History of Physics & Health

Secret of Life
The Secret of Life by Georges Lakhovsky

Georges Lakhovsky was one of the great pioneers of bioelectric medicine in this century and postulated that all living cells (plants, people, bacteria, parasites, etc.) possess attributes which normally are associated with electronic circuits. These cellular attributes include resistance, capacitance and inductance. These 3 electrical properties, when properly configured, will cause the recurrent generation or oscillation of high frequency sine waves when sustained by a small, steady supply of outside energy of the right frequency. This effect is known as resonance.

During the 1920’s, he made the astounding discovery that all living cells (plant or animal) act as both transmitters and receivers of high frequency oscillation energies. With this insight, he was able to construct simple therapeutic devices made of copper coils and spirals that brought about amazing healing and regenerative effects. Later, he found that he could greatly accelerate the healing effect by generating his own wideband high frequency radiations and called it The Multi-Wave Oscillator.

Dr. Royal R. Rife

In the 1930’s Dr. Royal R. Rife found that every disease has a specific e-signal and he found that certain e-signal can prevent the development of disease and that others would destroy diseases.

Another example of this is Bjorn Nordenstrom, a radiologist from Stockholm, Sweden, who in the early 1980’s, discovered that by putting an electrode inside a tumor and running a milliamp DC current through the electrode, he could dissolve the cancer tumor and stop its growth. He also found that the human body had electropositive and electronegative energy fields.

Professor Harold Saxton Burr

Professor Harold Saxton Burr was Professor of Anatomy at Yale University during the first half of the last century. He showed that all living things possess a Life Field, which he was able to analyse and measure with his own special electronic instruments. He showed that these Life Fields (he called them L-Fields) could be used to predict illness by noting variations in them. These “fields of life,” or L-fields , are the basic blueprints of all life on this planet. Their discovery is of immense significance to all of us. Dr. Burr believed that, since measurements of L-field voltages can reveal physical and mental conditions, doctors should be able to use them to diagnose illness before symptoms develop, and so would have a better chance of successful treatment.

Burr also made an immensely important discovery when he found that the L-Field exists by itself before there is any trace of the physical body to which it corresponds. Burr concluded that the L-Field is the organising principle behind the physical structure or programme of the body. This organises the atoms and molecules into cells and organs and transforms them into performing specific forms and functions. Thus scientific thinking is effectively turned on its head because it demonstrates it is the ‘spirit energy’ that controls the cell. Consequently, this indicates how the ‘healing energies’ could affect the physical body of the patient.

Initially, it was believed that the body produces the electromagnetic fields. However, there is evidence that actually the electromagnetic field controls the structure of the body. It is possible to measure the field around an organism even before it is fertilised and Professor Burr did this work on salamander eggs. He found the electromagnetic alignment of the brain, spinal chord and legs in the unfertilised egg could be clearly seen by his instruments. He concluded that the behaviour of living systems is a consequence of the pattern and organisation provided by the Life Field.

Professor Burr also concluded that abnormalities in the Life Field can give advanced warning of future symptoms before they are physically evident. Life Fields reflect also the mental and emotional states, which evoke energy in the nervous systems. Life Fields regulate and control the creature whatever it may be and its aims are wholeness, organisation and continuity. There is an organisational quality to these fields and they actually give rise to our physical bodies. If there is a mistake in this blueprint, a physical disease results. If you correct the L field, you can correct physical disease.

Dr Voll

In the early 1950s, Dr Reinhold Voll, a German medical doctor, developed an electronic testing device for finding acupuncture points electrically. He was successful in finding acupuncture points and demonstrating that these points, known to Chinese acupuncturists for millennia, had a different resistance to a tiny electrical current passed through the body, than did the adjacent tissues.  voll-scale 

Many other researchers have also verified that electrical conductance at the acupuncture points is significantly greater than the surrounding tissue. Voll then began a lifelong search to identify correlations between disease states and changes in the electrical resistance of the various acupuncture points. He thought that if he could identify electrical changes in certain acupuncture points associated with certain diseases, then he might be able to identify those diseases more easily, or earlier, when treatment intervention was likely to be more effective.

Voll was successful in identifying many acupuncture points related to specific conditions and published a great deal of information about using acupuncture points diagnostically. (Until Voll, these points had been used mainly for treatment). He found, for example, that patients with lung cancer had abnormal readings on the acupuncture points referred to as lung points. Changes also occurred in the electrical conductance of the acupuncture points supplying musculoskeletal structures that are inflamed.

Fritz-Albert Popp – Biophotons

Biophotons are weak emissions of light radiated from the cells of all living things. A photon is a single particle of light. Plants, animals and humans generate up to 100 photons per second, per .15 square inches (1 sq. centimeter) of surface area. The light is too faint to be seen by the naked eye, but biophotons have been detected and verified using photomultiplier tubes.

According to a leading researcher of biophotons, German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp, light is constantly being absorbed and remitted by DNA molecules within each cell’s nucleus. These biophotons create a dynamic, coherent web of light. A system that could be responsible for chemical reactions within the cells, cellular communication throughout the organism, and the overall regulation of the biological system, including embryonic development into a predetermined form.

Biophoton emissions will vary according to the functional state of the organism. If a disease such as cancer affects certain cells they will radiate a different photonic signature than healthy cells of the same type. In this way biophotons can be a noninvasive tool for assessing the state of health or vitality. Applications can extend far into other areas like testing food and water quality, checking for chemical or electromagnetic contamination, or agricultural testing for products that improve crop resistance to disease. Biophysicists in many European and Asian countries are currently engaged in such research.

A Russian scientist discovered biophotons in 1923, dubbing them mitogenetic rays. Though Professor Alexander Gurvich’s discovery sparked wide research, it wasn’t until 1974 that Popp proved their existence, revealed their origin in DNA, and subsequently their coherence. Popp’s biophoton theory provides an intriguing and promising path for more international research, which could lead to major developments in our understanding of life, the mechanisms of healing and health, and our interconnectedness with the world around us.

Schumann Resonance
In 1952 the physicist Dr. Schumann discovered that the space between the Earth and the Ionosphere created a cavity that resonated like a musical instrument which is called the ‘Schumann Resonance‘. Schumann discovered that this electromagnetic field oscillates at a resonant frequency of 7 to 10 beats per second. The highest-intensity waves of the Schumann Resonance occur at a frequency of 7.83 Hz. This is the Earth’s “heartbeat” and is identical to the normal functioning of the human brain waves.

Dr. Robert O. Becker
The human body has an electrical e-signal and that much about a person’s health can be determined by it. Frequency is the measurable rate of electrical energy flow that is constant between any two points. Everything has frequency. When the frequency drops, the immune system is compromised. If the frequency drops to 58 Hz, cold and flu symptoms appear; at 55 Hz, diseases like Candida take hold; at 52 Hz, Epstein Bar and at 42 Hz, Cancer. Death begins at 20 Hz. Substances of higher frequency will destroy diseases of lower frequency. It has been determined that the average frequency of a healthy human body during the daytime is 62 to 68 Hz.

E-Treatment Application

We have developed a therapy which helps to stop or significantly reduce the physical cravings and tolerance levels for nicotine, alcohol or drug use using the principles and laws of physics. We found that by using the correct electromagnetic waves/frequencies, in the right order it is possible to, help to restore health and neutralise the effects of any addictive substance in the body without suffering serious withdrawal symptoms. We are able to help treat dependency and use of alcohol, nicotine, heroin, methadone, crack, cocaine and other addictive substances with great success.