If you are worried about how much you are drinking and are looking for help to stop drinking or to change your drinking habits then we can help.


In fact, over the last 17 years the majority of our clients are just ordinary people who were concerned they were drinking too much in the evenings or at weekends and wanted to stop and/or change their drinking habits.

Difficult to Stop?
Most of our clients had already tried to stop drinking on their own but found it too difficult to stop for more than one or two nights and usually ‘give in’ by night three.

This is because the urge or desire for alcohol had become part of their routine (for most people this is drinking in the evenings after work to relax) they were drinking too much or too often and found it difficult to stop and drink less.

Most people simply want help to stop drinking and/or change their drinking habits rather than being ‘tea-total’ for the rest of their life.

Instant Assessment
We can assess how many treatment sessions you will need to help you stop drinking and change your drinking habits based upon you average alcohol consumption, for most people this is between one to three treatment sessions, please call us on 0800 0 599 881 for an Instant Assessment or complete the form below and we will ring you back.

    Works Quickly
    Our treatment works quickly by using the correct frequencies to ‘neutralise and detox the effects of alcohol and reduce alcohol tolerance levels’ so it’s much easier to stop drinking as you can see from our client comments.

    The treatment process is safe, painless, very relaxing and takes two, three or four hours per session with most people needing between one to three sessions to achieve their goals.

    ‘After my treatment I just felt like I didn’t want to drink any alcohol. It’s like a switch been turned off inside and very welcome’. Anne G

    Our treatment is non-residential and suitable for those who are drinking anything from a few glasses of wine through to a bottle of spirits (who would need our alcohol support package) and helps to break the cycle so you find it much easier to stop drinking and/or change your drinking habits.

    Change Drinking Habits
    Most clients simply want to change their drinking habits and our treatment can help to achieve this.

    After the initial course of treatment clients are able to complete a short period of abstinence (5 to 6 weeks) and then reintroduce alcohol to find their tolerance has significantly decreased so they are drinking a lot less and they have also broken the ‘daily habit’ and are now able to drink less and less often.

    Excellent Results
    It is easy to see that we have excellent results as every client receives ‘exactly the same alcohol treatment program’ so there is no margin for error. Our client feedback has been independently verified.


    Benefits of a Month Off Alcohol
    Some clients simply want to stop drinking for a short period of time for the added health benefits and preventing illness in later life. Taking  a month off drinking alcohol can slash the risk of developing life threatening illnesses and disease.

    People who gave up for four weeks saw benefits for their liver function, blood pressure and cholesterol levels and were also at lower risk of developing cancer, diabetes and liver disease and also lost as much as 6lbs in weight and reported improvements in their concentration and sleeping.

    AA – Unsuitable for Most People
    Some clients had been to Alcoholics Anonymous but like most people (95%) found the daily meetings ‘depressing and unsuitable’ with no actual treatment, they also found most people who attend AA meetings are still drinking.


    This is because AA meetings and alcohol rehabs follow the religious 12 Steps as a basis for change but they don’t work for most people as they are unable to achieve step 12  a ‘spiritual awakening’ and therefore find the steps of little use in modern day life.

    AA & 12 Steps Don’t Work
    A 2006 a Cochrane systematic review, reviewed 8 central studies involving a total of 3,417 individuals published between 1966 and 2005 that investigated the efficacy of AA and rehab and concluded that ‘no experimental studies unequivocally demonstrated the effectiveness of AA’ in treating alcoholism.

    ‘The available studies did not demonstrate the effectiveness of AA or other 12 step approaches in reducing alcohol use and achieving abstinence…’

    The ‘End Point’ – Best Results
    The goal of our alcohol treatment is to help you get to the ‘end point‘ where you feel as though you don’t want any alcohol and can stop drinking which is exactly what our treatment is able to achieve.

    ‘your treatment has basically turned it around for me and I would just like to express my deepest gratitude’ Steve T

    We can help you to reset your alcohol use instead of feeling like alcohol controls you and giving in to the urge that means you’re drinking most nights when you get in from work.

    Quick Enquiry

      Daily Alcohol Allowance
      The recommended weekly allowance of alcohol for men is 14 units and 14 units for women with at least 3 alcohol-free days a week.

      Quick Telephone Enquiry
      We can assess how many treatment sessions you may require to help stop drinking and regain control by asking a few simple questions over the telephone.


      Tel: 0800 0 599 881

      Health & Relationship Concerns
      Many people want to stop drinking because they are worried about the damage they are doing to their health or relationships through daily drinking or drinking too much but find it too difficult to stop without help.

      • Reset Your Alcohol Use
      • Stop Drinking
      • Break the Drinking Habit
      • Reduce your Tolerance
      • Re-balance Alcohol Intake
      • Drink Responsibly

      GP or NHS Help – Getting Worse
      Most of our clients had already been to see their GP but were disappointed with their advice to either go to AA or take prescription meds. Prescriptions for alcohol problems have soared 70% in the last 11 years but at the same time alcohol related deaths have also risen by 65% and hospital admissions have risen 140% to over 1.2 million per annum as the medications and other treatment methods used do not work and/or are not suitable for most normal drinkers.


      Dangerous Drugs & Side-Effects
      Some commonly used drugs are far more dangerous but they are routinely prescribed for those with only minor alcohol problems with very little regard to their damaging side-effects such as:

      • anxiety
      • muscle & joint pain
      • drowsiness
      • hallucinations
      • vomiting
      • blurred vision
      • constipation
      • liver problems
      • fainting
      • any many many more

      not only do these side-effects ruin lives they also cause further dependency on the drug itself while the individual is still drinking, which means they now have two serious problems instead of one.

      Stop Drinking
      Our success rates are very high with approximately 97% of clients achieving their goals.

      We have helped many people from all types of jobs including Nurses, Teachers, Doctors, Police Officers, Solicitors, Shop Workers, Tradesmen, Office Staff and many more.

      Our e-treatment is suitable for all types of drinkers:

      • Regular Drinkers
      • Heavy Drinkers
      • Binge Drinkers
      • Alcohol Dependents

      We also provide a private consultation service at any of the centres to discuss a treatment plan that will help the individual to stop drinking and get their life back on track.

      Quick Telephone Enquiry
      We can assess how many treatment sessions you may require to help stop drinking and regain control by asking a few simple questions over the telephone.


      Tel: 0800 0 599 881

      How it Works
      Our e-treatments utilises the same science as noise cancelling headphones to cancel unwanted background noise but applied to unwanted substances (alcohol) to:

      • neutralise the alcohol and reduce alcohol tolerance

      By using our proven process it is possible to ‘neutralise & erase’ the effects of alcohol so it is no longer ‘active’ which then helps to stop the physical and/or mental urge, craving or desire to drink.

      Every substance including alcohol has a specific wavelengths and opposing signals neutralise or cancel each other out.

      For example: the [+] e-signal wavelength of alcohol is already in the body, our equipment emits the equal and opposite [-] wavelength, as opposing signals ‘neutralise or cancel each other out ‘it becomes much easier to stop drinking as the craving or desire to drink has gone or is greatly diminished.

      After treatment(s) the alcohol is no longer ‘active’ and you can see from our client feedback, each client agrees, they then found it much easier to stop drinking and/or break their drinking habit.

      This ‘neutralising process’ is also combined with advanced Informational Medicine which also uses physics to help:

      • improve & restore physical health

      Improved Health & Well-being
      Our clients also ‘feel much better’ after treatment as the body responds to various ‘beneficial input patterns’ (electroceuticals) which can help to improve and restore physical health.

      Treatment Process
      The actual treatment process is safe and painless, please click here to read more or click on the picture below.


      Continued Aftercare 
      Each treatment process takes 2 hours, is very relaxing and more importantly, it is changing lives for the better.

      The e-signal wavelength patterns which help stop the desire to drink are also be stored in the portable Bio-Capsule which is included with the treatment and continues to emit the stop drinking program 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing our clients with constant treatment & continued aftercare.

      It is then much easier to complete a period of abstinence after which you may be able to re-introduce alcohol back into your lifestyle and manage your drinking habits much better than before.

      Tel: 0800 0 599 881

      Feel Better – Improved Health
      Once you stop drinking you will also feel much healthier & fitter as your eating & sleeping patterns return to normal.

      • Stop Drinking
      • Lose Weight
      • Relieve Anxiety
      • Relieve Stress
      • Feel Better
      • Feel in Control
      • Sleep Better
      • Feel more Relaxed
      • Feel Healthier

      How Will I Feel Afterwards?
      Before treatment our clients can’t stop drinking, after treatment they feel as though they don’t want any alcohol so it’s much easier to achieve their goals.

      We can help you to:

      1. Reset Your Alcohol Use
      2. Stop Drinking Now
      3. Break the Drinking Habit
      4. Regain Control
      5. Drink Responsibly

      Treatment Days & Costs
      Based upon the level of alcohol consumption the majority of people only need between 1 to 3 consecutive days of treatment (2 to 4 hours per session), to stop drinking, regain control and re-balance their alcohol use.

      Alcohol Treatment Prices
      1 Day £295.00
      2 Day £590.00
      3 Day £885.00

      To stop drinking and regain control please complete the form below and we will call you back or contact us free on 0800 0 599 881

      Quick Enquiry


        Client Results…

        ‘I received this treatment more than a month ago now, and I haven’t had a drop of alcohol since then. The booking was very simple and the therapist who received and attended to me in Wakefield was a lovely lady who was an amazing person. It’s not only that I don’t drink anymore, it’s that I don’t even have the desire of drinking! All the reviews I read prior to the treatment were true! I have been a drinker (mostly beer) for many years and in the beginning, I was a little hesitant to proceed with this particular treatment and now, I wish that I would have done it earlier. I have tried to stop drinking different times, through different treatments (counselling & medicine) and they have been unsuccessful. I have to recommend this treatment 100%, based on my experience, to all the people that want to break the habit of alcohol and people that have tried different methods before and have not worked for them. This therapy has had a big impact in my life and not only I feel healthier but also more positive in life and with a much better mental and physical energy. My anxiety has also gone, so I can only see benefits about this therapy. Thanks to this treatment I am a free person again. Thank you very much’. Noa H

        ‘It has been 9 weeks since I was at your clinic and I have never felt better mentally or physically better in my life without alcohol’. * Ann M

        ‘I have been on a 3 day alcohol program with Inverness. It has now been 35 days since I last had an alcoholic drink and it’s all thanks to the program. I have no cravings or desire to drink, I was unsure if the program would work but I’m amazed at how it has made me feel. I have never felt as positive about my future and being alcohol free. Thank you so much for giving me my life back’. * Ann

        ‘Just to say…amazing treatment. Feeling as if I have been re-wired. I no longer crave alcohol and have managed to face situation/emotions (whether good or bad) without diving for the bottle. Life is fresher, sharper and exciting now I am not full of ‘poison’. It is good to not have that feeling of guilt the next morning, to sleep well and not feel dreadful all day. In the 3rd week I had about 4 drinks but with no desire for more. (I had been drinking a bottle of wine a night for years). This treatment really should be offered on the NHS, it would help so many people caught in this trap. If anyone is reading this and wondering whether to try it, please do, it’s worth every penny.* Alison

        ‘This is unsolicited feedback since I had my treatment 6 weeks ago for alcohol reduction. The whole process from booking any appointment to attending for session in London was smooth and absolutely hassle free. As soon as I arrived home and following the advice and written instruction given I felt a sort of release/relief and stopped drinking immediately. I had no negative withdrawals symptoms at the beginning and after the first week had no urges to consume alcohol. I have been drinking for 45 years. I have stayed off of alcohol (beer was my tipple) since the treatment but did lapse on two occasions when I managed my intake very well and after a couple of beers felt no urge to continue drinking the next day. I would recommend the treatment and team unreservedly, it has worked for me. I have lost about a stone in weight, feel healthy and youthful (64 years old) and my attitude and demeanor has changed for the better, I no longer fill my day around having a drink in the evening. Best wishes’*. Kenny W

        ‘I would like to say a big thank you as I have not had an alcoholic drink since having the treatment just over 3 weeks ago. It has been easier then I imagined and as other people have said. I have thought about having a drink but didn’t give in. I know that I couldn’t have done that before. I had not had one alcohol-free day in more than 15 years so this is a massive achievement. I plan to abstain for at least another 3 weeks and see how I feel then about having an occasional beer. Will keep you posted!’.* Hazel 

        ‘I am please to say that since I had your treatment I have not drunk a drop of alcohol. What’s more I have not felt the craving for it. Thank you for giving my life back. I would like to stay alcohol free for another four months and I feel I can do that, its bliss. Many Thanks’.* Robert L

        ‘Just a quick note to let you know since my visit to you I haven’t had any alcohol, I haven’t had any cravings either. This weekend just gone was the hardest due to the sunshine so we missed the pub but it was easier to find other things to do. The treatment has been brilliant thanks for everything.’ * Derek

        ‘Thank you so much!!! I had become worried about my relationship with alcohol some 2 years ago and recently decided to do something about it. I came across Rectory Healthcare on the internet, liked what I read and decided to give it a go. How pleased I am that I did! The treatment approach was different, not really sure what to expect but my what results. I have just come back from a three week stay in Antigua with drinking mates and I have not had a drink, neither did I have desire to have one!!. Not sure when I might have one at all’.* Mary

        ‘I was a little apprehensive about the treatment to begin with as the ‘habit’ with alcohol had been going for over 40 years and I wanted to take control and at the very least cut down. After the ease of making the appointment I began the first of my two sessions in London. From day one – the urge to drink alcohol stopped completely. I am 4½ weeks into the treatment and haven’t touched a drop! I occasionally get an urge for a drink but it soon passes. I have lost about a stone in weight, look and feel healthy and no longer have the bloated feeling and ‘wind’ associated with drinking beer every evening. Best wishes for 2017’.* Kenny W

        ‘Still haven’t had a drink since my treatment on the 14th November even I went to Tenerife over New Year. Regards’* John

        ‘I cannot begin to thank you for helping me. You have changed my life. I had been suffering with alcohol for more than 15 years and tried everything to stop, but nothing worked. I have not had a single drink since the treatment, I simply haven’t wanted one even when everyone else drinks around me. Your treatment worked for me because it stopped my physical desire for alcohol. I am grateful to be back in control and getting so much more out of life. I now have a conscious choice as to whether I have a drink or not but am in no hurry to reintroduce alcohol into my life in the short term. With much gratitude’*. Diane

        ‘I contacted the treatment centre because I wanted to change my drinking habits, I was sceptical that this would be work but thought it was definitely worth a try and the cost was only one month’s supply of wine!  Since I had the treatment I have not wanted or desired a drink and have found the process very easy. I have had so many social events and prior to this treatment would never have imagined I could have attended without a drink. I have been to a girly night out and stuck to tonic water, a family party with everyone drinking and even crashed my car and still didn’t reach for the bottle. I have been away for a weekend and been to a fancy dress party all events normally I would need a drink. I am coming up to me 5 weeks and I will have a drink this weekend but am actually not that bothered so feel I am control now of what I drink.  Would definitely recommend this treatment, I have lost a stone in weight and feel so much better and healthily’.* Pam

        ‘I wanted also to say that I have found the treatment to be very impressive. I don’t know how to describe what it has done to me but it has made me stop drinking on a daily basis. I do have a couple of glasses on the week night as I go out for a Chinese 1 night a week but that is my treat after it’s like I can forget drink then until the next week or if at all. Thank you for helping me sort this out and I have already passed on recommendation to people who have asked me about your clinic’.* Jeremy

        Just a little note to say since my treatment I have been doing well. My OCD and anxiety is still an ongoing issue but I have refrained from using alcohol as a means of self-medication. So far it’s now 6 weeks since I had ‘a drink’. I have still been out socialising with family and friends but have stuck to non-alcoholic drinks. To be honest apart from the occasional thought to have a drink when my anxiety or OCD is high, I have been able to go for a walk or run which for the past year or two I have not be able to do. I do feel better and have more motivation and less guilt! My family are really proud and have encourage me throughout these week, I am determined to continue as this life I’m living now is far better than the one I was living a few months back. Kind regards’.* Tracey

        ‘Just wanted to give you a quick update on my progress. I am on day 35 today of no alcohol and it has been brilliant. Feel healthier, fitter and more positive so Thank you’.* Lee

        After 10 hours of treatment for a (what I consider) pretty chronic problem with vodka, I’ve not touched a drop for 30 days now. I’m amazed. It’s been so easy and I had a birthday Christmas and New Year to get through! All done without a drop. My whole life has drastically improved. Thank you!’* VF

        ‘Thank you so much for giving me my life back. I have enjoyed an alcohol free Christmas, New Year and a holiday in Gran Canaria! Thanks regards’.* Ms CT

        ‘I had an unfortunate event relating to alcohol on the 31st October this year that made me take stock of my drinking with the desire to gain some control over my increasingly worsening drinking habit of more than 30 years. I took to the internet to see what was out there and I came across a number of different approaches but to be honest there was nothing unique until I came across your site. I started to read the testimonials and based on the experience of others, I thought your approach was worth a try. I rang for an initial  assessment and booked an appointment at your London office on the 17th November. I really wasn’t sure if the treatment would work but approached the appointment with an open mind. Wow! The results have been amazing. Not only have I not had a drink but I have also lost the desire to drink alcohol completely (which I did most every day before this treatment). If only I had come across this treatment earlier, it would have made such a difference, not only to my life, but to my family also. But as the saying goes, better late than never! Thank you once again, I will be forever grateful.* Dawn B

        ‘I would like to say that I have no urge to drink anymore and that the treatment has so far worked. Many thanks’.*  Ana

        ‘Everything is going really well 11 weeks later. I’m so much more happy within myself and I know I’ve got tonnes more energy. I was at my first Christmas dinner last night and no problem throughout. I can’t thank you enough for your help. Best wishes’.*Jill.

        ‘I took part in the 3 day treatment, I can say that the cravings and taste for alcohol is no longer with me every time I pass a pub or restaurant. I have just passed 4 weeks without touching a drop and now for ready Christmas. Thank you Rectory for all your help’.* John B

        ‘Everything continues to go well, 6 weeks today since I completed the course. Can’t really express my thanks fully!’ .* Jill

        ‘I am doing really well, no desire to drink at all, even when I go to the bar with husband & friends I just drink ginger beer (non-alcoholic). I feel well physically and am losing weight! Which is never a bad thing’. * Kath

        ‘I’m writing to offer my most sincere thanks for the treatment (alcohol & cocaine) I received nearly 5 months ago. I’m very proud to announce that I’ve been clean for 5 months and my life is my own again. I’d like to offer a special thank you to the staff in Bedale for all her fantastic support. She made me feel most welcome and made my treatment enjoyable. There was no judgment and her empathy was amazing. Thank you very much for an excellent service and helping me to help myself to get my life back on track. Warm regards’.* Dom

        ‘I had treatment in Manchester over 3 years ago and have never touched another drop of alcohol from the first day I came into clinic. I had no desire whatsoever. I recommended it to my friend and her brother is currently having treatment. I still cannot believe how this treatment works but it does thank goodness’.* Debbie

        ‘I love to say how impressed I am with the treatment so far. Christopher has been very positive about his future since his treatment in Bedale. I would like to hope this continues I would also like to help support others in any way I can’.* Ann

        ‘I was sceptical at first. How can this work? However, my cravings and anxiousness have completely disappeared. I would recommend this treatment for anyone who is struggling to control alcohol. I am gaining back the respect from my children, the trust I had lost and most of all the love of my husband, who has suffered along with my children. Thank you’* Lisa

        ‘The treatment has worked great. I had five weeks off the booze and now I have a couple of glasses of wine at the weekend. I feel great and like I’m back in control of my life again. Initially after the treatment I had a headache for two days but then I felt so much better. I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling with drinking too much. I have also started exercising and I’ve lost weight and feel amazing. Thanks very much for all your help.’* Sue

        ‘I am pleased to say, despite my scepticism the treatment has worked for me and I now have total control over my alcohol intake. I would not hesitate to recommend this treatment and it was worth every penny’* Allison

        ‘I have my life back!!! I now control alcohol, it doesn’t control me. Tried red wine at 3½ week mark, didn’t enjoy it and felt ill the following day. Thank you so very much!!!’.* Karen

        ‘Doing great and feeling a lot better in myself. I have not even felt like having a drink and savings have grown. Found a new me. I’d like to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ for your time. Yours thankfully’.* James

        ‘I was sceptical about the treatment but I have gone from drinking 2 bottles of wine a day to 0! I feel great and thoroughly recommend the treatment’. Sue

        ‘I had my treatment in the Bedale branch. I can’t put into words how much I have benefited and what a difference it has on my life. It was the best investment I could have made in myself and I would not hesitate to recommend it. Thank you so, you made the whole experience a positive one’.* Catherine

        ‘I had my treatment 7 weeks ago and have not wanted or desired a drink since. Its been amazing! I actually had to go to Spain for a meeting with my boss and had a big night out, I ended up having a few drinks. The next day I regretted it and have no desire to repeat the experience. Thanks so much’.* James

        ‘I had treatment from alcohol and have been doing amazing with the no drinking. I have changed my routine and now make sure I eat regularly. I go swimming and have joined a choir with friends. Ray is happy and relieved that I am doing well. I am determined to keep going upwards. Thank you’.* Diane

        ‘This is a letter firstly to thank the lovely Lisa at the Bedale Clinic who has helped change my life and for those people who are reading the recommendations who think just like I did 2 months ago that “it is too good to be true” and “it won’t work for me”. Firstly, I was on about 6-12 pints a day and 20 fags a day person, maybe not a lot to some people but I had tried to stop both before and did stop the fags for a while, but never the booze for more than a day or two. Then I had a little incident on the 12th August this year (2018), and knew I needed to either change or just accept what I was becoming.  I had read the website before: quite a lot of times probably over an 18-24 month period and always thought: too good to be true and no way will it work for me. I knew I needed to try something though, so I went for my first alcohol session and all the way there was trying to talk myself out of it, but something kept me going! Well 2 months into it and I have had the total of 4 pints (a night out with friends from all over Europe), and no fags (about 6 weeks).  I have never written a recommendation before and I am not an effusive person, but it works, it really does, and I have told people about it and recommended it.  I would never do that if I hadn’t gone through it and had the treatment. It really truly does work. I go to the pub and have no desire to drink, I smell smoke, no interest, I had 4 pints, got up the next morning and fretted a bit and was a bit disappointed that I had had four, but I haven’t touched one since and not wanted to! I so nearly turned around before I got there and if I had I know I would be in a very, very different place, probably a ditch. I’ll sum up my experience, I genuinely thought it was going to be a waste of money and that it would not work. Well it has, with the treatment and Lisa, my life has changed, and I truly believe if it works for me it will for you. Good luck in your journey’*. Andrew

        ‘I would just like to say what an absolute wonderful experience I have had during my rehabilitation programme, from the beginning the staff have been exceptional their support and assistance throughout my recovery has been life changing, I have struggled with Alcohol for far too many years to mention, finally after hitting rock bottom and finding the Rectory I can now say my life has started again. Alcohol is destructive and no doubt had I continued would have destroyed my life, by committing myself to this detox that I truly didn’t believe could work, I am delighted to say I was wrong. It does work and I am living proof, thankfully. I am enjoying the results obtained and would highly recommend that my nine weeks with the aftercare help has enabled my life changing alcohol free life. Thank you’.  Lesley*

        ‘On arriving at the clinic on Monday, I had already had nearly half a bottle of vodka and 4 cans before my 11 o’clock appointment. On arrival I meet the staff who put me at ease immediately, non-judgmental, listened to my story and the reason for my chronic drinking problem of at least 14 cans of cider and ½ a bottle of vodka every day so I was clearly in a bad state. I felt nothing would help but this treatment has certainly saved my life, after 3 days I had cut out the vodka and halved the cider intake. Days 5/6/7 was down to 2 shandy’s and only a week after starting treatment for a 2 week detox, I was ready to stop drinking completely and finished my treatment fully alcohol free for the first time in 3 years. I cannot recommend this treatment enough as my pictures show.’* Graham Buckle 

        ‘I am really please to say It’s four weeks since my alcohol treatment and I haven’t touched any alcohol. More importantly I feel confident I can maintain this happy state. So far I have lost 14lbs in four weeks and am working hard to get back into shape thanks you. Once again, many thanks’.* Guy

        This has turned my drinking around have cut out about 40 to 50 units a week, now only on 14 to 16 units, would highly recommend it’.* Mrs G A

        Where to start…..From the beginning. I suppose I started drinking aged 14 – nothing serious, a bottle of cider here & there.  At 18 I was drinking in town on a weekend, the newness wore off and I only drank on rare occasions. Fast forward to age 36/37 when I was in a really abusive relationship, I started drinking Vodka to numb the pain. Eventually that relationship ended but my relationship with Vodka continued until 2 years later I contracted a serious liver infection. After approx. 6 months, after recovery, I started drinking again – just lager or cider but I didn’t get that hit so turned back to the Vodka but gradually reduced until I was off the drink again. This stop/start cycle continued for many years. For personal reasons I had regular liver function tests, which, despite an on/off relationship with the drink, were normal until quite recently when the results showed early onset liver damage & I knew I was on dangerous ground. Within hours of receiving the results I had found the treatment health care site.  I sat for hours reading the reviews and the next morning I booked myself in. I was really very nervous and anxious wondering if the treatment would work for me or whether I was just wasting my money. Also, my first treatment session was on a Friday & I was genuinely scared about not being able to drink that weekend. I agonised over whether to postpone my treatment or to cancel altogether, but I couldn’t get my test results out of my head & I knew it was now or never.  I parked outside my therapist house & still wandered about turning my car around and driving away but before I had chance my therapist, the lovely Mel, was standing at her door welcoming me into her home. Mel was fantastic, she put me at ease from the moment I met her.  At no point during my 3 sessions did I feel like a therapist/patient treatment.  We chatted about my struggles, my intake and even had a giggle when she asked me if I had any triggers & I replied “yes – 6pm”. If I was desperate, I was allowed to drink on the evening, but I didn’t. I’m not saying for one minute that it’s easy because that first day certainly isn’t, it’s really hard not to drink but it definitely isn’t a fraction as hard as I though it would be. But I have to admit that it gets easier very quickly. I had 3 sessions in total over a period of 3 consecutive days and after the 2nd session alcohol didn’t really cross my mind. I still had vodka & champagne in the cupboard & I’m please to say it’s still there. Every day does get easier. I’ve had a drink free bank holiday, a big birthday and even been able to pick my son up on an evening – all of which have been a definite no-no for many years. I am now 32 days drink free and even though the programme recommends staying drink-free for 4-6 weeks I haven’t bothered to have a drink even though I am allowed to re-introduce alcohol into my life. I know it sounds like a cliché but the programme has genuinely changed my life.  Please give it a try, I’m so glad I did. I know my review is lengthy and I’m sorry if I bored some of you, but for those who have read to the end thank you for reading.  Good luck to everyone starting the programme, congratulations to everyone who are now drink free and to those contemplating having treatment – please do, you’ll be amazed at the results. Thank you treatment and thank you to Me!’* Dianne Taylor

        ‘I have reduced my alcohol usage to third of what it was, good result!’ Niki

        ‘It’s been 10 weeks since I drank which for me is truly amazing especially in lockdown and beautiful weather. I was drinking between 1 to 2 bottles of wine a night. I cannot tell you how much it’s changed my life and how less selfish I have become. Thank you all so much and especially your therapist in Watford.’* Jane

        ‘Without your help I dread the think what Christmas would be like, I am 6 months sober’. Sue

        ‘I received treatment for alcohol addiction last November and it has helped me a great deal and my life has completely changed. My liver function and kidney function is now normal’.* Mandy

        ‘Day 18 for me – half way through dry January and feeling great. The treatment has really worked and I feel I have regained complete control over my drinking. I will keep you posted. If you want to quote me for publicity that is fine. I will promote your services wherever I can. Best Wishes.’* Elaine

        ‘Just a note to let you know how well the treatment is working. It’s over a month and I have had no inclination to drink anything alcoholic. I intend to stick to soft drinks for the foreseeable future as I haven’t felt this fit and healthy in a long, long time. I am sleeping well with none of the insomnia I was experiencing when drinking. Many thanks’.* Beth H

        ‘Still can’t believe the effect the treatment is having on me. I am returning to my old self without alcohol controlling me. I had got to the point where I was so ashamed and scared about the bottle of wine (and often more) that I was downing … And not really enjoying it. I have realised that it has been a prop for so long (many years) and then a physical addiction which I don’t think I could have stopped without this treatment. It is four weeks since my last drink and I no longer crave one (I actually can’t bear the smell of alcohol which is amazing). What I have now is excitement about my new start. I feel fresher, lighter – physically and mentally. I have managed to ride some very low points without a drink (I am divorcing and moving to a new area so a very challenging time) and I am feeling in control of my life again. Thank you so much’.* Alison

        ‘My marriage was going downhill rapidly and I needed to get my wife help. I booked her and she has now stopped drinking completely it really does work I would suggest to anyone thinking about using this company you should go for it it works 100%’.* Mr Patel

        ‘I have been completely alcohol free since visiting your London centre in February and I haven’t missed not having the drink. Also at long last I have finally shed a few pounds, not many about 11lbs but still better off than on. This has helped me to feel very positive in general, I already felt positive about the drink!’ Very many thanks’.* Ms MJ

        ‘I am still baffled as to how this treatment works, but work it certainly does. From the time I left your office until now, I have had no desire for any wine or other form of alcohol. As you know we own a bar. I have been in with my husband and had a soft drink or sparkling water, I do not feel any desire for a drink. I only hope it does not wear off. As yet I have not told any friends or relatives, did not want to deal with scepticism. I shall tell them soon. Anyone who is interested I shall certainly pass on your details. All the best’.* Kath

        ‘Thanks for giving me a chance to get my life back together I was in a high pressure sales job working six days a week drinking around 3 to 4 bottles of red every week plus more larger any chance I could. I had a two day treatment came back home and never looked back. I’ve rapped my job in and took a completely different look on life lost over a stone, feel great, well worth doing thanks’.* Scott Bell

        ‘I have been fine since my treatment and not had a drink. Only on one occasion did I feel like having one, this was the day I didn’t get a job I really wanted however I resisted’.* Maria K

        ‘After my treatment I entered into a period of total abstinence with some scepticism. However I was very genuinely surprised at how easy it was. Here I am at the four week point and I haven’t touched a drop. I do plan to reintroduce alcohol at some point but thanks to the treatment I am in no hurry. A thousand thank you’s’.* Jonny

        ‘Everything is going very well, thank you for all your help’.* Lisa P

        ‘I have been meaning to contact you to say thank you for the treatment. I seem to have been much better since. I stopped for 2½ months and only drank over Christmas/New Year Eve. I don’t seem to be as focused on it any more whereas before it was literally obsessed with drinking wine. Currently I seem to have control of it like you said! Thank you so much. Kind regards’.* Claire

        ‘In the past nine months I’ve ‘slipped’ three times but they’ve been short sharp painful to recover from but i do feel now that I’m through the experience and am ready to post feedback on your website. I hope that what I write will convey to whoever reads it that there really is genuine, realistic hope and the opportunity to change things by going to see you. I don’t think that without having been to see you that I would have realise this and I can’t thank you enough for having, literally give me my life back. A proper, wholesome, satisfying daily experience and the chance to enjoy the normal, simple things that some people must take for granted. Thanks again and I hope you finally get some common sense response from the NHS in realising that what you do works. If you ever need me as a referral please just let me know as I’d be more than happy to voice a very positive opinion’.* Kevin M

        ‘All things are going well, going into my 5th week now!’.* Geoff C

        ‘Just want to say a huge thank you for giving me my life back. Amazing treatment, I don’t think I could have done this by myself – particularly as I am going through a divorce – a very difficult time and emotional time. Again, thank you so much’.* Alison

        ‘It has been 3 weeks since I had the treatment and not touched a drop of alcohol. I was regularly drinking between 1 to 2 bottles of wine a night and more at the weekends. I have attended several social functions since having the treatment and not felt tempted to drink alcohol. I have more energy, sleep better than I have done in years and feel fantastic!!’.* Laura

        ‘This is a fantastic treatment – it works. It permanently changes your relationship with alcohol (for me) so you can’t drink more than a moderate amount and can easily skip it for a couple of days. It is criminal that it is not available on the NHS’.* M Holt

        ‘Attended 3 social events, a funeral wake a colleague leaving work and a meeting held in the local pub where alcohol was freely available each time and I felt disinterested each time. At home I have replaced alcohol with water out of the home I replace it with a soft drink. I just don’t know why I haven’t done this before! I am extremely pleased with the outcome so far’.* Jen

        ‘8 weeks into the programme and so far so good, it’s brilliant as far as I am concerned’.* Jen

        ‘Since leaving your London centre I can honestly say I have not had a drink and not even had the urge to have one. Considering I was drinking 1 – 2 bottles of wine a night, I can’t quite believe how far I have come. I am feeling so much better, healthier and the weight loss has been amazing. Thank you for all your help’.* Anne B

        ‘I have stayed completely alcohol free for the four weeks. There have been odd moments when it has been difficult but whereas before I could not resist temptation now I can. Amazing!  I was not a very heavy drinker by some standards, but with alcoholism in the family, I was a very worried drinker and heading firmly in the wrong direction. I feel the treatment has helped me to turn left rather than turn right. I am recommending it to friends in the same situation. Please feel free to use this testimonial’.* Lindsay

        ‘We have both done quite well over the past month. We both had a few drinks at our work do’s and social occasions over the holidays but have been in control and had a lot less than what we would have previously. We are both looking forward to an alcohol free month and further beyond. Thank you for everything, kind regards’.* Mr & Mrs Bowen

        ‘I attended your centre in Manchester and can only confirm what I have read already read about the treatment ‘WoW’. I am over the moon with the results, since visiting you I have not had a drink nor wanted too. I have what I consider a stressful job and my daily routine would often consist or should I say ‘generally’ consist of literally downing 1 or 2 bottles of strong wine. To a point I couldn’t remember what I was feeling stressed about, then fell asleep for a matter of hours. I would regularly wake up after a few hours unable to sleep longer. Since my visit I have the same job, my health is better, my life is better and I actually really look forward to the future without thinking about having a bottle of wine. I honestly never thought I would be this person again. Thank you so much. P.S. I would be more than happy to recommend this treatment to anybody’.* Linda Foster

        ‘Hi, just to let you know I have completed my 3 months successfully and will continue to live alcohol free :-))’.* Clare Green

        ‘Thank you so much. My family are amazed regarding my recover with my alcohol and smoking issues. I have nothing but good to say about your treatment and your kindness when I have called for advice or information. I am indebted to you’.* Lin Wells

        ‘I was sceptical this would work but given I was drinking a bottle a wine a day and my health was suffering I decided this form of treatment stood more chance with me than a ‘seminar’.  I also had the treatment four weeks before Christmas so if it worked no better time to prove it to myself then Christmas!! I no longer automatically drink as before but stop and ask myself if I really want one! To which the answer is ‘no’! I now no longer drink in the week but do have one or two at a week end……..glasses that is and no longer bottles!! I have also lost at least a stone in weight because what the treatment has done has also made me look at what I eat ……spent years at weight watchers trying to achieve that thought process!! I am very proud of myself and feel so much better and positive!’.* Ms JB

        ‘Thank you so much for your help. I was in dire straits when I came to see you. Drinking and smoking compulsively in the morning. As you know when I called all that has changed. I have managed to cope with things I never thought possible, everything used to overwhelm me. No more staying in bed depressed. I have reduced my anti-depressants want to run before I can walk. Over the Xmas period I had a drink and new year. I stupidly tested myself with a cigarette. That’s not going to happen! I want to stay well and have no desire to smoke!! You have changed my life. My son has gone travelling for a year and that would have been a trigger if any. You have changed my life. I am indebted to you, kind regards’.* Lin Wells

        ‘I have done very well since my treatment with you in London. I have experienced no craving for alcohol at all and life is so much better! Many thanks again’.* Louise W

        ‘I had this treatment and that weekend we were away overnight in Manchester at a Comedy club. I successfully did not drink or have any desire to drink at all, which was a total revelation for me. When I got home I did not drink all that week and felt so good and proud and totally amazed that I did not even want to drink. I had been drinking daily for years and had never been able not to drink daily, despite promising myself that I wouldn’t on a daily basis. The following weekend I was in London, I had a meal on the Friday and again didn’t drink even though the wine on the table was flowing. I drank fizzy water. On the Saturday night I saw a show and went out for a meal with a usually non-drinking friend. We ordered our meal and she decided to have a cocktail. I said I didn’t like cocktails and although she went through every single one trying to convince me, I said I didn’t want one. She ordered herself a cocktail and me a Prosecco, stating she knew I loved Prosecco. I couldn’t say I was driving as we were staying in a hotel. I couldn’t say I was on antibiotics either as she knew full well I was fit and well. I left the drink in front of me for the whole meal, she had drunk hers and prompted me to drink mine. I took a sip and that small glass of Prosecco took me almost an hour to drink! I went back to the hotel convinced I had ruined everything. The following day and week I was back to not drinking and not wanting to either. Last weekend I was in Ireland for 4 days. I had a glass of wine and half a Guinness with oysters. I don’t have the desire to drink and feel much better in myself and more alert in my mind. My children have noticed that I’m not drinking too. I seem to have so many hours in the evening now to do other things. I wanted to stay completely alcohol free for 6 weeks and did plan to have a drink on Christmas day. As you can see this hasn’t happened but I can honestly say that even this very low level of alcohol consumption is amazing having come from daily drinking at least a bottle of wine weekdays (plus) and even more on weekends. Kind regards’.* Ann D

        ‘I’ve still got excellent results from the treatment after 7 weeks. I haven’t had any alcohol and I’ve lost a stone in weight and I’m feeling good. Regards’.* Lorraine

        ‘As I write this I am delighted to say that it is now 14 weeks since I touched a drop of alcohol. I came to London centre and I was desperate to do something as my drinking had spiralled out of control. I had drunk for as long as I care to remember – 30 years!! I did not drink during the day but come the evening I would easily down between one and two bottles of wine in a night. I had blackouts, the shakes and would become aggressive towards the people that stilled cared about me. In the past I admit I had a massive problem and had pushed to many people away as I chose drink over everything else. I found the website by chance and must have read the testimonials over and over at least a dozen times. I was indeed very sceptical about the treatment and the cost of having it but I am so glad I did. The first few days were hard as it was the habit of getting in from work and reaching for that first glass, weekends too at first were also tough. I have since been to a barbeque and out for diner (in a pub) and did not think about having alcohol. My aim is not to give up for good but to change my old habits. My children are so proud of me. I also look and feel so much better. Thank you so much for giving me my life back’.* Sylvie

        ‘Thanks very much for your help, since having the treatment I have not drank any alcohol nor have any desire to! Long my it continue’. Thanks again’.* Yvonne

        ‘I received the treatment one month ago and have been amazed by its (my!) success. I genuinely feel like I have been re-wired correctly and experience neither the need or want for alcohol. The programs no nonsense approach combine with physics (informational medicine) spoke to me in a way that AA couldn’t. Instead of the woe in me and how many things I have done, I feel like a victor not a victim. Their common sense and easy to follow post treatment instructions and ideas have been invaluable, it has changed my life! I feel like a new me (except that it is the old me before alcohol took control). Thank you so much for this wonderful treatment!’.* Elizabeth C

        ‘Thank you so much for this service. I had been struggling to control my drinking behaviour and this was absolutely transformational. Literally from the moment I stepped out of the centre. It seems too good to be true, but it really does work. I am in so much of a better place, and no longer have cravings or urges to drink, without thinking carefully about my choices. And that has put me in control. I would recommend this without hesitation. I feel like a normal person! Thank you again’.* Ella

        ‘This treatment is really worth doing before I came here I was drinking around 10 pints per day and doing 10 to 15 grams of coke per week and at serious risk of losing my family. I started treatment in February roughly 6 months ago. I have now completely got the coke out of my life and although stopped drinking for several months I can now enjoy a social drink with friends and family. Life could not be better, well worth it thanks guys’.* Steve

        ‘I would like to thank you so much for the two-day treatment I had a month ago, it has completely changed the way I was conducting my life, or rather allowing my life to be conducted. I knew that I had been in an ever-worsening rut for many years and had tried an array of half-hearted attempts to better myself, some very expensive, but none of them were successful. After your two day treatment, I did not touch a drop of alcohol for 28 days, and didn’t really enjoy the two glasses of wine I allowed myself with a friend on Wednesday. I didn’t feel scared to drink as I felt in control, and I didn’t feel the need to have more, which is a far cry from a month ago. It hasn’t always been entirely easy as alcohol played a huge part in my life and every evening for over 10 years, but so much of the desire seems to have been just habitual behaviour and what I term as habit-by-association. I will write more on this and the changes that I have experienced and I will write again after hopefully another successful month. Best regards’.* Joanna T

        ‘Well I haven’t had a drink since my treatment and have not been tempted whatsoever. When I first came across your website I thought it seemed too good to be true and in my experience if something seems too good to be true it usually is. However I take it back, it works!!! The only downside when not drinking alcohol is what do you drink? I could happily drink wine or G&T till the cows come home but after 2 soft drinks I’ve had enough. All the best to you’.* Jan

        ‘Came into the Manchester centre in November 2013. I did not know what to expect having tried numerous times to stop drinking. Two months later I have not touched a drink. I was drinking 3 bottles of wine a day before having 4 treatment sessions, this went down to nothing at all. The other plus is a loss of 2 stone of weight’.* Ashley

        ‘I have not had a drink since the day I visited your centre and feel so much better and am so pleased with the results. I am going on holiday so this is the test for me and might treat myself to the odd drink or two. The real test is to control my drinking which I am confident of doing in the long term future. Yours a truly happy customer’.* Kevin

        ‘I hope you’ve had a nice Easter break. I just wanted to give you an update on my progress following my treatment session on Tuesday, I haven’t had any cravings for alcohol & it’s a week today since my last drink. I went to Haydock races yesterday with friends, I actually enjoyed not drinking & I chose to drive everyone around from bar to bar without temptation once.  We had a successful day at the races too winning a total of £432.00 between Mark and myself and I have lost a couple of pounds in weight so win/win. Kind regards’.* Sharon Dawber

        “You’ll be curious to know how I have fared since I came to visit in December and significantly before the Christmas and New Year. I definitely had developed a problem with alcohol and a reason to worry. I have not had to regret my decision to stop drinking, it worked! I even survived the Christmas and New Year celebrations, if that doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what does. I am feeling the benefits of not drinking now, more optimistic and more energetic. The first two weeks were a little of a roller coaster emotionally but then my mood picked up in a way I could not have expected and I intend to stay this way. This treatment was my present to myself and I thank you for doing this for me. I will not have a drink until my fathers celebrates his 60th in April. Will be in touch again”.* Dr C.H.

        ‘It’s been a year since I first came to the addiction treatment for drinking problem. I used to drink nearly every night bottle of wine or more than 5 gin & tonics. I have cut down dramatically, I’ve stopped drinking at home and only drink when I go out. I will have no more than 2 drinks then I will switch to water. I also had a chocolate and sugar addiction which I also had treatment for. I am now totally in control and have chocolate very rarely. I lost weight and feel great. I am so happy that I find this treatment and I highly recommend to anyone with a problem’.* Vicky C

        ‘I’m doing very well after two treatments. I haven’t drunk any alcohol at all and I’m losing weight and feel much fitter. It’s been over 3 weeks since I had any alcohol and I’m hoping to stay off it forever. Kind regards’.* Lorraine S.

        ”Hi it’s been 3½ weeks since I attended your London centre for a 2 day treatment for alcohol. I have been a drinker for as long as I can remember which is a long time as I am 44 years old. I would always try to have days off drink  but come to tea time I would pour a glass of wine or opens a can of lager or on the occasions I would be really strong and not drink for 1 to 2 days I would feel so good but alcohol was always on my mind. But from the first treatment I had no urge or desire to drink it really is amazing how this works. I feel, look and sleep and eat better. I haven’t lost weight but that’s probably because I actually eat my dinner now! Whereas before I would cook and by the time I would of drank nearly a bottle of wine I had no appetite so wouldn’t eat and then feel even worse in the morning hangover and hungry. Many thanks’.* Mrs Waldock

        ‘Attended treatment November 27th in London, so far 33 days without a drink!! Thank you for the amazing treatment. Kind regards’.* Adam S

        ‘I am now entering my third month of post treatment. I have twice had a single glass of wine during the past two weeks. I found that it was enough and did not want to continue past the single glass of wine. I am vigilant of course as I do not wish to fall back into old habits’.*  Madelyn

        ‘Hello, I am doing great, 6 weeks not a single pint of beer! Happy days! I Love it. Many Thanks’.* Antanas

        ‘Just a quick update guys. That’s been around a month since I had my 4 treatments in Inverness and it’s like a switch has flipped in my brain.  I have absolutely no desire to drink and feel I could easily never drink again. I have lost 4kg and am feeling much fitter and healthier already. Thank the staff for their help and professional manner. Hope you all have a great Christmas’.*  David G.

        ‘I had my two treatments 4 weeks ago and have not had or wanted a drink since even though I have been to several social occasions. I do not understand how it works but I am absolutely delighted. I have lost 5lbs in weight!’.* Vivian L

        ‘Just a little note on how it’s going, GREAT! Not had a drink since the 30th January, don’t know how it works but it is brilliant. I feel back in charge and its great waking up fresh every morning. I can’t thank you enough for getting me back on track. I do not even think about wine o’clcok, it’s a thing of the past. Many, many thank you’s’.* Claire M

        ‘I have had amazing results especially in the first month, with weight loss, increased energy and concentration. Plus being calmer and a more patient parent! Thank you!!’.* Andria

        ‘I have had 5 weeks off drinking and it has been 4 weeks since your therapy. It appears to work! I really didn’t find myself thinking about drinking to crave it. I did decide to go out for a big night with the lads yesterday and reintroduce alcohol, but I did not get blotto as normal and significantly don’t feel that urge to drink the next day too. I simply cannot explain this! Thank you very much’.* Sid

        ‘I have to say I was very sceptical about the treatment, how it worked, given that I was just sat for two sessions reading the paper with wrist bands on. However, I have to confirm that the craving for wine at the end of the day has gone, the habit was still a strange one and I had to ask myself if I really wanted a drink as opposed to just having one but no I did not. I did have a few drinking 3½ weeks after my initial treatment as I was on a weekend hen do and I had concerns that this would send me back to the habit of drinking the way that I was before but no, since I returned I have not had anything to drink and I am not wanting to’.* Michelle P.

        ‘All going very well, haven’t touched a drop, feeling and sleeping much better and losing weight! Best Wishes’ * Jo

        ‘Was unsure at the start, I can only describe the treatment as being magical, I’ve not drank for nearly 2 months and I’ve not even felt the urge to. My whole lifestyle has changed for the better, increased energy levels with a very positive outlook in life and for the future. Money well spent, I will recuperate it back in 3 to 4 months with a much healthier mind and body. I really can’t recommend it enough, gone from 2 to 3 bottles of wine per day to zero. I now feel in the future I will be able to enjoy a glass of wine in moderation’.* Paul A

        ‘I attended your London centre on the 4th January for alcohol treatment and I am absolutely delighted with the results. I have not touched a drop of alcohol since and have not experienced any cravings or strong desire to do so. Thank you very much for helping me to overcome my previous alcohol dependency – the fresh start which, as a result, I am experiencing is immensely liberating. Thank you!’*  Steven S

        ‘Had my treatment on the 17th January, next morning woke up as a new person, so happy with different attitude to the world around me! Could not believe I’m free from addiction, day after day don’t even think about drinking, was so busy with other stuff I’ve been putting aside for a long time. What I want to say is a big THANK YOU as you made me feel my real self and helped me back to my sober nature. Thank you again’.* Alla

        ‘I have now not had a drink for a month. It has sometimes been difficult but on the whole much easier than I expected! I have lost 4/6lbs in weight and do not miss feeling dreadful the morning after. The panic attacks have also stopped. Thank you!’.* Catherine R

        ‘I haven’t had any alcohol at all and feeling very pleased with myself. I’m still going to bed with a smile on my face and I’ve lost ¾ stone in weight. I intend to go for the full 6 weeks before I have a drink’.* Lorraine S

        ‘Without this treatment I would still be a heavy drinker and maybe not alive as I had a fatty liver through drinking and bad diet. I would drink until I had memory loss and drink 10 to 12 pints a night, night on night off, within a 3 to 4 hour session. Since I found this treatment 14 months ago, it has totally turned my life around the urge to drink is seldom there. I can go in the pub now and not drink I don’t wake up with any cravings, I get the urge to socialise but not drink. I shouldn’t have had to find this place, it should be widely available to every man in the street, everyone should know about it. I believe the Government should promote this treatment. Thank you’.* Rob J

        ‘I feel fantastic, I haven’t had a drink since my treatment, I have had no cravings or feel the need to have a drink. I don’t know how you did it but I can’t thank you enough! We have been to the pub a few times and I’ve had water. It doesn’t bother me watching others with their glasses of wine etc and when I look back I wonder why I ever let myself get into such a state!! Once again thanks for everything. Hope you are well and keep up the good work’.’* Andrea

        ‘Well it’s been 3 weeks since the treatment and I haven’t had any alcohol – amazing! I’ve been to a party and I drove home – unheard of! Can’t believe the results and I seem to have much more energy. I’m still drinking decaf tea and coffee too. I’ve had moments when I fancied a glass of wine, especially early doors but it soon passed. I’m very proud of myself! Thank you so much’.* Tracey L

        ‘Just come back from 10 days in Tenerife and whilst it wasn’t an alcohol free holiday, I have substantially reduced my alcohol consumption. At most it was a bottle of wine between two people every other night, so a big improvement from past consumptions. Back home now and intend getting refocused. The aim is to drink only socially as and when which I think should be easy to manage as the urge for a glass of wine does as you told me pass quite quickly’.* Anne D

        ‘I will forward a full letter shortly detailing my progress and how delighted I am with your service. Thank you’.* Louise

        ‘Very relaxed atmosphere and treatment explained clearly. I have not consumed any alcohol since my treatment and have no urge to. Regards’.* Steve T

        ‘I am a psychotherapist/clinical hypnotherapist and have referred three of my clients to you for help with alcohol cessation. Each of them has come away from your centre absolutely delighted with the results and are now no longer drinkers. I have been so impressed with the results that I have asked a close relative to contact you and I believe he is with you this week. I wonder if you would send me any leaflets you may have in order for me to pass them on to the people who come to me rather than my asking them to look you up on the internet?’.* E Jones DC Hyp. Dip Couns (MBACP)

        ‘Programme is going very well, cut down to 14 units of alcohol a week which is a massive 75% to 80% of previous consumption. Feeling great and very positive’.* Susan

        ‘I’m very happy as I have still not had a drink since I came to see you. I’m back at work and my house and my affairs are running so well with a clear head. I feel so productive and hope to book for the no smoking treatment in a couple of months’.* Vanessa R

        ‘It has been four weeks now since I had my detox treatment with you and have done really well not to have a drink, it was hard at first but has got easier. I feel so much better since I stopped drinking, I am sleeping better, I feel more confident and focused during the day which has improved how I work. Thank you very much, I would recommend the treatment to anybody with an addiction it really works! Best wishes’.* G Moss

        ‘All still going well, had one lager on last day of Turkey holidays, otherwise just water which was fine. Feeling very good, thanks again’.*  Maureen C

        ‘I am delighted with the results of the two day treatment I received nearly five weeks ago. No cravings although I had a couple of social occasions last week and did have a few glasses of wine but found it easy to return to being abstinent since then’.* D Ellis

        ‘Since undergoing the treatment, I have not had a drink or felt the need to have one. I will be sticking to the agreement of not having any for three months. I have been out with family and friends to function and for meals where they consumed alcohol and I bought them alcohol but did not have any or felt the need for any or felt that I was missing out. Regards’.* Roy G

        ‘It is 5 weeks since my last drink and I feel great. Sleeping much better, energy levels much better and not really felt any urge to have a drink. The only time I miss a drink really is when out for a meal and I see people having wine with their meal and think that would be nice. But still going with how I feel and not having a drink for the sake of it! Thanks very much for all your help and speak to you soon. Kind regards’.* David O

        ‘I am continuing to abstain from alcohol for at least three months as discussed’.* Roy G

        ‘My name is Alin Papuc and I had the alcohol treatment on the 30th June 2011 and from that day I stopped drinking. My family help and support me and I recommend it to all my friends and I hope one day they will take the big decision to have the treatment like I did. Thank you very much for your help’.* Alin Papuc

        ”I traveled from the Netherlands to have this treatment [3 days], on the alcohol front I can honestly say that the treatment appears to have worked and my general feeling towards alcohol consumption has changed dramatically. I have had a couple of glasses of wine whilst out along with other non-alcoholic drinks and feel pretty much in control of the situation at all times now. None of the usual let’s have another impulse and the predictable journey into obliteration and mayhem. Your treatment has basically turned it around for me and I would just like to express my deepest gratitude for that and the fact that you were prepared to do me a deal on what has basically been a life changing experience. Thanks again and I will keep you posted’.* Steve T

        ‘I am pleased to report that 4 weeks in I have not touched a drop of alcohol, despite attending several social function, including dinner parties with my old drinking buddies! The treatment has certainly reduced, in fact virtually removed the craving so I thank you for that and so does my family. Thanks again’.* Peter S

        ‘I am incredibly grateful to you for the treatment you gave me. When I found your website I was at my lowest with my drinking, so out of control and desperate. I had been a binge drinker for up to 20 years and alcohol consumption was up to two bottles of wine 3, 4 maybe 5 times a week. I would drink if I was happy, if I was sad or anxious, basically any excuse! In the supermarket I always made straight for the wine, convincing myself that I was buying it because it was on offer. My life was a constant rollercoaster of drinking and feeling on top of the world to days of extreme hangover, depression and shame. Worst of all were the blackouts, wondering what I had said or done the night before. My cravings for alcohol were intense and my family were at their wits end convinced I could never change. So when I came across your website and read all your testimonials I felt very excited to a) relate to so many people and b) read so many success stories. I then booked in and you sounded so understanding and re-assuring and after my two treatments when you said I should no longer crave alcohol, I was skeptical and my family even more so. But from the moment I walked out of your centre I can honestly say hand on heart I have not had any craving or inclination to touch a drop of alcohol. Now when I see it on TV or in the shops I don’t have any association or love affair with it anymore. It doesn’t even register with me. Awesome!! It really does work. It is truly amazing, I wish I had heard about you sooner. You are a lifesaver and this is by far the only addiction therapy that treats the symptoms and helps you. My family want to hug and thank you too. I finally have my life back. Please, please, please anyone reading this and feeling like I did a month ago (in a very dark place) book your treatment today as it will be the best thing you have ever done and the beginning of the rest of your life. A million thanks’.* Sharon O

        ‘I am doing really well after my two sessions with you and it is going well. I have not wanted any alcohol and attended my brothers wedding on July 14th and was able to control my drinking. I had a few drinks and was able to enjoy myself’.* Alex E

        ‘I underwent two treatment sessions a couple of years ago at this centre. The purpose of the visit was to give up drinking excessive amounts. To be honest at the start I had my doubts but then I said to myself I’ll give it a go. Since then I have significantly cut down my alcohol consumption from my four or five pints four nights a week to just one night a week, so I can say it definitely had some effect on me and would recommend this treatment to others with similar problems’.* Mr LB

        ‘Just to let you know I think you are the Mother Theresa of the addiction world. Came back to you over 3 weeks ago for the stop smoking therapy and have not touched one since. Truly it is incredible something that really does work. Everything else is a waste of time and money. This helps the craving and makes you feel how you used to before you had an addiction. You don’t even think about it. Thanks once again’.*  Sharon O

        ‘Just to say thanks for the drinking treatment. I have not touched a drop in almost 7 weeks and I do not feel like need to. I’ve combined your treatment with the Allen Carr controlled drinking book and I am much happier for it. I know you mentioned about stopping for at least 4-6 weeks but I’ve gotten used to feeling a lot better so its my choice to stay stopped for a while longer. Thanks for the help’.* Steve H

        ‘Progressing well still no alcohol, feeling good and defiantly stronger. Thanks for all you help’.* Gary S

        ‘It is now six weeks since I first visited you and I must say that I have not had any alcohol since that time. This not only equals but exceeds my last attempt at abstinence some time ago. I hope that this is a taste of the future’.* Brian W

        ‘The treatment has been an amazing success – 4½ weeks without a drink, 1½ stone lost in weight and I sleep without ‘vivid’ dreams, not to mention how much healthier I feel. Thank you so much. Regards’.* Julie M.

        “I would have no hesitation in recommending this treatment to anyone who thinks their drinking is getting out of control. I didn’t drink every day but when I did I couldn’t stop after 1 or 2 glasses of wine I had to have the bottle or more. I tried to give up on my own but something would always happen and I’d crave a drink and start again. Since having the treatment on 5 Sept 09 I have not touched a drop of alcohol but what is even better is that I have absolutely no desire to, all cravings for alcohol have gone. It may seem like a lot of money to pay for something that seems too good to be true, but believe me it really does work. If you are reading the website then you are halfway to helping free yourself from alcohol, I would say go for it – you really will not regret it!!”.* Yvonne B

        ‘Having attended your London centre for one session, I am absolutely delighted with the results. I have not touched a drop of alcohol since and whilst I cannot honestly say that I have not been tempted on a few occasions, the withdrawal effects have been minimal and it has not been difficult for me to resist any temporary temptation. I am therefore extremely grateful to you for the change in lifestyle that this has brought about – I have lost weight, sleep more restfully and my general sense of well-being and self-respect has increased immensely’.* Steve Swann

        ‘It has been a very quick 4 weeks and I have to say that it has been fantastic. I stopped drinking the weekend before my meeting with you in London and had managed for those few days solely because I knew we were due to meet.  I am still alcohol-free today and continue to be stunned by how easy the whole process has been. I have not had any alcohol at all in the last 4 weeks and neither do I want any. I have however increased my fluid intake significantly in terms of sparkling water & cordials or tea which has led to my skin improving; I am sleeping like a log; not stressed to the same extent and waking up now happy and relaxed. I am also happily driving my other half nuts with Saturday morning visits to the market at 0800 followed by hot choc and bacon butties. For the first time in many years I am having fun. Wish I had done it sooner!  Still don’t really understand how the science works but quite honestly, that doesn’t bother me too much. What I do know is that it has worked and I have my life back. Thank you so much for this – really happy. I will keep you posted on progres. All the very best’.* Kate J

        ‘I had a 2 day detox in April 08 and a small top up in March 10, it has changed my life forever, I feel much more confident and in control, I am controlling the alcohol instead of it controlling me. I can function much better in life without thinking and craving alcohol all the time. I say to anyone reading this testimonial go for it, you will never look back, I haven’t’.* Ms M.L.

        ‘It is 5 weeks since any alcohol, no cravings. Been to several bars, pubs and parties and not even wanted a drink. Saved some money to as lime and soda on 16p!. Many thanks for your help and sure this will see me tea total for the rest of my life’.* Gary S

        ‘I can’t thank you enough for all your help in the first place and still find the treatment quite incredible. I am a true advocate and believe you must be truly turning people’s lives around’.* Ms P.N.

        ‘Before starting the treatment my addiction which had been mainly controlled to the weekends began to take over my life to the point where I would be drinking and taking cocaine up to 5 days per week. In addition to this I am self employed with a wife and 4 children so not only was I ruining my life but that of my family and the career I had worked so hard to achieve. I had a 5 day treatment in which I was made to feel comfortable and an issue that could be resolved, a far cry from the counseling treatment I had previously encountered. Following the treatment my urges to drink/take cocaine had been removed and I began to realise all the things I had been missing out on by wasting my time on alcohol and drugs. If felt as though all the time in the world to do all the things I wanted. I have now started training in Judo again something that has not been part of my life for 6 years. But most of all the relationship with my family which was on the brink of collapse is now on track. Although I know there is still work ahead I believe without the treatment I have received I would not have had that spring board in order to make the first big leap to a better addiction free life’.* Mr K Smith

        ‘A big thank you for changing my life. My business was getting on top of me and I found myself in the pub after work every night to forget my stress of the day. I would go home and have dinner about 9pm and a few more drinks then off to bed. If I woke about 3 or 4am I found myself going downstairs to have quick drink to help me sleep. When I woke at 6am for work I felt terrible and depressed. This went on for over a year until I went to the centre. I had a four day course and I go back once a month for six months (as I’m on the alcohol support program). I stopped drinking straight away and within a week felt totally different towards my work and most importantly of all, towards my family. I am drinking fizzy water instead and I’ve got a taste for it. Only drank once since and my head was spinning. When I woke in the morning I felt very depressed and remembered just how I use to feel – so I won’t be doing that again. Thank you so much for changing my life and making me a better person, I am very proud of myself and what I have achieved in the last 4 months. If you can relate to any of this you pick up the phone (that’s the hardest bit) and book a treatment, you won’t regret it I promise you!’.* Bob P

        “Following my treatment, I have done well at not drinking. I did decide to have a drink one day as it was a school reunion, a rare event and beautiful day. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I controlled my drinking. Kind regards”.* S Smith

        ‘Here I am a whole month alcohol free and very pleased. I feel confident that I can restrict my drinking to the odd social occasion from now on. Many thanks for your help’.* Jeanie E

        ‘8 weeks have passed and so far I have had total success at staying alcohol free. I have been to the hen-party and wedding of a close friend and was happy to drink sparkling water on both occasions. My husband and I have eaten out or been to the pub on numerous occasions and again I have been more than happy to have water or a soft drink. I am really not missing alcohol and frequently recognise how fantastic it is to wake up minus after-effects / hangovers in the mornings. Thanks again for everything. I will stay in touch to let you know when I make it to the twelve week stage. Best wishes’.* Katrina

        ‘Thank you very much for offering this wonderful treatment. It has now been 7 weeks since my last alcoholic drink. It has been so easy I still have to pinch myself’.* Ms. N.B.

        ‘With regard to treatment, I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol since I visited the centre, which will be four weeks on Wednesday. There has been a couple of times when I felt tempted, mainly when I am out socially. But the treatment without a doubt has taken away the craving with a little bit of willpower thrown in. Visiting the centre has most certainly been the most positive thing I have done to control my drinking. As you stated and my thirst buds demand, i am drinking copious amounts of soft drinks and I am gradually losing the ‘beer belly’…Many thanks for your fantastic work. Regards’.* Mr G. F.

        ‘Hi, all going well so far…lost 1½ stone so well pleased! Many thanks’.* Jo H.

        ‘I was a little apprehensive before my arrival at the centre but you soon put me at my ease and that made the whole process very relaxing and positive experience. I am thrilled to say that I have had no alcohol for the last four weeks, despite the arrival of my beautiful grandson. I felt amazingly different on the very first evening following the treatment and after day 2 even better, confident and relaxed because there were no withdrawals symptoms at all. I would recommend this treatment to anyone like me who has been struggling with alcohol for many years. I can’t remember exactly when alcohol had become a serious problem to me, it had probably been getting progressively worse over the last couple of years or more until it was the norm to drinking up to 2 bottles of wine a day. When I went for treatment I knew that it was 17 months since I’d had a whole week free of alcohol and I knew that I had had enough of waking up most morning trying to remember how much I’d drink the night before, wondering what I’d said or done whether I’d upset my husband or not. I occasionally think about having a drink but the thought is easily dismissed as there is no craving to deal with and I am happier to do without and to enjoy a soft drink. It has been easy to carry on with a normal life without alcohol and it is such a relief to feel like this. I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough to anyone who has had enough of themselves as a drinker. I was at the end of my tether and couldn’t see how I could find a way to a life without alcohol in control. I can now and that in itself is priceless’.*  KT London

        “My wife and I have both successfully completed the drink addiction course at London”.* Mr & Mrs Bob M. OBE

        ‘I am unbelievably impressed by this treatment. I haven’t touched a drop in over a month and have had absolutely no physical desire to do so. Psychologically, I have been a bit twitchy at social occasions but without the physical desire there has been no problem. Many thanks for your help’.* L White

        “Like so many others who have had this treatment, my drinking was getting increasingly out of control, I just didn’t know when to stop. I was becoming increasingly dependant and out of control. The use of alcohol to relax, prepare for meetings even towards the end making a phone call, was compelling. I came across the centre on the web and desperate for help booked in with some skepticism at that stage and had very little hope. The treatment was both painless and effective my first month alcohol free flew by. I have lost weight, regained my confidence and self respect. Thank you and I would recommend this treatment whole heartedly’.* Ms N. S

        “I am amazed at how successful your treatment has been. I was sceptical to begin with but imagine my surprise when I arrived home after my first treatment and was happily able to ignore the bottle of chilled white wine sitting in my fridge! It just never occurred to me to want a drop. I am now into my fifth week of not rushing home to have my first drink of wine of the evening. At the weekends, I no longer wait impatiently for the ‘sun to be over the yardarm’ so that I can open my first bottle. It is very liberating. I received some very good, long-awaited, news last Tuesday and a coupe of colleagues and I went out for lunch to celebrate. We shared a bottle of champagne over a long, enjoyable lunch and returned to the office ready for work. I was slightly concerned that it was too soon and I would return to my old way as soon as I got home, but I need not have worried. I still find it a little strange, but the last thing I wanted or needed was a glass of wine to ‘relax’. Barring any further cause for celebration, I intend to complete another four week of total abstinence. After that, I look forward to a future of good times that are not dependent on whether I have a glass of wine in my hand but which I can enjoy even if I have. It’s nice to know when to stop and to be able to do so. Many thanks indeed”.* Mrs M O’Brien

        “I was very worried at first that the treatment would not work, I would not say that I drank every day but when I did drink I wouldn’t know when to stop, this had been going on for 20 years. I embarrassed myself my family & friends. I went to the doctor for help, AA & a local alcohol counselling centre but nothing worked, as soon as I was stressed out or had a problem, I would drink until I would not think anymore but I would change into a different person, aggressive & nasty to people around me. The guilt & depression that followed the drinking was unbearable. The days spent in bed with a hangover, days missed from work. I wanted to go into rehab but could not afford it plus the fact I did not want people at work to know. I came across the treatment by chance when looking on the internet for a rehab place. I read everything, all the testimonials and thought all these people cannot be wrong. I rang up and had a chat about all my fears of the treatment not working. I told my close family & friends, many of them thought I was ‘wasting my money’ but I was so desperate to be rid of the alcohol problem I went up to London at the beginning of June to have a 2 hour treatment and I am just so amazed that I no longer crave a drink. One week after having the treatment I went on holiday to Spain but never drank, I have had many social occasions and I have not had a drink & have enjoyed myself so much more. I am not stressed as much, things do not upset me as much any more, problems are sorted easier, all the things that I thought the drinking was helping me with. I like nothing better now than a nice cup of tea or cherry coke. It may to some sound boring but this is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I did have 2 glasses of wine after about 4 months but I discovered that I did not like it any more. I cannot recommend enough the this treatment. If you are reading this, please, please have the treatment, you will never look back and you will be free of the destructive affects that alcohol has on you”.* Karen A

        ‘It has been 7½ weeks and still no alcohol which is great. Thanks again and all the best’.* K.G.

        “I had my treatment for alcohol some months ago and feel very pleased about the outcome. I used to enjoy drinking beer on a daily basis (4 to 6 cans a day) and now I don’t enjoy beer anymore, I did give it a try and didn’t enjoy the taste. I tend to drink some wine once or twice a week (at the weekend) and nothing during the week and this makes me feel great within myself. Thank you so much”. (p.s. I also stopped smoking at the centre over a year ago).* Mr G. Strauss

        “I felt fantastic the day after treatment. Have decreased habit considerably and now drinking a lot more responsibly, thank you”.* Ms J.B.

        ‘I am pleased to report that I have not had any alcohol in the last four weeks since I attended the treatment centre at London. As you recommended I intend to abstain for a minimum of a further two weeks before I consider reintroducing alcohol back into my life. Although I still experience the occasional urge for a beer I just have water instead and am feeling physically and mentally much better for it. I am very please with my progress to date and although it’s still early days, thanks to your treatment and some self-discipline, I’m feeling confident that I will be able to reintroduce alcohol in moderation in the future. Thanks for all your help so far’.* R Eaton

        “I am pleased to report a successful treatment. Despite going out for dinner on the first evening of the treatment and having two separate holidays in the first four weeks after the treatment I am really please to advise that I have abstained from my usual alcohol intake with relative ease. This has been all the more rewarding since there has subsequently been a change in my circumstance which previously would have almost certainly have necessitated a glass or two of wine to help ease the problem. Last night I tried my first sip of red in four weeks and was shocked to find that I did not like it. I later tried some of my usual white wine and again was shocked to find that I did not enjoy it. I believe that the treatment was a success and am now more confident in your expectation that my ‘need’ for alcohol will reduce in the future”.* Karen

        ‘Second month into the therapy and all is well. I introduced a social drink at six weeks, very apprehensive but no problem. I have had a couple of situations when I had a drink and that was all. It’s weird but it works. Thanks’.* Cheryl.

        For over 15 years I’ve been caught up in a vicious circle of alcohol and depression. After just one treatment I was able to deal successfully with a highly emotional and stressful situation, which normally, would have put me under the duvet with a bottle of vodka. I feel like a teenager again with my whole life in front of me but armed with the knowledge of life’s tough lessons. I can’t remember feeling so calm yet energetic, relaxed yet motivated. I even danced when I was sober which i haven’t done since the school disco!”. * MW

        “Following my treatment for alcohol addiction in October 2008 I have not drunk any alcohol. Alcohol had become a huge problem for me and my consumption was out of control. I was desperate to stop and luckily for me I found the centre. I had two sessions and afterwards suffered no withdrawals or side-effects. The centre has given me my life back, I cannot recommend the treatment highly enough”.* Sallie Burrows.

        “I’ve been feeling much better with more energy, I can now pass the wines and spirits isle without thinking about it”.* Rachel M

        “I was a relapsed alcoholic in desperate need of help as I was starting to drink more and more, whiskey, beer, port on a daily basis. Searching the internet I came across the centre and my wife contacted them. I started my treatment being very sceptical. I have had 6 sessions. After only 2 sessions I began to feel the difference cutting down gradually and finding to my amazement that I was beginning to sleep and eat better. After 3 sessions my cravings were diminishing as was the amount of drink. By the 4th session I had completely stopped drinking or even thinking about drink. I have decided to carry on the 12 month alcohol support program to give me confidence…
        I was sceptical to start with but since having the 6 sessions I feel that this is something that the NHS should take on board since I have come through it with more confidence that I have stopped drinking for good but without the hang-ups of being told that I am an alcoholic”.* David Flemming

        “Found no difficulty abstaining for 5 weeks. Did not even need my sleeping tablets. It is now controlled drinking with 2-3 days abstinence a week. Regards”.* Chris

        “I am absolutely amazed at the impact the treatment sessions have had on my desire to drink. I had looked for years for a way out of my ‘habit’ of taking one day out each week to binge, which actually cost me 2 days each week, the second being needed to recover from the effects of the first! I knew I did not possess the willpower alone to break the pattern and oddly I would go for days without any alcohol and then spend a day bingeing and the next day in recovery. I had considered a trip to a rehab unit but the idea of 2 weeks away from my business in group therapy sessions just did not appeal, so to come across your centre was a real breakthrough, and it has worked. This is the intervention I had been looking for to support me in changing the pattern of behavior that was becoming so self-destructive. And one month along the road I have still not had any alcohol, either in drink or any food. There have been some frustrating times with work when I felt I needed a drink to unwind but those times have been few, I have smiled and sometimes had a cup of tea or sparkling water. And the effect of this abstinence? A clear head for one thing, an appreciation of living without a hangover, getting more work done and feeling pride that I have actually broken the pattern I have been trapped in for so many years. And the most important to me has been my wife’s appreciation of my achievement. So thank you for the new start, I have told several friends and clients about your centre and they are thinking about the treatment for themselves. With all good wishes”.* Stewart M.

        “I feel much better and would recommend your treatment to anyone. More feedback next month when I will have had 8 weeks of abstinence, then decide whether to re-introduce alcohol at all! Many thanks”. Update: “After 8 weeks, I can say I feel and sleep well and don’t have cravings for alcohol. Long may it continue. I cannot thank you enough after endless other treatments which worked for a while [days], your treatment certainly works. I shall keep you informed of my progress, at present I do not feel the need for alcohol at all”.* David R

        ‘I cannot thank you enough for your help with this treatment. I was very sceptical at first, but it is now almost 5 weeks and I am still keeping free of alcohol and finding it easy to do so. All my friends have commented on how well I look, my skin is clearer and my hair much shinier. I have also lost over a stone in weight (an added bonus), and because of the weight loss, I am also much fitter. Once again please accept my thanks for all your help’.* C. Lockley (Mrs)

        “I could go on about how amazing it feels not to have alcohol control me. I am truly thankful at getting my life back! And am not a hopeless functioning alcoholic – just got into a bad habit. It was so easy. Thank you to everyone involved in this amazing therapy”. * Cheryl.

        “Since I had your treatment at the beginning of September I haven’t drank any alcohol and felt much better in myself. I sleep well and find that I am much calmer and able to deal with the stresses of work etc in a much more rational way. I have also started to exercise 3/4 times a week and have lost 3 kilos over the past month. So many thanks for all your help”.* Chris Gold

        “It’s all going well thanks”.* Ms M.L.

        “Treatment is going very well. Approximately 4 weeks of abstinence since my 2 days of treatment and am now reaping the benefits of energy, sleep and general well-being. Thanks”.* Neil M

        “It’s worked! I haven’t had a drink nor any desperate urge to imbibe since the treatment over a month ago. I feel proud to have my self-control back thanks to your oh-so-easy treatment. Sleep is better, my mind clearer and I’m sure my liver is thanking me. Here’s to another month of tee-totaling and enjoying evenings without wine but rather more family friendly entertainment”.* Mr Lockers

        “Everything is going well without alcohol, I’m feeling better in health and pocket for that. Many thanks”.* Sheila H

        ‘All going well, 4 weeks into detox. Not craved at all’.* M.L.

        “It’s been almost a month now since I had the treatment and I’m pleased to say – for me – it has worked. I haven’t touched a drop of the stuff since my treatment and I’ve suffered virtually no withdrawal and absolutely no cravings at all. Yes, I still had to deal with the associations and habits I’ve formed, but it’s remarkable how easy that is to do when you don’t physically crave drink anymore. The best way I can describe it is, before I had my first treatment, alcohol was this big, overwhelming issue that dominated my thoughts. I’d physically crave drink and because of that, focused on it a lot. After my last treatment, this huge problem suddenly seemed so small and silly. Alcohol no longer dominated my thoughts and, although it might cross your mind once or twice, it is a fleeting thought and with no cravings or withdrawal to back it up, is very much easier to dismiss. I truly believe the worst, for me, is over now and I’m even feeling that at some point I could re-introduce alcohol into my life with much more control than I had over it before. I’m not here to sing the praises of this treatment, only to say that it has done for me what it promised to do. Yes, it was expensive, but I’m making the money back already in all the drink I’m not buying! Much Love”.* Ryan

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          “I always enjoyed a drink, never really thought of myself as an ‘alcoholic’ and yet realised that on many occasions I would over-do things, lack of discipline to say ‘no thanks’ this applied to both social and business scenarios. 3 years ago my father died of liver cancer, brought on by heavy drinking, his death had a profound affect on me and started to develop panic attacks, ironically drinking seemed to exacerbate these and I was in a vicious circle of my own making. I realised on too many emotionally painful occasions ‘the morning after’ that I needed help but didn’t know where to turn to. It occurred to me that drinking was starting to win the battle and the war over who was the real me and I was just sitting back and letting it, in fact I was encouraging it by not stopping, I was completely trapped. I now realise that all this was making me very, very unhappy. I found the treatment easy and relaxing and now feel truly happy and being me for the first time in years, I have to report that I can’t find anything negative about the treatment. I’ve had many opportunities which would have normally tested me, Birthdays: I just said I wasn’t drinking and it felt incredibly empowering to look someone in the eye and tell them I didn’t drink. Relationship split: normally an automatic response was to grab the nearest bottle of wine and drown my sorrows. I’m still 100% sober. Work pressure: Lots of pressure to have a ‘liquid debrief’ at the end of a busy day. No problem, I’ll have a soda and lime. Finally a holiday in Egypt and for the first time in my life I described myself as a non-drinker, it just out of my mouth naturally as if I’d been saying it for years and I felt fantastic. I feel great and have lost some weight and feel healthier than I’ve felt in years. I have no plans to go back to drinking at all and this feels so right for me, so if you are like me and any of the above has connected with you, then all I can say is ‘do it’.* Mark H.

          “Things seem to have worked well and I have only had one glass of wine in the last 4 weeks which was Friday and I did not want it, tasted pretty awful”.* Rob B

          “All going brilliantly. Thank you”. & “In to week 14 (3 months) now and doing incredibly well”.* S Pratt

          “The treatment for alcohol addiction abstinence going well, week 7 now. Many thanks”.* Neil M

          “I had the treatment only a couple of months ago and cannot believe that I can be a social drinker and not really wanting to drink! I have been suffering for about 20 years and have never been able to control my drinking and was always afraid to go out. I have been on holiday recently and been out a few nights and to my amazement have not got out of control and feel so much happier and more confident. It’s great to have let go of that fear and the shame I always used to feel. I cannot understand how it works and was extremely sceptical and at the time thought it was too good to be true. I am very thankful for getting my life back and wished I had had it done years ago. Thanks”.* Marie B

          “I am doing well on the program and have managed to break my daily drinking habit. I’ve had drinks on three occasions where it was pretty difficult to avoid it without drawing undue attention to myself. However I kept it to one glass of wine in a long evening without feeling nervous, bored, strained or agitated. It is nice to enjoy social events and alcohol although I never would have thought it possible. I feel great and lots of people comment how good I am looking’.* R Black

          “I am doing really well and have not touched a drop of alcohol since I last saw you. I am feeling much better, sleeping and eating well. I have lost 8lbs so far!”.* Mr J Beaumont

          “Thank you for everything the combined alcohol and cocaine treatment seems to have worked, went out for my birthday night out with all my drinking buddies and did not touch a drop of alcohol or indulge in a line! Thank you”.*  Hayley H

          “Well it’s now 9 weeks. I have been out with friends and had a drink twice since the 6 week target. However that’s it, there has been no drinking at home at all and the best thing is I still don’t want it. I probably would have preferred not to drink when I was out with friends but sadly there is peer pressure even at 34. I really still can’t believe how well this is all going and it’s all thanks to you. I am so much happier and I don’t ever want to go back and if it could get any better, I am a stone lighter. Hope you are well, kindest regards”.*  Claire M

          “I had the treatment to stop drinking just over 5 weeks ago and am feeling healthy & positive. Thanks”.* Mr B.R. Hayes

          ‘I cannot believe how easy it has been not to drink. I haven’t touched any alcohol since my visit over 6 weeks ago but the thing that amazes me is that I don’t even want to an I can see myself continuing not to drink because I can’t see the point now. I haven’t told anyone about this treatment apart from my husband but there are 2 friends that I think will benefit greatly from it and I will be telling them all about it, once I have passed the 3 month mark. Many thanks again’.* Mrs Y B

          “After an ongoing drink problem (up to 1 bottle vodka a day) I decided to have the alcohol treatment at the centre in Nov 09 (after a successfully heroin detox with them). I could also hardly believe that within 4 days I didn’t want to drink and still don’t want to drink. I feel that this treatment is nothing short of a miracle and would recommend it to anyone”.*  Mr E Moore [Mr Moore also completed a heroin detox, click here to read his detox comments].

          “I’m doing well and haven’t touched anything since the treatment it really has made a significant difference because for the first time I’m really committed to this! One day at a time and all that… Regards”.* M.S.

          “I have been pleased with the results. I had four alcohol free weeks with relative ease I then decided to drink at the weekend and plan to only drink at the weekends for the foreseeable future, as this feels achievable now. Thanks”.* Ann O.

          “Just to let you know, all going very well. Thanks for your help”.* Sue M

          “Since my treatment and in the last month I have had 5 glasses of wine very heavily diluted with sparkling water with no desire to follow on and have a second glass. I would have normally drunk around 120 glasses of wine in a month, so a great result. Thanks”. Later comments:“It’s still going well and I have considerably reduced my alcohol intake. Thank you”.* Mrs D.L.

          “I’m pleased to report that things are going so much better and life is looking brighter”*. Eileen M

          “Having given up smoking three years ago, I was already aware of the power of this treatment. Although on the lower end of the alcohol abuse scale, I had slipped into a pattern of daily drinking which seemed to be on the increase and getting out of control. I am thrilled to say that the treatment has been amazing, no desire to drink at all and back to full energy and concentration. The icing on the cake is the 10lbs in weight I have lost in just four weeks. Thank you so much”.* Mrs Frances S.

          “So far, so good, it’s been a breeze and I’m amazed it is so easy not to drink, thanks”.* Julia N

          “I am extremely pleased to tell you it has been totally successful so far – now over 5 weeks. Kind Regards”. M Clarke

          “It has now been six weeks since my treatment and they have been so liberating. Prior to treatment I was drinking all day everyday about 8 to 12 can of strong lager but I have not touched alcohol since. I was suffering from depression and on anti-depressants but no longer need to take them. To be free from addiction is like being reborn and everyday is full of opportunities and experiences. I urge anyone who is struggling with addiction to try this and take control of their lives again. Big thanks for making it all possible”.* Sally Burrows.

          “I have found the treatment very useful and have found that my cravings have been greatly reduced. I would like to say a big thank you to all”.* David C

          “I must say I am extremely happy with the treatment and although I have had a drink, I can stop at a glass of wine and don’t have a burning desire to have more! I am definitely recommending it to people with similar problems. Many thanks’.* Rona H.

          “All good so far, not craving anything. Has a glass of champagne xmas day and that was enough. Regards”.* Deborah W.

          “Just a quick update, all is good so far since my treatment 4 weeks ago. It has been remarkably easy not to drink since my treatment. Many thanks”.* Joan C.

          “I am writing with some feedback regarding your treatment for alcohol abuse and I am happy to say I have found it brilliant and quite astonishing. I do not think I was totally alcohol dependent but never knew when to stop before and one bottle would inevitably lead to two. I have reintroduced alcohol and found I really enjoy a glass of wine – but not all wine and it has really made me quite selective about what I drink. The difference in 2 types of wine are so great to me now. I do not drink something I don’t like anymore. Actually I have only had 3 glasses of wine since the treatment and am looking forward to Christmas without the dread of hangovers from hell. Thanks a lot I would recommend this to anyone who has similar problems – I also feel healthier and get much more done”.* Paul R.

          “Since my treatment 6 weeks ago, the course is working very well so far”.* Mr Alan J

          “Hi I thought I would just write to say how pleased I am with the treatment. Like many of your clients I feel like I have had my life back. It is fantastic. I have had no cravings for alcohol though occasionally the habit may tempt me but I have managed and not drunk since the treatment. Yours with thanks”.* Mo Roberts.

          “Just to let you know how I am doing. I haven’t had any alcohol at all since my visit and the best part is, I don’t want it. I can’t believe how its possible but all cravings have gone. I feel so much happier and I am really pleased with how I am doing. I’m not actually sure if I ever want to have another drink again, which means I am probably going to need a new set of friends, lol. I used to be waiting for wine o’clock (as soon as the kids were in bed) but now I’m just busy doing other things. I feel I am gradually getting my life back on track. I really can’t thank you enough for helping me out of my hole. Hope you are well and thanks again”.* Claire M

          “So far so good! Found the month without drinking easier than I expected. Regards”.* Paul C

          “Many thanks for my treatment, I now feel confident that as a result I will be successful in maintaining an alcohol free life and do not have any urges to consume alcohol whatsoever. It was money well spent so I have no hesitation in recommending your centre as a result of the outcome and my continuing sobriety”.* Sam K.

          “The 4 weeks abstinence was surprisingly easy, I found it very easy to do, so the treatment obviously works!. I had 2 glasses of wine on Christmas day (being the end of the 4 weeks) and they went straight to my head. During the first 4 weeks, I had many Christmas parties and occasions to attend and it was very refreshing to be sober and in control and also having a really good time without the need for alcohol. Hopefully I can progress now to my goal which is no alcohol during the week and limited at the weekends. Thanks for all your helpful hints and guidance”.* Myra M

          “Hi, just letting you know I am doing good now I have got back my control over the booze. I haven’t been drunk since having the treatment I have the odd glass of lager now but don’t feel the need to drink to excess. My life is back on track and I now realise drink was causing most of my problems. I am glad I came to you or I don’t know what would have become of me. It was worth the financial cost to me to get back the real me. Thanks again”.* Jane N.

          “I travelled from Jersey and have been brilliant since my 3 day alcohol and the stop smoking treatment. I have not smoked or drank since the treatment which is fantastic. I have to admit to being nervous about the treatment beforehand in case it did not work as it is not cheap. However, my doubts were unfounded. I could not believe the difference especially after the smoking session. I was chain smoking beforehand and came out without a single craving! It really did feel like a miracle and I am so happy to have my life back – and my sanity. it has not only “cured” me of the physical addiction but has broken the emotional need too. I am back in control and I’m a new woman, so thank you”.* Karen B.

          ‘I had treatment in November 08 and had my reservations about the cost and whether this would work. I can’t believe that I drive home everyday now and go to the shop and don’t even think about buying a couple of bottles of wine – especially over Christmas I had half glass of Cava on boxing day, feeling very healthy and have much more money in my pocket, thank you’.* Karen C

          “Despite being in the pub several times with friends or taking my wife out for a meal it still makes me smile that I can easily say No to an alcoholic drink. Even a beer-shandy, which I might have had in the past, has no attraction. So, still amazing. Over 2 months and while I have thought about having a drink I have never felt ‘tempted’ to have one”.*  Stewart M.

          “I have not had a drink since my visit a month ago and am extremely grateful for all you have done for me, thank you”. Further comments: “Just a quick note to say that I am very happy to report that I have not had a drink since your course over 2 months ago. I have had no desire or craving for a drink. Occasionally I have had a pang that pops into my head saying ‘Now would be a perfect moment for a drink’ but never a craving. I am very impressed with your treatment, thank you’. Further comments: ‘4 months in and still on course, despite some overwhelming pressures not a slip up has been had. Thank you again’.* Patrick S.

          “5 weeks since treatment and going well with no drinking”.* Mr Jim G

          “When I first attended the centre I was drinking 3 liters of white lightening cider everyday. After my first lot of treatment I was down to 1½ liters and after the second session was down to just a mug and a half. I reduced to a quarter of a coffee mug after my fourth session and today I have had nothing and don’t even feel like drinking. I am now starting to eat and sleep and feel a lot better about myself.”* Karen Morley

          “I was at the end of my tether with respect to my levels of drinking and I would say without any doubt that I was an alcoholic and dependent upon alcohol both physically and mentally. My drinking was out of control and it was ruining my work life and my home life. I was drinking at least half a bottle of spirits a day and sometimes more. This I had been doing for some considerable period of time. I did not feel complete unless I had a drink inside me. I really didn’t know what to do. I usually drank at home, alone when I retuned from work and then during the past couple of years I was drinking at least 2 to 3 large measures of spirits (6 units) before I headed off for work. Often I was drunk at work. I was frightened to stop drinking in case I suffered symptoms of alcohol withdrawal (which I did when I tried to cut down), so I carried on drinking, gradually increasing my units without actually realising it. I have a managerial position in an office and could not afford the time to enter into a residential detox program and did not want to take medication for fear of becoming addicted. I made enquiries and decided to undertake a course of treatment. they said that with the amount of alcohol I was consuming I would need four sessions. I was skeptical to say the least but felt that I had no other options. I completed the treatment over four weeks ago and can say that I have not had a drink since (and more importantly have not fancied one). I have been to many social events with work colleagues where alcohol has been flowing and have been happy to stick to soft drinks. My skin looks better and I feel that I totally have my life back. My relationship with my partner has improved 100%. Its made such a difference. I am proud of myself. I have had no withdrawal symptoms at all and feel that I have totally got my life back on track. The treatment is expensive but I am saving so much money not buying alcohol that in the long run I will be saving money. If anyone is in two minds about this treatment, please don’t be – its worked for me and I was in bad way. Thank you so much its so much better now! Best wishes”.* Ms S. H.

          “Just a quick note to tell you how I am doing, I am still not drinking after two weeks, I  am amazed at how different I feel now, I’m back at the gym and swimming three times a week, all that stopped when I was on the brandy. We went for a meal to celebrate our anniversary after the meal the waiter brought us a small glass of Baileys on the house, I drank it and really enjoyed it, normally I would have had a few brandies with my meal but I didn’t feel the need for another drink either then or when I got home. Sometimes I find myself thinking about alcohol, but that’s all, I don’t feel the need to have a drink. It’s great going to bed knowing I won’t be waking up with a hangover, I can remember conversations I’ve had the day before. To anyone thinking of having the treatment, all I can say is IT WORKS, thank you. I will keep you posted on my progress, thanks again”.* Jane N.

          “I was drinking 10 to 15 bottles of Cobra beer every night after work, ever since my treatments I have had no cravings or urges to drink any alcohol. I have tried hypnotherapy in the past on numerous occasions which were short lived. I will be back soon to give up smoking as I am amazed at the results. After years of hypnotherapy for alcohol and smoking I can truly say the centre method works for both as my father also visited 6 weeks ago for smoking and he has also stopped. Thank you”.* Mr M A.

          “The two treatment seems to have done the trick, thirty-one days now without alcohol and no desire to have a drink. I’m very pleased with the results so far”.* Brendon F.

          “I am really happy with the treatment I had with you. I have not stopped drinking completely as this was never my intention but I did not drink at all for the first 2 weeks, something I haven’t accomplished in over 10 years. I no longer drink alone and I have stopped drinking at home. This means that when we do go out, I start the evening sober and not a bottle of wine ahead of everyone else. My husband is over the moon as I am far less anxious, I have already lost 7 pounds in weight and look far less bloated in my face. I realise that I am only a month into the program but I feel really positive about the future. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to turn my life around”.* Kathryn B.

          “After trying numerous treatments during my long battle with alcohol addiction I was surfing the internet with a growing sense of desperation looking for something or someone who could end my daily nightmare of living with a condition that was threatening to end my life, death a condition from which there is no recovery. Luck was with me that day and the centre appeared on the screen. Having tried all the old way, I had nothing to loose and made contact. I admit on the day of the treatment I did not hold out much hope but I was rapidly running out of options. I had spent a fortune on previous detox treatments, counselling and even tried AA, all of which left me feeling poorer and more hopeless. From the very first treatment I felt like I been re-born, the depression I had been suffering from was lifted, I suffered no withdrawals symptoms and felt re-energised and had a zest for life the like of which I had not experienced since childhood. Three weeks on and I am back to have the stop smoking treatment having not drunk alcohol since my second treatment, I now want to be totally drug and addiction free and as I know the treatment works why try anything else. I feel evangelical and want to share my news with everyone. Miracles happen and I urge anyone struggling with addiction to take the plunge and change their lives for the better forever, eternal thanks, extraordinary!”.* Mrs S Burrows

          “Hi, I had my treatment about two months ago in April 08 (two sessions). I did not have a drink for the first four weeks with no problem and felt really good and even completed a 100 mile cycle ride for charity. I did start to drink again but a lot less than before which has now made me realise how ill I felt all the time. The treatment is well worth having done as it has made me realise just how good you can feel without the drink. I intend to have total control from now on”.* Stephen G

          “Things are going great. I’m five weeks into my detox now and have not had any alcohol at all, despite going out socialising as there has been no cravings at all and actually enjoyed myself more, with no headache in the morning. I feel good for not drinking in lots of ways and have lost weight as well, all in all a very good move”. Further comments after 10 weeks: “After drinking for 25 years and finding I needed more alcohol consumption and on a regular basis, I stumbled across your centre whilst having a hangover, I thought this is too good to be true but thought I wanted to try it. I read the testimonials over and over again then booked a 2 day session for the 3rd & 4th of April and from that day to this (12th June) I have only tried a glass of lager. I have decided that’s it for me now, no more drinking, I don’t think about it nor miss it. I have not felt this good in years and feel my family have benefited also. If you are thinking about this treatment then you are half way there, go for it, you will never look back. Thank you for doing my treatment, it was the best decision I have ever made”.* Michaela L.

          “My husband is a GP and his drinking was getting out of control, he had 3 days of treatment for alcohol misuse a month ago and he is doing really well, so thank you. For me, it feels like I have the person back I married 20 years ago. We are getting on so well and the children are much happier. He looks so much healthier and has lost weight too. I am so pleased that we found you”.* Mrs V.T.

          “Mum is doing absolutely great since her last visit to you, better then ever before and I’m so grateful”.* Debbie B.

          “I was a bit sceptical at first but having tried everything else I was at a loose end with being out of control when having consumed alcohol. The more I tried to quit alcohol the more I failed and always ended despairingly depressed. I had two treatments and followed the simple instructions and I have been amazed that I have gone a month without alcohol, the longest period in my life, the craving just isn’t there. I am thrilled to bits as my whole life is seeing wonderful improvement and results”.* Mr Mark B.

          “Just giving you an update on my progress after four sessions, I have not had any desire to drink at all! I can’t believe it. As I have just moved house, I thought I would have a celebration white wine and soda, it was mostly soda and woke up with a hangover, considering I was such a heavy drinker, I cannot believe the change. I have more energy I’m eating better and can actually taste food again. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job you are doing and to say to anyone out there, if it can work on a hardened drinker like me, it can work for anyone, with many, many thanks”.* Dave T.

          “I have to say that I have been really impressed that I have not had a drop of alcohol in over a month, sometimes I do think about it but there is no physical desire to drink. Thank you for all your help’.* Mrs T. E.

          “I had two treatments five weeks ago for my habit of consuming too much wine most evenings. I suffered from serve depression, panic attacks and agoraphobia. I thought the wine would make me feel better, but catch 22! the pleasure was only temporary. On arrival at the centre I was shaking with having to leave home and drive to an unfamiliar place. You made me feel very welcome and the treatment was so relaxing, no side-effects, no pain, in fact quite pampering. On leaving after the second treatment, my clutch pedal failed at a horrendous motorway intersection. My usual reaction would be to pass out with fright, however I switched on my hazards, redirected the traffic and called the garage. No panic – perfectly calm and no mad rush for a glass of wine! I then had a bottle of mineral water, made dinner and started on neglected housework. Since then, my house is immaculate, years of paperwork caught up on, garden worthy of being open to the public! I sleep well, have lost over a stone in weight without dieting and have no depression, loads of confidence, dress up and wear make-up again. My visiting relatives couldn’t believe they had the old ‘me’ back and keep ringing to say how proud they are of me. Of course I can still have alcohol socially but really haven’t felt the slightest need, even though I have alcohol in the house for visitors. They drink in front of me and I care ‘not a jot’. Thank you for my treatment and I wish this treatment could be available on the NHS, we’d have far fewer social ills”.* Pauline G.

          “I have found it relatively easy not to drink after my 3 days of treatment. I had 1 glass of wine this weekend after more than 4 weeks and stopped after half a glass as I just wasn’t enjoying it any more”.* Debra B.

          “It has been a successful six weeks although I did have a glass of red wine that tasted disgusting! I will send in fuller feedback at a later stage but wanted to thank you in the meantime for getting me back on a level start”.* Mrs Maria M. Further comments 2 months later: “Things are still going well and feel very in control these days. I would recommend anyone who feels that alcohol has or is becoming an unbreakable habit to try this treatment. I am getting the best sleep I’ve had in years and wake up refreshed and energetic. Thank you”.* Mrs Maria M.

          “I have had a couple of drinks since my treatment and am feeling fine. No urges to have more. No more hang-ups about letting people know that I don’t want a drink”.* Martin D.

          “I came to see you at London, concerned that my drinking was gradually creeping up and becoming too much of a habit and that the mornings when I felt below par were getting closer together. Either way, I wanted a bit of help to break that pattern. I can tell you this treatment works! The night of my treatment I was already committed to a dinner with friends and that would normally have been an evening where I would have seen off a fair quantity of wine. I joined them for pre-dinner drinks and we stayed there all the evening until closing time. I drank fizzy water and felt quite happy to do so. I have started to break away from the idea that I can’t enjoy a social occasion without a drink. I have no problem with others drinking around me. The high spot was the second weekend where we went to stay with some old friends for a bit of help to break that pattern. I can tell you this treatment works! The night of my treatment I was already committed to a dinner with friends and that would normally have been an evening where I would have seen off a fair quantity of wine. I joined them for pre-dinner drinks and we stayed there all the evening until closing time. I drank fizzy water and felt quite happy to do so. I have started to break away from the idea that I can’t enjoy a social occasion without a drink. I have no problem with others drinking around me. The high spot was the second weekend where we went to stay with some old friends for a long weekend, with whom it would normally have been a seriously boozy weekend. I would without hesitation (and have already done so) recommended this to anyone and everyone who is worried about what they might be doing to themselves with alcohol. Thanks, it was worth every penny!”.* Robert R.

          “I had my treatment a month ago and I have had one bottle of wine in a month! I use to drink a bottle or two of wine a night. The treatment has been a godsend and it has changed the way I feel about drinking, I do not need to drink, as I don’t feel like any alcohol at all”.* Lisa N.

          “I’m doing really well and thanks once again for all your assistance”.* Mrs P Jones.

          “I have not had a drink since I came to see you which is really, really excellent. The treatment has worked with my physical cravings 100% – fact. I have not had a drink for a month and intend not to have one for at least another two months minimum, as I do not yet trust the sober me. Many, many thanks”.* Amanda M.

          “Well since my one treatment with you to stop drinking, it hasn’t been that hard not to drink, I did have a drink one Saturday night and straight after having it thought, why did I do that? I knew I didn’t want a drink it was just habit. When I woke up on the Sunday morning I realised that I didn’t want alcohol anymore. I wont say I’ll never drink again but will just drink now on the odd occasion but will never go back to drinking a bottle of wine a night again, I know that for sure, I just don’t want to! I feel I have really turned my life around for the fitter and healthier, all thanks to this treatment. I am amazed now that I ever consumed 1 bottle of wine a night in the past. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who feels they are addicted to drink and want to stop. I could not have come this far had it not been for this treatment. Thank you so much for your help, I will keep in touch to let you know how I am doing”.* Ms Janet Flint.

          “On my 45th birthday I decided to have two days of alcohol treatment in July 2007 and now ten months later thanks to this treatment, my alcohol consumption is still under my complete control. Now I am able to enjoy alcohol in moderation and drink responsibly and sociably rather than every single night. I had this treatment because I was very concerned that my health was starting to suffer after 28 years of drinking with heartburn, pains in my left upper chest and in the morning’s pains in my lower back. My weight was also increasing despite eating less and less. Like many other parents I started drinking after work to relax and unwind just after the kids had gone to bed. Many a morning I would get up and say to myself that “I won’t drink tonight” but by 8.00p.m. the wine or spirits were flowing again. I was conscious of my predicament that I wanted to stop or reduce my alcohol but it was impossible. I felt worried and helpless but didn’t want to see my G.P. about the problem so it was a real concern. In reality my evening treat and reward of alcohol was slowly killing me! Since my treatment life has changed and I feel liberated and free of the daily drinking habit. The cravings for alcohol are gone and I no longer have a habit of drinking every evening and now enjoy drinking sociably and moderately and the health benefits have been very worthwhile. I have lost 18 pounds and my waist has reduced by 4 inches without dieting. I am no longer bloated, enjoy eating healthier and do regular exercise so it’s been a complete change brought about by reducing my alcohol consumption to recommended levels. I will keep you informed of my progress and hope you can see there is a solution for those drinking too much each day”.* Andy W.

          “Hi, I hope all is well. I’ve completed the treatment programme, and have not drank in almost 2 months and feel in control, thanks”.* Miss Jennifer K.

          “I’m really impressed, I used to drink 1½ to 2 bottles of wine in 2 to 3 hours in an evening, occasionally preceded (and/or followed) by beer or spirits. I have even been known to buy 3 bottles of wine on the way home and stop just around the corner from home to drink the extra one. To have gone from something like 120 units a week, which I consumed continually for the last 7 to 8 years, to zero is a real eye-opener. It’s my longest break from alcohol in 14 years and at this point in time I do not intend to start drinking again at any time in the future, that may change but for the moment this is my intention. Thank you very much”.* Paul S

          “I felt that I had to write this feedback. The treatment has been amazing. My drinking was getting out of control I was drinking a bottle of wine most nights and when out just did not know when to stop, to the point that a couple of times I was so drunk I could not remember after a certain point in the evening or how I had got home. I found your site during a day off sick from work having drank too much the night before, I felt really down and realised I had to seriously do something about my drinking. I did not tell my family I was coming as I felt they would think I was mad spending that amount of money. But they did not know the true extent of my problem as I was very good at hiding it. Also all my family drink, so they didn’t really notice when we were all together as they were drinking as well. I had two treatments. After the first treatment I went home and poured a glass of wine. I think I was waiting for some kind of magic spell to take over! I actually poured it down the sink because I realised I did not really want it! I have since been to four or five occasions where the drink was flowing freely and did not touch a drop. I didn’t want to! I’ve been really stressed at work and have not even thought of pouring a drink when I get home. (still two bottles of wine in the fridge!) I would really recommend this treatment to anyone who is concerned that their drinking is getting out of control. I’ve lost count of the number of times I would promise myself I would only have one or two and it ended up one or two bottles. This has helped me stop. My family and friends are amazed but I haven’t told them yet how I did it! But in time I will as I want to persuade two of them to try it as well. Thank you”.* Mrs H.A.

          “Here I am progressing well, not having had an alcoholic drink since my treatment and I’m very impressed. I can’t say I haven’t thought about having a drink but the major difference is that I haven’t had one, whereas in the past, I definitely would have done. Thanks so much for your help. I plan to keep us this abstinence for at least another 4 weeks and then gradually return to drinking in a more controlled way. I feel so much better for it and definitely feel more in control. With kind regards and thanks again!.* Mrs Sue M.

          “Just a quick note to let you know I am doing extremely well. I have not had a drink since my treatment with you on the 7th & 8th February 08. Thank you so much for your help”.* Mrs S. O.

          ”I have been a heavy drinker for the last fifteen years now and was desperate for something that would work as quick as possible for me as my drinking was starting to effect my working life. I contacted them in a panic and spoke to them about five weeks ago. I have not been drinking during the week since then and find this fantastic. I managed to get some sleep after the first week which, I was really pleased with and never once craved any alcohol, this was a complete shock to me as every time I came home from work I would normally have reached for a drink. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone looking to stop drinking, it is fantastic!!! I’m now in control and can have a drink with my friend and family without getting drunk any more, my family are so proud of me (and so am I) I found this treatment to be very easy and hope that you all out there with an alcohol problem choose the same treatment, it’s brilliant! Thanks a million for all your help and I look forward to speaking to you very soon. Good luck to everyone who tries this wonderful treatment. Lots of love, A friend!!!”.* Mrs C.L.

          “I had tried many types of treatment before but nothing has ever had the immediate impact of this one. My compulsion to drink seemed to evaporate & now I feel much more in control & balanced in my approach to alcohol. If you want to cut down or give up, check this out!”* Ms Marion S. Following comments: “Hi, I can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks already, time is flying by and I am still alright. I did have a glass of wine at a dinner party last weekend and I think I am definitely on the road to recovery, which in my case means responsible drinking and not bottle after bottle at home. I love a nice bottle of water now. Thank you”.* Ms Marion S.

          “Before I went to the centre I was drinking a bottle of wine a day sometimes more at the weekend. I wanted to get help, as I knew this was beginning to damage my health and family. I had one treatment, which was over a month ago and I haven’t had one day when I felt that I either needed or wanted to drink. I couldn’t go into a shop before without looking for what wine I wanted to buy. Now it doesn’t even enter my head, I have even had several social occasions where I would normally have drunk alcohol but even these have not fazed me. I can’t begin to say how grateful I am and wish I had known about this treatment long ago. I don’t know if I am going to introduce alcohol back into my life but at the moment I am happy without it, I know if I do it will be with the confidence that I can manage it on a social level as I always wanted to. It is never too late and I urge anyone who is worried about how much they drink to please give it a go – I can categorically say that it has worked for me and it will for you too. Thank you for giving me back my life”.* Mrs Denise C

          “Before I started I was drinking over half a bottle of whiskey a day and for the last 12 months I had been ‘out of the land of the living’ and not able to sleep. I would go to bed at around 11pm and by 1am I would be back downstairs, sleep finished for the night. I was drinking far more than was good for me and my family told me that my speech was slurred and I started to have very shaky hands, which stopped me performing my main hobby painting. My daughter found the centre on the web and she and my husband booked me in for treatment which was painless and took about 2 hours each day. I’ve stopped drinking and I’m now able to take the dog out walking again as I hadn’t been out on my own for over 6 months, I’m painting and most importantly sleeping normally. A brilliant treatment and centre”.* Mrs Andrea B

          “I came across your website while looking for treatments for my husband to help him give up smoking and I started to read some customer comments from people regarding alcohol and was amazed to say it was like reading about me and my alcohol usage, stress – have a drink, unhappy – have a drink, hard day at work – have a drink, so when I read how other people had found your treatment I amazed myself and booked a treatment. I cannot recommend highly enough this treatment for anyone who wants to take back control of their drinking, it’s like a new found freedom. It worked from the very first evening after treatment, I just didn’t want to drink any alcohol and although I thought about it the cravings were just not there. I went to restaurants, company evenings out and I just felt so relieved and proud of myself not wanting a drink. I have now completed my six weeks and I don’t think about drink hardly at all, the only down side is I don’t want to eat my favourite cherry liqueur chocolates, I physically cannot put one in my mouth!! P.S. I will make a smoking appointment for my husband shortly. Kind regards”.* Sue C

          “I’m feeling very much in control of any desire to drink. I have been to so many ‘functions’ where alcohol has been flowing freely, have handed wine glasses full to friends but have not drunk myself. In social settings, it is now easier and easier to decline alcohol and not even be bothered by it. There have been other occasions at home, when I have realised that previously I would be sitting down and drinking and I have ‘worked through’ my reasons for doing so and still not drunk anything at all. This programme definitely works, one slips easily into abstinence mode with no side effects – now onto longer-term maintenance. Thank you for all your help”.* Mrs Alison S

          “I tried two glasses of wine this weekend, I ended up pouring away both after a few sips. I simply didn’t need it. Four weeks ago I was deeply sceptical about this treatment but I was so anxious to break a 20 year habit of evening drinking that I took the plunge. I’m delighted I did and only regret not knowing about it earlier”.* Mrs Jan Collie

          “It’s been six months since I had the alcohol treatment and all I can say is “Wow”. I work in entertainment as a drummer, D.J. and producer where the booze is FREE. I never thought I would give up my 17 years of binge drinking so easily. Truly amazing!”.* Oliver Grasset

          “After one month of not drinking I can say that this programme works well and effectively. There have been no cravings whatsoever for alcohol, I have been aware of times when I would have easily joined the crowd and imbibed, but did not. I have been aware of some thoughts ‘I need a drink’ and coped with the habit of opening a bottle. I feel I am well into breaking the habit of drinking, I don’t want to drink and even with Christmas ahead, I don’t want any alcohol at all! The treatment has put me firmly in control and that is where I want to be, not alcohol controlling me. I now look forward to maintaining this status for the rest of my life. Perhaps the occasional glass of wine for a birthday celebration, a special occasion would be fine but I never wish to drink a bottle of wine on my own again and certainly never out socially”.* Mrs A.S.

          “It’s really been an amazing couple of weeks. I appreciate it is early days but I haven’t wanted a drink even once. Physically and psychologically I feel really very well and happy! Thanks for your help. Kind regards”.* Pauline J

          “Great to be focused and more energetic. I am not feeling ill or guilty in the mornings and I am not depressed at all. I have had a five pounds weight loss after one month of not drinking. I have spent the time I would have been drinking doing new productive things. Hoping to stick with it now I know the difference”.* Ms Jennifer M

          ‘I attended for an alcohol detox treatment on the 2nd November and I can’t believe how my first month has gone and whilst I have thought about alcohol, it hasn’t been causing any concern whatsoever as I have been able to dismiss any thoughts. I certainly don’t have any cravings, as you promised when questioned dozen’s of times by me and I feel and look a whole lot better. So far, since stopping drinking I have hosted and been at quite a few parties and events and have been absolutely fine. By having the treatment I feel as though I have my very own secret weapon that is protecting me and supporting me to be what I want to be with confidence. I have also had a few situations where I would normally reach for a drink of wine and did not and was still OK. As an additional bonus I have also lost 6 lbs in 4 weeks and I have not been dieting, by not having wine it means I don’t have chocolates, crisps, nibbles or anything else as I usually have the munchies when drinking wine. I am going to carry on abstaining until at least after Christmas and then take it from there and funnily enough, I’m not bothered at the thought! Best regards and thank you for the your treatment”.* Ms Carol B

          “I would like to book an appointment for controlling binge drinking, my wife Claire recently saw them to stop drinking and found it really beneficial, especially as a by-product she has lost 10 lbs in weight ready for Christmas!”.* Stuart C

          “Thanks a lot for the new capsule, feeling great. Really excited about how my life has opened up. Thank you”.* Ms S.A.

          “If you are reading this then congratulations as you are now heading in the right direction! Like me a couple of months ago, you have not only taken an important 1st step, but even more fortunately you have hit upon an effective treatment, one which actually works! The main thing you need to know is that 2 months ago alcohol was a major part of my daily life and now it is NOT. This is after treatment, I can now have half to two glasses of wine with a meal but feel NO compulsion to keep drinking for the entire evening, as was my habit. Also I barely touch spirits at all now. There are also many additional benefits which result from this treatment, physical health benefits, weight loss, clear eyes & skin, better self esteem, feeling in control and more positive, also financial benefits. Do not hesitate, even if you have a few doubts, at least try this treatment, you have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain”.* Anne C

          “Just a quick note to thank you for all the help and understanding, this treatment really is remarkable and should be available on the NHS. I was sceptical at first as it sounds too easy but I can not thank you enough for getting my drinking under control, I feel much better about myself and my family are overjoyed with me, thanks once again”.* PT

          “Like many men in their mid fifties I got into the habit of drinking at home.  A typical day’s consumption for me starting at about 6.00 in the evening (I never drank during the day) would be a pint of lager on the way home from work then at home one and a half bottles of white wine and 2 or 3 generous measures of scotch.  All in all about 100 units of alcohol per week.  As a result I was suffering high blood pressure and feeling pretty crappy in the mornings. I decided to do something about it and had 3 sessions at the centre. The 2 weeks following the treatment were quite challenging – I attended a 3 day conference in Nice, an Amy Winehouse concert with free bar in Liverpool and a week’s holiday in Spain. I’m pleased to say that although difficult at times I have totally abstained. How do I feel? I feel great. I have energy, I eat better, my complexion is better and I am more agreeable. Long term I hope to abstain for 6 weeks following which I hope to return to being a social drinker without the need to drink every night all night”.* Michael E

          “Just a quick note to let you know how I’m doing, Christmas was a good… I have regained control and have got back on the right road and have not drunk anything at all, even though a house fire has increased the stress in my life at the moment! Anyway all in all, I’m feeling quite good about the whole thing and feel very good that my alcohol consumption has reduced to nearly nothing at all”.* Ms M Allen

          “Thanks so much for your help. I didn’t believe it could work but it has and now I feel in control of my life again. I’ve done really well in my first month. I haven’t wanted to completely abstain, though I did for the first 3 weeks, I’ve had the occasional drink since but find I can’ take it or leave it’, best wishes”.* Jenny L

          “Since undergoing a course of three treatment sessions, I have broken the cycle of drinking night after night. I’ve only had two alcoholic drinks and the results are amazing. I’m more focused and definitely more healthy. I would recommend this treatment to anyone”.* Keith B

          “I have successfully completed one month without alcohol and feel happy now to continue on my own without any backup. I am absolutely amazed how well your system has worked. I was skeptical even after having received the treatment but the proof is in the pudding as they say. I hope now to have a completely different relationship with alcohol, one in which I stay in control. So thank you”.* Carol P

          “I went to the centre in April 2007 and the next day I had no desire to reach for the vodka first thing in the morning. I was drinking a bottle + of alcohol a day but within 48 hours of treatment I was sleeping better, no more shakes in the morning. This treatment should be used by the NHS it is very reasonably priced compared to alternative methods but the main thing is IT WORKS”.* Tony D

          “I came in for my first treatment with lots of vodka in me to help with the journey and the unknown. Didn’t sleep well the first and second nights but also didn’t reach for the bottle. After the first week I thought I was cured so had one drink in the evening then two and three so time for a second treatment. All in all I think the treatment is excellent considering I was drinking a bottle plus of spirits a day starting first thing in the morning so I could stop shaking enough to have a shave. Since my first treatment I have a bigger appetite and partake in conversation at work where in the past I would just sat in the corner with my head down. I feel great and now have some control in my life”.* TD

          “Before I came to the centre, I was really at the end of my tether. I had already been on 2 detox at the hospital, which were unsuccessful. I was drinking large amounts of alcohol every day, which was taking over my life. I saw it on the internet and thought I would give it a go. After the very first session I felt a big difference, I didn’t have the desire to drink and felt great. By the 3rd session I was feeling relaxed and in control of my life. I feel I have got my life back again. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with a drink problem”.* Joanne Lavery

          “I received two sessions in London for alcohol problems and it has been one month now since treatment and I have not drank since and plan to maintain this until after Christmas. Thank you for your help”.* G Murphy

          “Not had an alcoholic drink since my treatment”.* Tony N

          “I just wanted to say how grateful I am at how effective your treatment is. It’s truly amazing how easy it has been to stop drinking for the last two months”.* Steve T

          “You’ll be pleased to hear I’m still feeling good, thanks to your help in getting sober”.* PG

          “When I first came to the centre I was very doubtful about it working. I’d been drinking heavily for 16 years and had tried to stop on numerous occasions but never got longer than a day or two, as I never had enough willpower. After my first treatment I never touched another drop after drinking 6 litres of white lightening cider + cans a day. Just one session gave me more help then I ever expected. Since my first session I’ve been in 3 pubs in a week and the thought of buying a pint never entered my head. If I hadn’t taken the plunge I would still be drinking excessive amounts of alcohol to this day. I now feel well in myself and know I will never drink alcohol again. It has given me that belief and strength of mind back. I can actually think straight for the first time in years”.* Graeme Charlton

          “I had 2 sessions with you and have been thrilled with the results, NO DRINKING nor any inclination to! I will drink again moderately and may come back for a top up treatment if needed!”.* Mrs Sally H

          “The treatment is truly amazing I relaxed in a reclining chair and fell asleep for the whole 2 hours of the treatment, as soon as I woke up I felt different! Since the treatment I’ve not had one bad dream or any hallucinations. I would recommend this treatment to any struggling alcoholic and you will be a very different person. I can not thank you enough, don’t go through hell, go to the centre”.* Karl D

          …it’s the best I’ve been in 9 years”.* J Gardener

          “I am really pleased with the “new me”. Thanks for sorting me out. I had a great working weekend with no cravings in both the restaurant and at the gig”.* Mr OG

          “Hi , doing well for past 3 months, almost feel ready to go without my bio-capsule”.* Ms A. C.