Stress & PTSD

stressHelp to remove the painful thoughts and negative emotions from past traumatic events so they cannot be accessed in the same way and therefore have much less emotional power over the individual.

Talking therapies can help some people but they take a months or years to have any effect because ‘talking about the problem’ re-associates you to the bad experience which is counter-productive hence why talking therapies don’t work for most people however our treatment can work much quicker in 2, 4 or 6 hours etc.

Treatment uses subtle phase signals and beneficial input frequencies to help change negative thought patterns.

Each treatment process takes 2 hours, is very relaxing, safe and more importantly, it is changing lives for the better.

The PTSD treatment is solely focused on improving mental health and as you can see from our general client feedback and Health Assessments clients start treatment feeling ‘very poor’ or ‘poor’ mentally but by the end of their treatment they have significantly improved to ‘very good’ which is a massive tangible improvement.

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Treatment Process
The actual treatment process is simple and very relaxing, please click here to read more or click on the picture below.


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Treatment Costs:
1 Day:  £200.00
2 Day: £400.00

Tel: 0800 0 599 881

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Treatment Time: 2 hours
testimonial‘I just want to say thank you so much to Rectory Healthcare for the amazing PTSD treatment. Before I went in to see them my life felt upside down I had no future. I was not eating or sleeping and was very depressed and was deteriorating slowly day by day. I booked in for PTSD treatment it was so relaxing, I was there for 2 hours and when I come out I felt amazing I was on top of the world and day by day now I’m getting better and better my life is back on track again. I can’t thank you enough you truly are a miracle’. * Edward

Treatment Time: 2 hours
‘It would be fair to say that before Tuesday 29th September 2015 I was in complete despair at life and the things have gone on with Carls drug and alcohol problems for near on 10 months. Although prior to these 10 months I have worried for around 12+ months that he was ill due to how he looked and his actions and of him never being at home. My typical day would start by aching all over after probably 3-4 hours sleep. Every night I would dream vividly that either there was cocaine on our bed or one of these dealers had got into the house. I couldn’t eat any breakfast due to feeling physically sick with anxiety at what the day would bring to me and the thoughts in my head as to what had happened to our life and how I was covering up for Carl. We would start the day with an argument and he would leave slamming the door and I would get in the shower and cry, this has been every morning for 10 months. I would then arrive at work to a miserable morning trying to hide all of this from the people I work with. My stomach would grind from being empty and leave me with stomach ache and then I would be guaranteed a swollen throat by 12pm each day from constant swallowing trying not to be sick. Trying to keep a business running and looking after Carl’s 89 year old mom in this frame of mind has been simply awful. At lunchtime I would walk to the bank across the bridge and stand and look at the train going to Birmingham New Street Station, I would wonder if anyone would notice if I got on and never came back. After my visit to the bank, I would stop off and buy sweets and cakes as I thought the sugar would pick me up, only to eat them all and then feel horrific for hours and even sicker. The afternoon would be a blur of staring out of the window watching the normal people go by collecting their kids from school and walking home from work. On the afternoons I would want to get in the car and drive to the car wash around the corner and go and punch the scum bag that had been selling this stuff to Carl and in turn had drove a train through our life. On arriving home I had no energy to do any house work in our beautiful brand new home, I just had no time, energy or even the will to do it. There were a lot of days that I never ate anything on an evening. I would then start on Carl calling him ‘Where are you?’. I could not let go of what he had done (even after his visit to you 5 weeks ago for the coke treatment), I have never felt so angry in my life at anyone or felt so let down. He would then switch his phone off which would send me over the edge and would result in me having some kind of breathing fit, still with my stolen throat from lunchtime. He would come home and from pure exhaustion I would just have to go to bed for it all to start again….When I left your office on Tuesday I felt different , my head was a bit woozy as if I had had a lunchtime drink. I could feel my mouth curling up at the side smiling and was unable to stop this! I have barely laughed or smiled all year. I slept all night and felt totally different on Wednesday…just unreal. It was as if I had something taken away from me, I could float around not walk with a heavy heart carrying all this worry and anxiety. My responses were faster whilst driving (how I haven’t ended up in a road accident I will never know, sometimes I have driven and couldn’t even remember doing it) and talking on the phone I was stronger (some days my voice would crack even on the phone to customers and I would have to put the phone down and pretend the line had broken up so they couldn’t hear me crying). I was full of energy bouncing around and laughing at myself all day. I walked to town with my friend from work at lunchtime and I couldn’t tell you if the train was in or not as I didn’t look and never thought about it until typing this right now, instead I was laughing with Lindsey. I went to the bank and Bob Marley was playing and I was singing whilst at the cash point! I thought ‘oh my god, people will think I’m mad! I never bought any sweets or junk food and instead bought nuts and raisins. I came back to work and had my lunch that I brought from home and worked solidly all afternoon. Even at 5pm last night I was still full of beans and hadn’t wondered once where Carl was or even called him to see where he was. Usually by this time I would be yawning every 2-3 minutes and look grey and washed out instead I went to visit my auntie in hospital and had her crying with laughter. I wasn’t even tired until around 9.30pm, which would be about normal for someone who had worked all day wouldn’t it? I am still aware that all these things have gone on in my life but I cannot reach out to them at all, if I try to think of an incident that happened I can only see it for seconds then it disappears and goes somewhere, I’m not sure where it goes it just goes!!!!!! The only way I can explain is that the things are like bubbles and when I re-live them they just burst and are gone and my mind cannot go back to them. My anger seems to have gone away in 24 hours. I am very interested in your treatments and your work and I am so very grateful and won’t forget your kind words and logical advice. With warm regards and thanks‘.* Jo Broadbent.

Treatment Time: 4 hours
‘I am writing this feedback regarding my treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). To give you an idea about myself in short I am now 35 years old, London born and bred. In high school I was bullied a lot which subsequently forced me to loose whatever confidence and self esteem I clung to as a teenager. After falling into depression and becoming a recluse I fell into the world of my own self torture. At the age of 26 I was the victim of a serious crime through no fault of my own. My car had a tyre puncture and I was parked outside a parade of shops, this was a Saturday afternoon at 3pm, with beautiful weather the road was busy. I was approached by 5 males and without warning attacked. As I hopelessly defended myself I kept screaming ‘help police’ or ‘what do you want? ‘Just take it and leave me’. No money or my car was taken. I was just beaten brutally for 5 minutes. The beating left me with a broken jaw, cracked ribs and I was unrecognisable. Most important it scarred me mentally. The police came eventually and I remember the first words of the officer ‘I’m surprised you weren’t stabbed’! After this incident in 2006 I became even more depressed. Not eating, staying in my room and having no friends. I left work and I lost weight from 70kg to 55kg quickly. I tried Antidepressants, Anti Anxiety drugs, therapy NLP/CBT and even holistic therapies like aromatherapy/acupuncture as well as meeting with psychologists. My GP was at a loss. In short nothing worked. I have undergone the PTSD treatment at Rectory Healthcare in London and have been amazed (in a good way) by the results. I’m eating normally and sleeping like a baby. Most importantly my thoughts of ‘the incident’ have faded, instead of focusing on the mental picture it just comes in my mind and pops back out however I’m not paying it as much attention (unconsciously) as well as being able to look to being optimistic about my future. The answer is in ourselves however this treatment is the MIRACLE I was looking for. My only regret is I did not do it sooner‘.* Yogi B.