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Similar to how a magnet emits a magnetic field, the Bio-Capsule emits the stored e-signal treatment patterns. These harmless patterns are stored in the Bio-Capsule™ during the treatment session.

The sealed Bio-Capsule™ has been designed to be allocated to a specific client so that it can be programmed with their treatment. The harmless low frequency patterns are emitted 24 hours a day while being carried by the client (e.g. in a jacket/trouser pocket) to provide constant aftercare treatment.

The Bio-Capsule™ becomes active when in the proximity of the client. The client may wear the Bio-Capsule as a pendant, carry in their pocket or hold in their hand. It works best within 3 inches of the body.

The Bio-Capsule™ requires re-charging which can be done through the post.

The Bio-Capsule™ is 50 mm long and weights just 15 grams and finished in matt black.