very successful. Click here for further details.

      Are there any scientifically ‘proven’ treatments for addiction?
      No. There is no single or combined treatment method which has been subject to randomized controlled experimentation, clinically based or scientifically proven for addiction and we lack the resources to ‘scientifically’ verify our treatments, therefore the only evidence available to evaluate any treatment method are client’s comment (anecdotal evidence), which validate the treatment method and establish if it is suitable for the individual and their needs. All our client testimonials have been seen and verified by independent solicitors. Click here to read solicitors confirmation.

      Why has no-one else developed this treatment or something like it?
      Because there is no research into stopping addiction, as there is no demand for a cure from the addiction services. The Royal College of Psychiatrists estimates that only ¼ of 1% of the budget to fight drugs misuse is spent on studying ‘the effects’ of drugs/alcohol use, with no research for a cure. This explains why no treatments to help with addiction have come from this area or is likely to come from this area in the future.

      What does any addiction research usually focus on?
      Any research into drug problems is based on developing more chemical based drug treatments that allow the individual to ‘live with the problem’, not stop it.

      Why do I need to help myself?
      Because current ‘treatment’ methods will not help you to stop taking these drugs. There is no research into stopping addiction, no interest from the addiction services for any type of treatment that helps with addiction and any non-pharmaceutical treatments are simply ignored, so it’s clear the only way to get the treatment you want and need is to use private treatment.

      How do I know this treatment will work?
      Our methods work for nearly everyone depending upon him or her, actually wanting to stop their drug use and following the treatment program & instructions. This treatment is an intervention to help the individual to stop and regain control but they are responsible for their long term success. This treatment is not suitable for people who have mental health issues or are unable to follow simple instructions.

      Is this treatment a cure?
      No addiction treatments centers provide a cure. Most people do not need a cure they only need help to stop their dependency and regain control. Our treatment is an aid to achieve this so the individual can break their usage habits. Any person who expects to be cured will not be suitable for this or any other treatment as they seek to remove themselves from the treatment process and blame others for their behavior.

      Does this treatment imply I will never use drugs again?
      No. It helps stop and break the current cycle of drug use so the individual can stop and regain control, which is the hardest part in becoming drug free. Click here for warning signs of relapsing. The responsibility to remain drug free is that of the individual and not a third party.

      Will I require any bed-rest after a drug detox?
      No. After treatment most clients feel fit and well and ready to work, although we recommend clients have a couple of days rest before returning to any physical activity.

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