Fibromyalgia & Lyme Disease
fibroIf you are suffering with Fibromyalgia then we can help improve your quality of life and health.

Fibromyalgia is a very common condition with an estimated 820,000 people in the UK suffering although the number could be far greater as it often misdiagnosed. More women are affected than men with symptoms such as chronic pain, tenderness across the body, severe tiredness and problems with sleep which vary greatly from one person to another and from day to day.

Fibromyalgia is a ‘complex condition with many causes and symptoms’ so treatments such as medication and pain injections have little effect while complementary treatment such as acupuncture, cognitive or physiotherapy rarely work as they can only focus on one element at a time.

However our complementary therapy is able to achieve ‘overall improvements simultaneously’ due to its advanced technology which use specific frequencies on the acupuncture points on the wrists to ‘target multiple health problems and stimulate multiple health improvements’ at the same time.

Our treatment results are far better than ANY other fibro treatment as our advanced technology is able to tackle ALL the known causes of Fibromyalgia ‘simultaneously’ unlike conventional treatments which can only focus on one element at a time.

This combined approach is the only way to achieve ‘meaningful results’ when treating complex conditions like Fibromyalgia.

Some people may struggle to believe our results however this does not alter the fact they are ‘100% real and genuine‘.

Jason was confined to a wheelchair and suffering with ‘constant pain attacks’ however after his course of treatment he is now fully mobile and enjoying an excellent quality of life due to our ‘simultaneous treatment’ approach, please read his story and further updates below:

There is no reason why you should continue to suffer the pain of living with this terrible debilitating condition, as we can help.

Our treatment works by using advance Informational Medicine which uses physics and frequency to improve and restore health and as you can see Jabina and Jason have both enjoyed a life changing improvements in their Fibromyalgia.

Treatment Process
The human body is essentially split into 2 parts: 50% is ‘chemistry’ and 50% is ‘physics’ and each influence human health accordingly. Our treatment uses physics to correct the imbalances which cause Fibromyalgia as the body responds to various beneficial input frequencies or ‘electroceuticals’ which can help to improve overall health.

Please click on the pictures below to see the treatment process, which is non-invasive, drug free & painless.


The treatment patterns which help maintain the effects are stored in a Bio-Capsule which is included with the treatment and continues to emit the stored patterns 24 hours a day giving continued aftercare.

The treatment is safe, painless and takes 2 hours per session with instant and excellent results.

If you or a family member would like our treatment help then please complete the form below and we will contact you to arrange a consultation or treatment date or please call us on 0800 599 881.

As the depth of Fibromyalgia varies greatly between individual clients we recommend an initial course of two treatment sessions and then add further top-up treatments ‘if or as and when required’ which can be done daily or weekly.

Treatment Costs:
1 Day:  £245.00
2 Day: £490.00

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    My name is Jason and I’ve beaten fibro
    testimonial‘Been back home just over a week now and I’m walking with no wheelchair. I go out with my wife every other day and have been doing 2 mile walks with one walking stick the pain has gone down dramatically.

     jason jason_after2

    I still take my pills but I can forget about them now and the bliss of being forgetful is so nice. The pain just can’t win it still hasn’t come back in my higher back the treatment was successful. I’m so damn happy about this, my wife says it’s like having the old me back before I got fibro. I’m chatty, happy and smiling with joy which is beyond amazement.

    I could type about this all day about how happy I am and when I spoke to the staff on the phone I told them I would be happy with just being able to walk up the street with my wife actually been able to hold her hand but I got so much more.

    I feel better every day that goes by and for crying out loud, 2 miles and more of walking! I am beyond amazement, gratefulness and cheerier than ever. And for once in 3 years, my wife can actually rest, instead of having to look after me. I cook my own dinners and hers as well, I’m always up and about and I hate sitting in chairs with wheels on now just because of that electric wheelchair that’s gaining dust in the garage, I no longer use it at all.

    It’s great and finally I can give my wife a big hug and she can hug me back without any pain making me scream, it is lovely and not one pain attack since I started the treatment or I might of had one and not felt it that’s how good it is. Got my life back, I can as well walk up stairs, so far I done 9 stairs with no pain, stairs are no longer my worst enemy! Many thanks now I’m going to walk to the store and back it’s great!!!! Your treatment is beyond brilliant’. Jason

    Further Update: ‘It’s been 3 weeks now since I had the treatment for my Fibromyalgia and I am in shock on how well my body is doing. All my old muscles are growing back I am getting stronger and better every day that goes by. I can walk further and faster, the furthest I have walked is 4 miles and I have started doing it every other day, it feels brilliant.

    I am even faster than my wife now she struggles to keep up. I do wait for her off course but to have my old speed back is beyond any words of joy I can think of. It is so good to feel like my old self, I still use one and only one walking stick but have now done 20 footsteps on my own with no stick. It’s so good to walk round the living room without it and can even do stairs with barely any pain. The most I have done are 14 steps of stairs now and before it was only 9 steps.

    5 weeks ago before I had this treatment, I would of never thought of even the smallest of all thoughts that I would be like this again and yet here I am moving round on my own two feet walking with my wife down the road to town holding hands and getting a proper cuddle instead of a nervous hug because she was to scared that she will hurt me and me stuck in that wheelchair not being able to move on my own 2 feet.

    But now those days are no more, those days are gone. I have finally got the silver lining that I have been hoping for from all those years with Fibromyalgia. I feel 90% better and it’s still rising, life is now greater than I would of ever imagined’. Jason

    Start: ‘My name is Jason, when I first got fibromyalgia I was 23 and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

    Before fibro, I was as active and fit as can be, I ran 2 miles every morning to the train station, went to work and I was training to become a team manager at Boots store. I did all the heavy lifting for my female co-workers, a lot of running about for them but I enjoyed it. My life was finally going the way I wanted.

    I’d just got with my Mrs by then so I was in a new relationship, everything was going great but then my life was turned upside down. I just turned around on my work chair and my back cracked. I’d been having back pain since I was 13 so I thought it was nothing, just a normal backache but a bit more painful than the others I had.

    Came home after work, the pain was getting a bit worse than normal but I ignored it and when I woke up in the morning I was in a lot of pain running through my back. But I had a job to do so I got a mate of mine to drop me off at work. I couldn’t walk fast due to the pain and was sent home from work and from then everything went downhill.

    I lost my ability to walk just after a week, the pain was too much, I couldn’t do anything. I was admitted to hospital after 3 months and they sent me home after 4 days saying they didn’t know what it was and there was nothing they could do for me apart from sending me to the pain department. But the chronic pain that I felt all the time just wouldn’t ease off it was getting worse every day.

    I became a burden to my family. I know now that I wasn’t but just to lose everything in such a short amount of time was insane. I was grumpy, angry, I hated the world for what had happened to me. By the third month I was on 50mg of pain killer per hour the liquid version. I was on that for about a year but I had a good doctor who saw the real face of the pain and didn’t fob it off like most would. He just wanted to help and to be honest I can’t remember much from that year.

    I can only remember a very small bit for that year but have all the paper work plus what my family told me and my wife told me. I was terrible to live with but they knew it was the pain and drugs that was making like this, I have some memories and the way I treated them was beyond disgusting.

    I felt like just useless, I actually thought death would have been my only way out and that thought did not leave me for a long time. I lost my job after a year of been on sick leave and that hurt like hell. I became this grumpy, insulting, nasty, vicious person that no one could have a conversation with or be round without me telling them how much I hated them, life or everything. I lost nearly all my friends apart from a very, very small handful but its times like this when you find out who your friends really are. After about a year and 3 months I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia from a private doctor.

    The NHS wiped their hands with me, they tried barely anything to help me in the first year and 3 months but once I was finally diagnosed by a doctor that actually knew something, I came off the pain killer and was put on a cocktail of other pills but luckily came off the pain killer immediately. I hated what it was doing to me so much and was lucky I didn’t end up with an addiction that it can give you.

    Finally started getting somewhere, I had a lot of treatments for fibro and a lot didn’t work at all, the only one that helped was hydrotherapy and I could only do that for 6 sessions but that was about 6 months after I was diagnosed. The NHS once again wiped their hands with me and told me they couldn’t help me anymore, which is ironic because they barely helped me at all.

    I also tried the chiropractor’s, physiotherapy, Chinese medicine, body/sprit healers that use the energy coming from the body to heal the sprit but none of it worked. There were a lot more but I’ve forgotten what they’re called that’s thanks to the fibro fog, so I lost hope for any treatments and that was that. My life was going to be me in a chair not even able to lift a bottle off milk without a lot of pain flying through my back.

    If I and my wife went out anywhere, if there was just one step then that was it, I would have to stay outside stuck in my electric wheel chair. Steps became my worst enemy, couldn’t even make 3 steps because it would set off a pain attack when it felt like knives where being thrust into my back constantly. It was 24/7 torture, I could not even get into cars as the bumps from the road and the vibration would just shut me down completely. The pain was too much and I felt like my brain went to mush, so I avoided going into any cars.

    After 2 years the pain attacks became more regular. I was always in major chronic pain but the pain attacks hurt like hell, I was screaming for however long they lasted and I mean constantly screaming till the pain finally calmed down and took between 4 to 6 hours.

    They started to become more regular and now happened weeks apart instead of one a month, it was just getting worst but when they calmed down I was exhausted, I couldn’t get sentences out and could barely think I was basically on auto pilot. I had no alternative solution to the pain and you couldn’t even touch me without me screaming.

    My wife had to do everything for me, she dressed me, washed me, made my dinner and clean all on her own. I had literally become useless the only thing I could do was drive my electric wheel chair and that was it. Constant pain no matter what, lost everything and became this big bunch of useless nothingness in a chair.

    The Treatment
    This treatment was my last hope I mean it I had nothing left to lose my life was hell. I honestly did not see this was going to help me as much as it has helped Jabina. I read Jabina’s story and I thought it was worth a shot what did I have to lose, so I went for it and was up in Manchester for a total of 2 weeks and after 8 treatments my results are below:

    Post treatment
    After the first session I felt a lot more relaxed wasn’t having any muscle spasms which was a shock to me because when I came in I was having a mini pain attack but while having the treatment they stopped so I was very surprised from just one session the effects where incredible. That night I got in bed a lot easier and took my jacket off in a lot less pain which again was a massive surprise, it normally hurt like hell but this time not as much as a 6 on the pain scale.

    Before 2nd treatment
    Came in relaxed, still and actually had a decent night sleep which was a shock. I had not had a decent night sleep in years and woke up in less pain than normal even got my own t-shirt on my own. Now that felt good, being able to actually do something on my own again and could raise my arms a little bit higher than before the treatment started.

    After 2nd treatment
    Felt more relaxed again and just a lot more like my old self, a bit happier. The even better part was, I got a taxi back to the hotel and the bumps in the road I didn’t even notice them, me not notice bumps! There was no sharp pain in my back like normally there would have been. That night I found that the pain was out of my shoulders and I could move my arms much higher than before the second treatment and that was just beyond amazing.

    No pain in my shoulders they were well, I couldn’t believe it, I could have never saw that happening in my life time and to more of my amazement I managed to do nine steps on my own without my walking stick. I know that’s sounds odd, why would a guy who was mainly wheelchair bound take such a risk? I only found out that I could do it when I tripped over and didn’t use my stick to balance me like I normally would so I thought, you know what, sod it, what have I got to lose? I’m used to pain so falling over wouldn’t be much of a difference, got to five steps with no problem then the last 4 started to hurt. It did take me 2 hours to recover that night but it was so worth it, I hadn’t done that since my fibro started. I was so happy and the even better part is, that it only took two hours to recover only 2 hours, that was beyond amazing, it would have normally taken days.

    Before 3rd treatment
    The morning after, I got up very quickly and shocked my wife she hasn’t seen me do that for a long time. Even had a lovely warm shower on my own, I actually felt like an adult, not like an infant that didn’t know how to wash, got my own cloths on easy not just my t-shirt my actual cloths. I could dress myself I was so damn happy.

    After 3rd treatment
    So had the treatment again and for once I stayed awake through it, I felt really good which was nice for once. Went to Oldham town centre and wasn’t having any muscle spasms. I was in my wheelchair and could barely feel any bumps or vibration from the chair. Afterwards went back to hotel and the taxi drive back didn’t affect me one bit, the bumps and vibration didn’t hurt at all. I wasn’t really sure if I was in a dream because how I felt was brilliant.

    Also I had my back against a wooden chair and no major pain like it would have normally have been. I didn’t even notice for about an hour afterwards that I had my back touching something and for the first time with barely any pain. I could also move my legs easier, bent them twice before it started hurting but that’s still an improvement and you could more than gladly touch my shoulders. I mean, actually put your hand on my shoulders and I wouldn’t scream in pain. Last thing after the third treatment, I could walk outside of the hotel without my wheelchair, instead I used 2 walking sticks one for my weight the other for security of falling over and that was just great, to be outside in fresh air not sitting down.

    Before 4th treatment
    Woke up and had some painful lower back pain but nothing in the top and automatically did some twists of the back and the pain calmed down. It was odd the only other way I could calm the pain down was to have a hot shower so it was nice to actually twist and turn. Then later on I used both my sticks and walked to breakfast, it was very slow but it was so worth it and sat on a normal chair. I mean a chair that was not my electric chair, it was so nice to feel a bit more normal sitting next to my wife.

    After the 4th treatment
    After the 4th treatment I was going to have a three day break to see if all these improvements were maintained and to see if my fibro hit back and ruined the improvements? That wouldn’t be much of a surprise to me, it’s beaten everything else, so I was expecting it but in those three days I didn’t change and my improvements remained.

    I felt really good and now for once in my life, for the first time in 3 years, I was able to walk next to my wife. She sat in my chair while I held onto the handle and my walking stick. I actually did about 200 steps and yes, I was counting, I was in shock but ok. I was exhausted afterwards but it was lovely, no beyond lovely, I was getting my ability to walk back. Like I said before, I walked to breakfasts and forgot to say I also started walking to dinners at the restaurant in the hotel. I felt really proud to be up and moving again, that had to be by far at the time, the best three days in the last 3 years of my life.

    5th treatment to the 8th
    The next few treatments were great, my legs started to hurt like hell and Andy told me it was because my muscles were growing and what I was feeling were the aches and pains of muscle growth that a person would get from the gym if they did too much.

    So yes, I did a bit too much but I would not let this pain beat me, I would still walk to dinner and back same as breakfast and the pain did scare me for a bit. I thought it was coming back but that was before I talked to Andy and he was right. I hadn’t been out of my wheelchair for years and my muscles where not used to everything I did but it was so worth the pain by miles.

    The next few treatments the only pain I was having was leg pain but I could touch my back from the middle to the top of my back with no pain. I was so happy and to still be happy was a nice change. I hated being so miserable all the time, after the last treatment I felt great and it was time to go back to Essex ….. yippee. I guess has happy as you can be to go back there and the results were great. No major pain on the journey back, not even minor pain and that was a lot of trains and taxies so everything was going great’. Jason


    Pre-Treatment Comments:
    ‘Fibromyalgia is a very misunderstood and a very difficult condition to live with primarily because of the pain and the two symptoms people cannot grasp, chronic fatigue and the mindfog. I have had to hide my condition because the symptoms are not visible.  Before my Fibromyalgia, I had an extremely active life. I did boxing, circuit training, running and body building and I wanted to become a teacher and was learning to become a writer.

    18 years later, I have been on 4 short walks with my partner Michael in the last 18 months, cinema three times, clothes shopping once only, restaurant once, away for 2 nights in Wales.Hotel found, ground floor with patio with glorious view ( too much pain to walk), all amenities within 10 minute  walking distance, unable to do outdoor activities  hence spa and  massage therapies and the trip was just about possible. I only leave my home for hospital appointments, doctors and the local gym that is 5 minute walk away to do some light exercise, no cardio possible but can do pilates and stretching. All this due to my chronic fatigue and pain.

    My partner of 20 months does all the shopping, most of the cooking and most of the housework. Before Michael, my life was to me just not worth living. I simply could not imagine myself living like this for rest of my life and knowing that I was getting worse made it so much harder. To find someone whilst living with my Fibromyalgia seemed literally impossible. Previously, I hid my condition until I got to know the person and after a short time I would end up being mentally exhausted, very ill, taking me weeks to recover, I gave up, so I find myself feeling very blessed that I have found Michael, the love of my life who has now become my carer I need to get better even a little so that I can do more for myself.

    I was medicated with valium, benzos and pain killers for 18 years and went cold turkey 4 months ago in a bid to get my life back and for the first time know what it would be like to live with my Fibromyalgia without being medicated. I’m now in a lot of pain, my joints are stiff, I’m sleeping 2-5 hours every night with very broken sleep. I wake up chronically fatigued. I have a constant headache which gets worse with any loud noise i.e. tv or radio, washing machine makes it almost as bad as a migraine. Bright lights, ie t.v. laptop can also trigger off a headache. A party, forget it.

    The chronic fatigue is becoming unbearable. I save what little energy I have, to do a little housework and some cooking. I can’t cook on the same day as the gym as 2 activities will make me “crash” in the evening and I will be glued to my easy chair for rest, no conversation with my poor Michael, my head also needs as much rest. Not a good look in a relationship. The pain is so bad now that I just can’t sleep, almost every joint with every turn hurts. It’s a constant battle with sleep, pain and the chronic fatigue. Patience is a virtue but comes with time and comes because it’s needed so desperately living with this condition. I struggle to eat, I’m too tired. I don’t have much of an appetite left. I compensate by having 3 weight gain shakes and 2 small meals. When I’m exhausted, I can’t even lift my shoulders to eat.

    Michael is now sleeping in the lounge some nights to give me my space when I’m in too much pain and “crashing’ which is too often now. I have had to resort to smoking stronger herbs for my pain. I now mix in a little skunk with my thai to feel more numb so I can get a little more sleep. Sometimes I find myself getting really stoned lately so it can knock me out to much needed survival sleep. I can’t smoke in the day, I would rather put up with the pain than loose what little function my mind has to get me through the day. The mindfog is literally making me lose my mind. It takes 4 or so hours for my mind to wake up. I’m unable to have any meaningful conversation to much later in the evening. I’m unable to learn something new, if I have to remember something it must be written down. I have a long list every day. I need to sadly also write down what I will be cooking or have to do.

    When I cook, it’s difficult to cut certain things like carrots, parsnips, potatoes and even onions, Michael does that for me. I have given up on opening cans or bottles. Stirring a cooking curry for over an hour is exhausting, so I cook in bulk and freeze it. Michael makes dinner every night, hangs up the washing. I can’t use my shoulders too much and my hands get stiff with pain. I feel I’m losing my intellect when I can’t participate in a conversation as I would like to. My minds inadequacy just adds to the impending headache and the inevitable mindfog crash. So after my initial burst in the conversation, I will sit there trying to absorb what I can for the rest of the evening.

    When I mean ‘crash’, I’m describing what happens to me when I become chronically fatigued. Within 5 or so minutes all the energy has drained out of my body, I feel very faint, any slight noise will trigger off a serious headache, I can’t speak, I’m shaking, getting  feverish symptoms, so exhausted I want to cry. The pain gets worse and  a very long rest is needed. I’m house bound because of this condition. I would love to go for a walk with Michael one summer evening. I can only manage a 10 or so minute walk with a slow pace needing a rest before heading back and yet another long rest at home in my chair for the whole walk. Give me 15 flights of stairs, your giving me Mount Kilimanjaro. All of the above can make any person depressed even a strong one like me’.

    Post Treatment Comments: After 4 Treatment Sessions
    ‘Here is my Fibromyalgia feedback as you requested. I have had Fibromyalgia for 18 years and tried acupuncture, chinese medicine, chiropractor, osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, massage, reiki and reflexology without any success. During this treatment, I felt a tingling sensation in my back, my body felt lighter, I felt more upbeat and it felt like something was leaving my body. I noticed that I could sit longer without as much pain and this felt very strange. I went home feeling quite excited, wanting to get home to tell Michael, my partner. Later that evening, I noticed that all of my joints felt less stiff especially my hands and back. I was in a great mood and I could not stop talking.

    Wow, the next day, I woke up and my mind was not as heavy, I felt awake, I had more clarity in my thoughts. After about an hour or so it felt like I have some of my mind back. It felt strange but exciting. Normally after waking up, I listened to Zen music for about 4 hours to keep my mind calm and not cluttered with hardly ANY thoughts just to get through the day but that morning I was able to go to my hospital appointment in town, send out a couple of emails, listen to Deepak Chopra on the internet for almost a whole 45 minutes and even absorb some of what he was saying and in the evening I went to the gym to do light weight lifting to keep my body moving.

    Yesterday I was able to go to see my pain consultant at Chelsea and West with more ease. Usually after spending 4 hours on public transport will leave me in bed for a day or more but yesterday I went to the gym after, even though I crashed after. I can’t thank you enough for what you are doing for me, for the first time I have hope in my future. I’m going through a rollercoaster of emotions understandably.

    I could never do that, only one activity a day for me, it would have been the hospital appointment and then bed to rest for almost 2 days to overcome the chronic fatigue of travelling 4 hours on the trains and sitting down in waiting rooms. That night I could not sleep, my mind was working, I was on the internet reading about health. Before. I would have to read each sentence again and again to absorb it but would completely forget in a matter of minutes what I was reading, it was very very frustrating and I would get very tired with a headache and give up after an hour of trying. I spent 3 hours on the internet that night, yes I had a headache and was tired but I remembered some of it and did not have to repeat any sentences.

    The next day we had friends over for dinner. Sitting at a dinner table is very painful for me usually, I have a good chair to support my back but its gets extremely painful after an hour and then I will have a joint or two just to get me through the evening with the pain, it’s hard for people to understand the level of pain I was in. That evening for the first time in many years, I was able to move to the music a little whilst sitting in my chair, before, if I moved one limb the other would hurt. I had a great night, I was able to partake in most of the conversation and follow it through, I used to shy away from conversations before, my mind was a handicap for me. 

    I wore my first pair of sandals for 3 hours, usually I need a closed shoe with thick insole for support, maybe one day I will be able to wear a pair of heels for an evening. I have worn heels twice in the last 2 years and that was only because I needed to wear a dress for the occasion, after wearing heels, it will take me 4 days of resting to recover. I don’t have the constant headache anymore, it’s there in the mornings but by mid afternoon its gone, it crops up in the mid evening but at least its not that piercing, constant pain.

    I have put on a kg in weight, which for me is great, normally its too tiring or I have absolutely no appetite due to the chronic fatigue, I had to force myself to eat but now Im enjoying my food a little and does not seem such a chore anymore.

    My mind can’t stop thinking but in a positive way and is wanting to move forward whereas before it was stagnant, accepting the circumstance of life. Thank you again, the change already is amazing. I’m eternally grateful to you and the universe. I was always rigid with my mobility so if I moved one part another would hurt but feeling that little bit of freedom is a big step for me. My partner and I both agreed that I’m 40% better with my Fibro pain, the chronic fatigue, recovery and the brain-fog. I have come to understand that my back pain does play a part of 50% in overall pain so now I’m understanding which pain is which. 

    I’m enjoying my head working, normally I am unable to concentrate, frustrated, every action is slow but I’m managing to function more and feel calmer. It’s a fantastic result! I’m too tired to enjoy these benefits and can only appreciate my improvement after a good night’s sleep which is once a week and now looking how I can improve my sleep. I’m very, very grateful for all your help and time. I wanted to tell you how I was getting on. I managed to catch up on some sleep finally and was able to enjoy the benefits of your treatment. I was able to go to the cinema, first time in 14 months. Usually I get very tired, stiff and in a lot of pain after sitting down for 2 hours and normally need the rest of the evening in my (perfect chair, goes to 45 degree angle) chair to rest. This time I was able to stay out a little longer and walk around and when I got home I did not need the whole evening in the chair which is amazing for me. I did not feel as stiff as I normally do and was more chatty in the evening.

    I have been able to wake up and go on the internet and was able to do some surfing too which I could not do before. I have noticed that my decision making has improved and I’m able to see things and deal with them in a rational manor, this has really surprised me. I’m not shying away from conversation as much, as I find myself being able to listen for longer, absorb, process and understand and keep going with the conversation for a lot longer than I used to. Michael has noticed that I’m more chatty and positive, to be honest, I did not know that the brain-fog can do this to the mind. I have even bought my first book after 18 years, The Cure For All Disease by Hulda Clark. For the first time in 20 years or so, I’m learning new things, especially about my condition and myself. Yesterday I crashed after doing a lot I noticed that my recovery time has improved so much more.

    Overall 40% better with my Fibro symptoms. Less chronic fatigue – was able to do more. Less pain in all joints. Less stiffness and more mobility- in all joints. Insomnia- improved by less pain, feel much calmer hence improvement in sleep. Mind-fog less congested, able to absorb more when reading, less frustrated, less anguish. I’m particularly surprised at my joint mobility and reduced pain in my joints. I came to realize how much my pain I was actually in especially in my back.

    I noticed that now I’m living for the first time and I want to keep it this way. I’m hoping that you have some time for some treatment next week and also I wanted to talk to you about keeping myself this way for long term. I have to do whatever it takes to keep myself this better. After the next treatment if I get 60% better, I will be so happy. Thank you again for giving me some of my life back and now I see a future. Thank you again and again. Warm Regards’. Jabina

    After 6 Treatment Sessions
    ‘I’m feeling great!! I think I’m about 55% to 60% better. Thank you so, so much. I will be having an active weekend and will start writing it all down. I feel happy, with energy. Not felt like this since I was in my early 20’s. Thank you again. You have really changed my life, warm regards’. Jabina

    After 8 Treatment Sessions
    ‘I’m feeling great!! I’m 75 to 80% better and will send more feedback soon’. Jabina